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Spiritual Teachers… the Trumps, Clintons, Abbotts & Turnbulls of this world.

I know I am not alone when I say this… but wasn’t the weekends SUPERMOON energy just huge ! The thing I noticed the most were that emotions were running oh so high and peoples stories, opinions, hurts, anger & deep seated wounds were really being triggered, big time. Let me give you an example… On the eve of the…

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Healing through Water – Athabasca Glacier

So much LOVE and personal emails of support were received after I posted last weeks photos of our ‘Blessed Earth Crystals‘ & my article on ‘Courage, Challenges & Awakening‘.  Thank you to our beautiful community for all of your support ! I also received many emails requesting more info about our visit to the Glacier on the Icefields of the…

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Courage, Challenges & Awakening

After nearly five months of our Spirited-Travellers road trip (4 people in a car driving around North America)… I can say I am a different person and can truly vouch that ‘travel changes you’. Or to be more specific, travel awakens within you untapped COURAGE to face the unknown; travel CHALLENGES your beliefs / perceived vision of your life; and…

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Finding PEACE in times of Global FEAR

With Mercury moving retrograde in Scorpio and the upcoming Lunar & Solar eclipses this month… is it any wonder why I have witnessed the most interesting week of fear/anger based communications in the media and on social platforms ! As I write this article, our world is filled with so much turbulence, struggle and pain; from the spiraling situation in…

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How will history remember this moment ?

‘How will history remember this moment’… these words by Getup resound so strongly with me as I write this article. Over the weekend, in 2,808 cities in 166 countries around the world, thousands of people took part in the ‘People’s Climate March‘, ahead of this weeks United Nations Climate Summit 2014.   My family and I  set our alarms early…

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Choosing the Heart over the Mind

I love this  quote from  Marianne Williamson ‘Miracles are Shifts in thinking from Fear to Love’… and this couldn’t be more true for me these past weeks. Since I wrote last, my life has been a whirl of miracles as I facilitated my Australian Essence of Angels Teachers Course, attended Deepak Chopra’s inhouse ‘Journey to Enlightenment’ weekend event… and I…

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Day out of Time… Magickal Blessing

Yesterday was Friday the 25 July, the ‘Day out of Time’ Day in the Mayan Calendar…. and I had the most magickal and touching experience like you wouldn’t believe.  But before I get to that, here is a little about ‘Day out of Time’. The Mayan 13 Moon Calendar is a system (unlike today’s Gregorian Calendar) which calibrates our energy…

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The SHIFT Movie

A MUST SEE Film about THE SHIFT in humanity’s story! A new film is being made which we are very excited by. It’s called THE SHIFT! THE SHIFT Movie shines an inspiring light on how humanity’s immune system is responding with Agents of Change from all over the planet focused on healing and birthing a healthier, more sustainable world for…

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Big Announcement….

Welcome to 2014 beautiful Universal Life Tools Family ! After the intensity of 2013, I feel most relieved to begin a fresh new year… not that I am wishing my life away, but a change in gears was certainly needed… ooh big time ! Now for our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT… Goodness where do I start and where did this out of…

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Merry Christmas – 2013

To all of our community – friends, family, students, teachers and subscribers… from our Hearts we would like to wish you the most joyful Christmas 2013. May your dreams, greatest passions and inspirations be fulfilled as together we enter a new year – 2014. Over the holiday period our UniversalLIfeTools Shop will be unstaffed from 9-29 December 2013.  If you…

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Finding your Voice

Something that I have had to come to terms with in the last few weeks is the fact that some people approach life in a mean-spirited manner. Whilst I believe that deep within the hearts of all humans are the most beautiful states of LOVE, joy and compassion, the fact of the matter is we all have free will and…

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Freedom from the Money-Masters

How is it that a small number of private shareholders owns the world’s central banks and that these are lethally connected to the World Bank, the Jesuits in the Vatican, and other overarching bodies….as well as our personal lives and livelihood? How is that these bodies determine not only detrimental financial policies and trade agreements in sovereign nations, but are…

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