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Indigenous Peoples of the World – Thank you

I am in deep gratitude as I write this… a feeling of immense joy and greatest appreciation for the Indigenous peoples of Earth & EVERYONE who supported the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Thank you. Thank you for showing us the way. Thank you for leading by example. Thank you for being the change. Thank you. On August 15, 2016, the…

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Crystal Light Healing Grid

Crystal Light Healing® – Noosa, Australia

Over the last week and a half, here in Noosa, Australia, I facilitated my last live event for the next 18 months.  It is always a little scary as one door closes, but also a feeling of exhiIaration has been pulsing through me as I open up to this next exciting chapter in my life & our Universal Life Tools…

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CLH Graduates May 2016

Crystal Light Healing® – Sunshine Coast, Australia

On the weekend just passed, I had the pleasure of facilitating my LAST Spirited-Travellers events for my 2015-2016 World Tour. It felt so very sacred to be anchoring this energy back here in Australia and bringing the LOVE we experienced around the world in the hearts of my community here on the Sunshine Coast. On the Friday night, I facilitated…

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Essence of Angels Graduates May 2016

Essence of Angels® – Noosa, Australia

Wrapped in the crisp & vibrant colours of Autumn, we came together last weekend here on the Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Australia, for my  Essence of Angels® Teachers Course – May 2016.  Feeling so very blessed this week, as I reflect on our 6 glorious days of diving deep into the wisdom of the ancients. I LOVE LOVE LOVE facilitating this…

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Crystal Light Healing® – Sydney, Australia

On the weekend just passed, I spent the most glorious weekend immersed in the wisdoms of the mystery schools of Lemuria, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt and the Mayan Civiliations as I facilitated my Crystal Light Healing® Sacred Ancient Wisdom workshop.  How blessed to have spent many days in Sydney Australia, sharing these cherished wisdoms with a group of lively, heart-filled and…

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thank you st

Spirited-Travellers Gratitude

We are immensely grateful to all our Sponsors, Event Hosts, Visionary Angels, Volunteer Staff and blessed friends for believing in the vision of our Spirited-Travellers World Tour and helping us weave a Wave of LOVE around the world during our 2015 (and forthcoming 2016) events. The following is a list of people that have been there for us, that have…

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Blessed Earth Crystals

Our Spirited-Travellers World Tour 2015-16, is more than just sharing of Sacred Ancient wisdom through our FREE Talks & Courses around the world… it is a movement of passionate people in service to transforming the world into a kinder, more loving and compassionate place. Our vision is to inspire CONNECTION, bringing people together to re-remember that we belong to one…

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We are on the road !

Just over a week ago my family and I left Australia for a 2 year journey around the world, facilitating free talks & workshops on ancient wisdom, connecting people from all corners of the globe… and oh yes, to have heaps of fun too ! We said our final farewells to family & friends and embarked on a long flight…

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Spirited-Travellers – Intention Ceremony

Last Friday evening, on the ‘2 sleeps eve’ of our Spirited-Travellers World Tour a group of very special friends came together with my family to connect in ceremony. Our vision was to set the intention and divine higher purpose of our Spirited-Travellers Tour and to seed this vision into the Crystalline Field of Mother Earth. Our small gathering came together…

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World Sound Healing Day – 14 Feb 2015

World Sound Healing Day is held on the 14 February each year, whereby people come together around the globe (at 12 midday in their local time zone, or within a 24 hour period) to sound the Heart – ‘AH’ for 5 minutes. As the sound of the Heart ‘AH’ moves a wave around the globe, it is the intention to…

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crystal bowl ceremony

We need never be ashamed of our tears

  Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth, overlying our hard hearts. I was better after I had cried, than before–more sorry, more aware of my own ingratitude, more gentle.  ♦︎ Charles Dickens, Great Expectations ♦︎ What can I say, I awoke early this morning in the…

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Chinese New Year 2015 – Wood Goat (Sheep)

On the New Moon of the 18/19 February we move out of the Year of the Wood Horse and into the Chinese New Year of the Goat (also known as the Sheep or Ram as the Character symbol represents all three). To celebrate Chinese New Year and to mark the launch of our Spirited-Travellers World tour (we set off on…

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