Soul Evolution - Self Study eCourse

Soul Evolution is a 12 Module Self-Study eCourse that ‘bridges’ science and spirituality and provides metaphysical tools to quantum leap your DNA.

This 12 Module Self-Study eCourse takes a detailed look at leading edge quantum mechanics and metaphysics to understand how we can be active participants is using more than 5% of our DNA and hence living our lives from a higher more awakened state of consciousness.

When you awaken your DNA, you tap into an endless sea of intelligence, the genius of creation that exists within all of nature and also exists within every cell within your body.   Isn’t it time you woke up to your genius within ?

Soul Evolution Self Study will provide you with the tools to access this infinite intelligence within you, helping you to transcend limiting beliefs and move beyond needless struggle within your life.  This Self Study eCourse will help you tap into the wisdom of the universe, creating a pathway that will lead to health, vitality and infinite abundance.

Topics – Soul Evolution – 12 Modules

The following is a summary list of topics covered in each of the 12 Modules.
Each Module includes an in depth study of specific DNA Light Codes PLUS a downloadable audio to work directly with these specific DNA Light Codes within your life  (ie activate and attune your DNA).

For a more detailed discussion of what you receive on enrolment for each of the 12 Modules, including a more detailed outline of each Module, PLUS what you receive on graduate from this course, then please click on the product images at the bottom of this page.

  • Module 1: Perception, Reality, science of our DNA – Earth Star, Core of DNA;
  • Module 2: Holographic Universe & Imagination – Base Chakra, DNA LCodes 1&2;
  • Module 3: Love Matrix Dimensions & Sound – Sacral Chakra, DNA LCodes 3&4;
  • Module 4: Harmonics – Sound creates Form – Solar Plexus, DNA LCode 5;
  • Module 5: Harmonics – Colour from Sound – Heart Chakra, DNA Light Codes 6&7;
  • Module 6: Photon Belt & Heliosphere – Throat Chakra, DNA Light Codes 8&9;
  • Module 7: Pineal Gland, Brainwaves – Third Eye, DNA Light Code 10;
  • Module 8: Schumann Resonance & Zero Point – Crown Chakra DNA LCode 11&12;
  • Module 9: Creative Evolution, Solar Radiation – Soul Star, DNA LCodes 13to24;
  • Module 10: Accessing the Past or Future – Stellar Gateway, DNA LCodes 25to36;
  • Module 11: Beliefs & our Future – Universal Gateway, DNA LCodes 37to48;
  • Module 12: Heart Torroids – 3 Hearts Creation – Zero Point – Cosmic Gateway LC 49to64.

Soul Evolution – Overview

Soul Evolution will help you to weave together ancient wisdom and new frontiers in science – awakening your DNA, so you can ‘think, feel, see, be’ outside of the current paradigm of Earth.  When you choose to stand outside of the ‘box’, you are empowered to create solutions to problems within our individual lives and the world at large, from a higher level of consciousness.

As Einstein said ‘You can’t solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created’…. thus this course provides you with scientifically validated tools for expanding consciousness beyond the limitations of the ‘box’, such that you can be an active participant in engineering the Evolution of your Soul.
Simone M. Matthews first released this course in 2008 as the ‘The Wave of Love Self-Study Course’… but this course has now been substantially upgraded to take account of more recent scientific discoveries and to embrace sacred ancient as it relates to the Golden Age here on Earth.   As a result, this course has now been renamed ‘Soul Evolution’.

The course is facilitated completely on-line.  You can enrol at anytime and then complete the course at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.  You may purchase each of the 12 Modules separately, or alternatively purchase the 12 Module package and SAVE $$$$.

This Soul Evolution – 12 Module Self-Study eCourse is also the perfect accompaniment to Simone’s Shealla-Dreaming – 13 Module Self-Study Course.  Together, both courses provide an in depth and practical understanding of ancient wisdom and how we can live and be these ancient wisdoms here on Earth today.  Soul Evolution also expands upon the wisdoms studies in face-to-face workshops Crystal Light Healing® Level III and  Essence of Angels®.

PLEASE NOTE: Simone M. Matthews first released this course in 2008 as the ‘The Wave of Love Self-Study Course’ (read more about The Wave of Love).  Now this course has been substantially upgraded to take account of more recent scientific discoveries and to embrace sacred ancient wisdom as it relates to the Golden Age here on Earth PLUS this new course has been recorded in Video Format (including mp3 audio meditations).  In addition, this upgraded course incorporates the wisdoms of  Crystal Light Healing® Level and  Essence of Angels®.   To reflect the new energy, this course has now been renamed: ‘Soul Evolution’.  When you enrol in our Soul Evolution Course, not only do you receive a life-time of access, but I will also upgrade the info within the course as new scientific breakthroughs/info come to light… and you receive all of these upgrades for free !

Soul Evolution – Introductory Video

Sharing with you my introductory video that gives an outline of the vision and focus of this 12 Module Self-Study Course.

How do I Sign up ?

You have the choice of purchasing the full Soul Evolution Self-Study eCourse (all 12 Modules) at a special course package price, or you may choose to purchase each Module individually.

Please click on the product images below to find out more about the Soul Evolution Self-Study eCourse and what you receive on completion.

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