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Join Simone M. Matthews during 2017
for her transformational SOUL Wealth experience

Inviting you to Join Simone for her The Soul of Wealth on-line transformational experience.
Over 16 Soul Sessions (facilitated over a period of 8-months), Simone will support you every step of the way by listening to your Heart and helping you to step into the Sacred Wealth of your Soul.

Our world today is in a state of crises as we sit between worlds. The old story of power/control/greed is crumbling… yet the new story of Earth is still being written through our collective Hearts. We sit between stories, between worlds. Some of us feel lost. Some of us have outgrown our tribe. Some of us are trying to find our greater purpose. And some of us KNOW what we are here to do yet find it challenging to get our gifts out into the world and fully step into who we know ourselves to be within our Hearts.

“The old world falls apart, but the new has not emerged…
You don’t know what to think, what to do; you don’t know what anything means anymore.
The life trajectory you had plotted out seems absurd, and you can’t imagine another one.
Everything is uncertain.” – Charles Eistenstein
The More Beautiful New World Our Hearts Know is Possible.

During this time of great uncertainty and evolutionary change, Simone will guide you to deeply embody a new story of YOU, a new story of EARTH. Over 8-months you will have the opportunity to work personally with Simone in sacred space – where you will be called to give your LOVE in service to something bigger than you and experience a more Sacredly Wealthy LIFE for yourself than you ever thought was possible.

During this 16 Soul Session – 8-Month journey with Simone you will experience:

A greater vision of this Beautiful New World through your Heart and what steps YOU can take to realise & flourish your own Sacred Wealth.
Connect with the Divine Blueprint of your Soul and fully own your Power, your Gifts and surrender to the greater calling of Spirit through you.
Learn how to navigate this world through times of uncertainty. Learn how to embrace the greatest vision through your HEART – even when others try to throw you off balance or pull you down as they can’t see what you see.
Through the eyes of your Soul, ‘see’ the beliefs/fears/hurts that are holding you back from truly thriving and develop strategies to let go of your old story and flourish in your innate WEALTH of SOUL – of the greatest and most grandest version of YOU.
Be a way-shower of personal & planetary healing through LOVE. The Earth has called you, it is your time to step up, shine & BE the change.

You came to Earth for a reason and now that our world is in state of flux – every fibre of your beingness is driving you to do what you came here to do. To be who you KNOW yourself to be in your Heart. There is a sacred impulse calling you to share your inner-genius and serve our planet in its time of need.

Inviting you to join Simone for her The Soul of Wealth program and step into a life more beautiful, more nourishing and more purposeful by simply sharing the uniqueness that is YOU and thriving in all areas of your life through SACRED WEALTH.

The Soul of Wealth – Enrol Today

Inviting you to Enrol TODAY for Simone’s The Soul of Wealth program.

The Soul of Wealth 8-Month – 16 Soul Session program starts on the 22 March 2017. Whilst you can enrol at anytime during 2017, if you enrol BEFORE the 22 March 2017 then you can attend the first SOUL SESSION as a LIVE event (or you are most welcome to watch the replay).

To find out more about The Soul of Wealth or to ENROL in the full program today, please click on the ‘Gift your Value‘ link at the bottom of this page (under the green: 8-Month – 16 Soul Sessions image).

Whether you live in Australia or Internationally, ANYONE can enrol in The SOUL of WEALTH Program with Simone. This 8-Month (16 Soul Session) Program is conducted remotely via Zoom (a video conferencing app, a little like Skype)…. it’s VERY easy to use !

GIFT your Value

As discussed in Simone’s Article on Sacred Money, when you enrol in her The Soul of Wealth online program (either the full 16 Soul Session Experience, or each Soul Session Individually), during the checkout process you have the opportunity of GIFTing the VALUE that you feel this on-line program is worth to YOU in your life.

You simply type in the dollar value that you would like to PAY (ie GIFT) during checkout in exchange for access to The Soul of Wealth on-line experience.

Only YOU will know the value that Simone’s online The Soul of Wealth program may bring to your Soul and can potentially flourish in every avenue of your life. Simply reach into your Heart and then envision what your life ‘would look like’ in 8 months time upon completion of her program (ie 1 or more of the 16 Soul Sessions). This will help you to intuitively ‘know’ just how much the program is worth to you.

Please click on the ‘GIFT your Value’ links below to find out more about The Soul of Wealth online program. Then if you would like to enrol, simply type in the dollar Value that you would like to GIFT in exchange for access to the program. Thank you ☆

You may also like to read  The Soul of Wealth: FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions.
Simone answers many of your questions and offers a greater insight on how to
‘GIFT your Value’ on enrollment.










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