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Why your critics aren’t the ones who count

Yesterday I sent out my weekly email sharing with you my latest post… a post written from the Heart. So as you can imagine, I was caught a little off guard to have received a number of emails directed at me personally that were most defamatory, divisive, angry and downright mean-spirited. Wow, to think that my post which focussed on…

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Spiritual Teachers… the Trumps, Clintons, Abbotts & Turnbulls of this world.

I know I am not alone when I say this… but wasn’t the weekends SUPERMOON energy just huge ! The thing I noticed the most were that emotions were running oh so high and peoples stories, opinions, hurts, anger & deep seated wounds were really being triggered, big time. Let me give you an example… On the eve of the…

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The Cosmic Orgasm – Sacred Geometry

Our human biology is a mirror image of the fabric of creation. This sacred holographic principle explains how the complexity & intelligence of our Human Body comes into beingness and how we miraculously function on a cellular level… with an estimated 100 trillion + chemical reactions happening per second within our cells. The cellular division stages of a fertilised egg…

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International Peace Day – 21 September 2016

HAPPY International Peace Day 2016 ? #internationalpeaceday #internationalpeaceday2016 #bethepeace #celebratingpeace #bekindtoothers #bekindtoyourselfeveryday A video posted by Simone M. Matthews (@simone.m.matthews) on Sep 20, 2016 at 4:43pm PDT   Be the Peace International Day of Peace is observed around the world each year on 21 September. In 1981, the United Nations General Assembly declared this as a day devoted to strengthening…

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What is God ?

Inspired by the geniuses of Nikola Tesla & Albert Einstein, teenager Max Loughan loves to invent things.  Max says he has known his entire short life that his purpose was to change the world with his inventions. “My true goal is to help. It is to invent a future where people can be happy, where they can be safe and…

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Body Image & your relationship with YOU ♡

Each week I share with you an inspirational short film oozing with Compassion, Kindness & LOVE ♡ During our September 2016 Eclipses ‘Relationships’ are the focus… an opportunity for us to reflect on the relationship with have with our self, our body and the relationships with have with loved ones and our greater community. So to help you weave in…

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peace begins with a smile mother teresa st teresa of kolkata

St. Teresa of Kolkata (Mother Teresa) – Sacred Words of Wisdom

On Sunday 4 September 2016, Pope Francis will canonise Mother Teresa and declare her as St. Teresa of Kolkata (Calcutta). I know there is much controversy surrounding Mother Teresa’s work and her life, but if we cast aside our views/opinions of religion, God or the separation caused by church… Mother Teresa offers all of us a timeless message, a message…

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how to stop screwing yourself over

How to stop screwing yourself over

I have LOVED TED Talks ever since they crossed my path many many years ago now… and I have even been privileged to have attended a couple of LIVE TED conferences here in Australia. I came across this TED Talk this week… and just had to share as I felt it so very relevant in the lead up to our…

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Wrights law video

Wright’s Law

Wright’s Law – this short film is a wonderfully inspirational story turning the tables on what ‘education’ really means… and how a teachers own personal story teaches the children the true meaning of life. High school physics teacher Jeffrey Wright shares the wonders of physics and the laws of the universe with his students. Wright inspires and engages his students…

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everything in incredible

Everything is Incredible

Everything is Incredible – this short film tells the story of Agustin, a Honduran man born into poverty and living with the debilitating effects of polio in the small mountain town of Siguatepeque, Honduras. Despite his disabilities, Agustin worked as a shoemaker much of his life, and since 1958, he has been building a helicopter from miscellaneous materials, including bicycle…

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mr happy man

Mr Happy Man

Mr Happy Man – this short film captures 88-year-old Bermudian Johnny Barnes, who devotes six hours each day to an endearing traffic ritual. With the hope of spreading positivity and happiness, he greets passers-by at a traffic circle in the capital city of Hamilton, making him one of the island’s most cherished citizens. Why I LOVE this film ?  Well…

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