Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is the Language of Creation. This language communicates the Universal Truths of an infinitely expanding potential field and how our consciousness molds this field and creates our reality, hence our physical experience here on Earth.

Sacred Geometry is based upon the principle of ONENESS.   Sacred Geometry thus helps us to embrace the premise that we are an inseparable part of the whole and hence guides us in our personal and collective evolutionary journeys.

The following Sacred Geometry products are supportive tools that awaken your higher-self, your Soul Star presence to the Universal Language of Creation from within.  These Sacred geometric tools are used within our Shealla-Dreaming Self-Study & Soul Evolution Self-Study courses, Aetheric Healing eCourse and are discussed within Simone M. Matthews Shealla-Dreaming book.

If you are interested in studying Sacred Geometry in more depth, then we highly recommend Crystal Light Healing® (Level III ) eCourse and Essence of Angels® eCourse. These courses provide a profound overview of the primary principles that encompass Sacred Geometry, and most importantly how we can embrace these fundamental truths to live joyful, abundant & fulfilling lives as a Divine Human on Earth ♥

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