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Special Guest Speakers – NEW

Simone is excited to announce that Special Guest Speakers will be joining her The Soul of Wealth – Soul Session Webinars – sharing their wisdoms and giftings to participants.

During our last Soul Session #5, Special Guest ‘Kyrona Unity Hope’ – gifted us a Celestial Resonance Light Language channel in the lead up to our June Goodwill Full Moon. Below is a very short snippet of Kyrona sharing her magic during the webinar. Hint: Click the Full Screen button on the video & turn up the volume 🙂

If you would like to enjoy the FULL experience, then you can always ‘Gift your Value’ (purchase) of the Soul Session #5 Replay below OR treat yourself to the entire Program of 16 Soul Sessions.

Join Simone M. Matthews during 2017
for her transformational SOUL Wealth experience

Monitors Living your Life from your Source of Wealth lrInviting you to Join Simone for her The Soul of Wealth on-line transformational experience.

Over 16 Soul Session Web Events (2 Web Events per month, for 8-months), Simone will support you every step of the way by listening to your Heart and helping you to step into the Sacred Wealth of your Soul.

You came to Earth for a reason and every fibre of your beingness is driving you to do what you came here to do. To be who you KNOW yourself to be in your Heart. There is a sacred impulse calling you to share your inner-genius and serve our planet in its time of need.

Inviting you to join Simone for her The Soul of Wealth program and step into a life more beautiful, more nourishing and more purposeful by simply sharing the uniqueness that is YOU and thriving in all areas of your life through SACRED WEALTH.

During this 16 Soul Session – 8-Month journey with Simone you will experience:

Become ONE with the glorious vision of YOU and experience juiciest states of ecstatic health, vitality & wellbing.
Tame your stress, worry & anxiety – HEART-FULLY be kind to yourself – learn ways to be a weaver of Divine Grace.
Channel your inner-warrior & dissolve your greatest fears as you surrender to Universal LOVE & luscious FREEDOM of the SOUL.
Let go of limitation, fear & apathy… and truly thrive as you live your life ‘ON-PURPOSE’, creatively expressing your luminous-limitless ESSENCE.
Discover you are ENOUGH – experience how trust, belief & vision opens GOLDEN doors of opportunity.
Invite the INFINITE into your life to provide you with the opportunities, resources & blessed abundance to fulfill your dreams.
Awaken & ooze your SENSUALITY – love your body – harness your erotic desires – playfully delight in touch.
Be a way-shower of personal & planetary healing through LOVE. The Earth has called you, it is your time to step up, shine & flourish through the Sacred Wealth of your Soul.

The Soul of Wealth – Enrol Today

Inviting you to Enrol TODAY for Simone’s The Soul of Wealth program.

You can enrol in either of the following:

  • The FULL Program – All 16 Soul Sessions (Green Image below)
  • Each Individual Soul Session as it becomes available throughout the year (Magenta images below).

To find out more about The Soul of Wealth program / individual Soul Sessions – please click on the Green or Magenta Images below.

Whether you live in Australia or Internationally, ANYONE can enrol in The SOUL of WEALTH Program with Simone. This 8-Month (16 Soul Session) Program is conducted remotely via Zoom (a video conferencing app, a little like Skype)…. it’s VERY easy to use !

GIFT your Value

When you enrol in The Soul of Wealth online program (either the full 16 Soul Session Experience, or each Soul Session Individually), during the checkout process you have the opportunity of GIFTing the VALUE that you feel this on-line program is worth to YOU in your life.

You simply type in the dollar value that you would like to PAY (ie GIFT) during checkout in exchange for access to The Soul of Wealth on-line experience.

Only YOU will know the value that Simone’s online The Soul of Wealth program may bring to your Soul and can potentially flourish in every avenue of your life. Simply reach into your Heart and then envision what your life ‘would look like’ in 8 months time upon completion of her program (or upon completion of 1 or more of the 16 Soul Sessions). This will help you to intuitively ‘know’ just how much the program is worth to you.




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