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Spirited-Travellers Gratitude

We are immensely grateful to all our Sponsors, Event Hosts, Visionary Angels, Volunteer Staff and blessed friends who believed in the vision of our Spirited-Travellers World Tour (2015-2016) and helped us weave a Wave of LOVE around the world ♡ The following is a list of many people that have been there for us, that have donated their time, skills,…

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Essence of Angels® – Italy

On Friday evening the 4 Dec, we gathered in the home of Elisabetta Invernizzi (our blessed Event Host) to share in my FREE Talk on Sacred Ancient Wisdom, followed by my Weekend Essence of Angels® Workshop and my Essence of Angels® Teachers Course the following week. It was interesting that all those enrolled in my free talk did not show…

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Global Meditation – 12.12.2015

Join us on the 12 December 2015, for a GLOBAL MEDITATION for shifting the Collective Consciousness. Universal Life Tools is teaming up with The Master Shift, the Dhammakaya Foundation, plus 20 other meditation groups from around the world to help demonstrate how heart-based focused intent has a profound impact on the collective field. The results of this GLOBAL MEDITATION (as…

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Blessed Earth Crystals

During 2015-16, we travelled the world as part of our Spirited-Travellers Tour – sharing of Sacred Ancient wisdom through our FREE Talks & Courses.  Our Vision was to inspire a movement of passionate people in service to transforming the world into a kinder, more loving and compassionate place.  And our aim was to inspire CONNECTION, bringing people together to re-remember…

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Spirited-Travellers – Intention Ceremony

Last Friday evening, on the ‘2 sleeps eve’ of our Spirited-Travellers World Tour a group of very special friends came together with my family to connect in ceremony. Our vision was to set the intention and divine higher purpose of our Spirited-Travellers Tour and to seed this vision into the Crystalline Field of Mother Earth. Our small gathering came together…

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Spirited-Travellers Events – Italy

Announcing the scheduling of our Spirited-Travellers Events in Italy in December 2015. To find out all about these spiritual retreat for the soul events please click on the Event links below… and if you heart calls you, you can make a booking direct from web Event page ♥   FREE Public Talk on Sacred Ancient Wisdom Italy – December 4, 2015 Simone M….

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