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Gut Wisdom, Food Alchemy & Lymes Disease

Juicy big hugs beautiful friends ♥ Thought I’d give you a sneak peak into my kitchen!  I spent my Sunday afternoon indulging in a little food alchemy making some gut friendly treats ahead of our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – Aug 7/8, 2017. I LOVE playing in the kitchen on a Full Moon, brewing up some delish creations that not…

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EARTHING for happiness, health & vitality

A couple of weeks ago my family & I packed the car with all our camping gear and headed north-west for a weeks camping at the Carnarvon Gorge National Park, in Queensland, Australia. In the lead up to our adventure, work had been very busy… and to be perfectly honest I was on the wrong end of the stress scale,…

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‘Zinger’ Alkalising Detox Juice

My family and I have just returned home after a whirlwind few days away with extended family. We celebrated birthdays, enjoyed Christmas in July festivities and indulged in lots of earthly yuminess. However, after a weekend of decadence, this morning we all felt a little sluggish and not our perky selves.  You know that feeling.. cotton-wool heads, sniffly noses and…

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