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Aetheric-Healing-Logo-Portrait-White-ShaddowInviting you to register in Simone M. Matthews’
Aetheric Healing™ Master Practitioner eCourse, a profoundly transformational course that guides you in living your life on-purpose in order to co-create a life well lived.

Our Aetheric Healing™ Master Practitioner eCourse is completed on-line, in your own time and at your own pace. There is no need to engage in any of the modules at a certain time and date, as all the teaching module videos/audios are pre-recorded and you can watch/listen to them as many times as you like at your own leisure.

On Completion of the course, students receive an Aetheric Healing™ Master Practitioner Certificate and receive complimentary registration on our ULTMSH Practitioner Directory as a qualified ‘Aetheric Healing™ Master Practitioner Certified by Simone M. Matthews’.

Sharing with you a short 6 minute video where I talk about Aetheric Healing Module 2 – which has been released today !  Just as a hint I, I recommend watching the video in full screen – click on the full screen icon on the bottom of the video to the right of the letters ‘HD’ Full screen icon

Aetheric Healing™ – Summary

Aetheric Healing™ is the dynamic art of living your life in harmony with the symphony of universal intelligence expressing itself through you.

You are a universe unto yourself, a divine magnificent being who is already whole and complete.  When you live your life as a conscious expression of this intelligence, your life takes on a greater purpose, your relationships become more meaningful and you ooze luminescent health & vitality.

Aetheric Healing™ is not just a profound technique that enables you to tap into this field of infinite wisdom, but rather is an attunement catalyst that enables you to naturally, easily and coherently access this universal knowledge 24/7.

‘Imagine living your life as a clear channel of all-knowledge. Living your life on purpose, choosing greatness and flourishing in soul potential.  Aetheric Healing™ enables you to succinctly open to this vast sea of knowledge and be the Master of your life’s journey from the inside out’.
Simone M. Matthews

Overall, Aetheric Healing™ is a series of steps/processes that you can either incorporate into your day-to-day life, or work with as part of energy healing sessions with clients.  Aetheric Healing™ is the perfect compliment to Essence of Angels® or Crystal Light Healing® Sessions or you can work with Aetheric Healing™ as a stand alone modality.

How does Aetheric Healing™ Work ?

Aetheric Healing™ is a process of attuning to the Aetheric Field to be a channel of creative and infinite genius.   From this place of entrainment you are able to access universal wisdom to deeply understand your self, your own creative genius and your subconscious beliefs surrounding success, health, relationships and self-worth/love.

From this compassionate state of self-awareness through the Aetheric Field you are empowered to move beyond limiting beliefs, self-doubt and fear in order to truly flourish in the truth of who you truly are – to quote the words of Rumi – ‘You are not just a drop in the ocean, but then entire ocean within the drop’.

seven-els-of-creationFirstly, through a series of easy to learn steps that are a fusion of wisdoms from both the East & West, you entrain your nervous system with the Aetheric Field through the 7 ELs (Elohims) of Creation.   Attuning to the Aetheric Field may take a little practice at first, but once mastered, this state of resonance flows naturally and with much grace and ease.

Social/cultural conditioning, family imprinting and the constant onslaught of media seeks to limit the functioning of the nervous system, creating a perception of separation, limitation and false identity. However, when you consciously attune your nervous system to the Aetheric Field you become receptive to an infinite ocean of pure potentiality.

You retrain your nervous system to act like a tuning fork or antennae picking up the signals of creation; signals that lie not only deep within your DNA but also the frequencies of nature, the Earth, the stars, the planets, through to Galaxies and Universes.

aetheric-healing-infinite-intelligenceOnce your nervous system is in deep resonance with the field, you then connect with your Higher-Self to become the observer of your human experience within the boundless expression of the Aetheric Field.   Through a series of internal/external enquiries you see beyond the veil of illusion and awaken your consciousness to a greater understanding of your human potential through the Aetheric Field.

Within this awakened knowledge, you then re-pattern your Nervous System to express the authentic truth of your I AM PRESENCE. You move beyond pain, struggle, limitation and fear to now emanate wholeness, abundance, compassion and kindness from a place self-love. Your neural pathways now radiate this new energy field, which in-turn activates your DNA, changes your cellular functioning, brings your emotional/mental mind into alignment with your I AM Presence and you flow with infinite Soul Potential within the Aetheric Field.

Galactic & Soul Evolution Triangles

Aetheric Healing™ also involves working with the Galactic Evolution Triangle and/or working with your clients Soul Evolution Triangle Template.

galactic-evolution-triangleThese profound Cosmic and Soul BluePrint Templates help clients in stepping into their greater Evolutionary Purpose and be the grandest version of the greatest vision they ever held for themselves.  These Template Trines form an essential component of any Aetheric Healing™ session as they help clients:

  • Understand their Greater Evolutionary Purpose & Highest Soul Aspirations
  • Identify their Talents/Gifts
  • Become conscious of their Soul Print Challenges
  • Support Wisdom/Understanding in overcoming challenges
  • Access Past Lives / Future Potentials in the NOW
  • Connect with the field Infinite Solutions
  • Awaken the brain to a higher potential through Neuroplasticity

aetheric-healing-soul-evolution-triangleIndividual Soul Evolution Triangles also help clients work with their gifts/challenges via knowledge of their Masculine/Feminine Archetypes:

  • Spirituality/Visionary (Tyrant/Weakling)
  • Leadership & Relationships (Possessive/Distant)
  • Youthfulness (Manipulative/Ignorant)
  • Personal Power (Controlling/Coward)
  • Sensuality/Sexuality (Prostitute/Frigid)
  • Wisdom (Witch/Fool)

Finger Prints, Astrology, Numerology & Becoming a Liquid Crystal

Aetheric Healing™ also works with a number of diagnostic tools to help you not only understand yourself but also your clients.

finger-print-peacock-whorlThroughout the Aetheric Healing™ eCourse Simone shares in depth knowledge of various diagnostic techniques to help you understand the ‘Personality of the Soul’ and most importantly how to to build an Aetheric bridge between the two.

The deeper you understand yourself/clients, the greater potential for awakening, healing and transformation can take place.

The diagnostic topics covered during the Aetheric Healing™ eCourse include:

  • Astrological Natal Chart – Pre-Birth Eclipses, Asc, Desc, planets, aspects etc
  • Numerology – Name, Birth, Personal year etc
  • ThumbPrint/FingerPrints (& 5 elements)
  • Hand,Finger & Fist Analysis
  • Structuring water in the body to become a Liquid Crystal
  • Cosmic Spiral of 5 Elements – ‘flow’ of Moneta (money)
  • Reflexology Points (Hands & Feet)
  • RAS (Reticular Activating System & Neuroplasticity)

None of these diagnostic tools are essential for all Aetheric Healing™ sessions… however individually they become amazing tools to have at hand to call upon/use for self or individual clients as intuitively guided.

How can Aetheric Healing™ help me ?

Aetheric Healing™ isn’t just another tool or modality that works with the Body/Mind/Spirit.  But rather Aetheric Healing™ is a way of life and a medium to express the beauty, magnificence and sacred purpose that is YOU.

The application of Aetheric Healing™ within your life places you within the vortex of unlimited potential. From a place of enlightenment through Aetheric Healing™ you have the ability to discover and purposely embrace the following:

  • Move beyond self-sabotage and embrace Self-Fulfillment.
  • Transcend fear, doubt, self-worth – truly KNOW you are ENOUGH.
  • Live your life on-Purpose by aligning with Universal Mind, tap into Creative Genius.
  • Embrace cellular/DNA wisdom to heal dis-ease and embrace youthful vitality.
  • Access universal wisdom to solve challenges/problems within your life.
  • Embrace the limitless you and reach your goals within sport, career and finances.
  • Free yourself of fear, rejection and the pain of the past.
  • Deepen the intimacy and connection within your relationships.
  • Embrace your divine & sacred PERFECTION beyond the beliefs/opinions of others.
  • Access the wisdom of failure & loss to re-position your future in the present.

Aetheric Healing™ – Simone M. Matthews

Aetheric Healing™ was developed by Simone M. Matthews, the founder of and the Creatrix of Crystal Light Healing® & Essence of Angels®.

After working with & teaching her Crystal Light Healing® & Essence of Angels® modalities for over 20+ years, Simone was called to give birth to Aetheric Healing™.   Aetheric Healing™ expands upon the work of Crystal Light Healing® & Essence of Angels® but also incorporates practices and techniques that students have been hungry to learn more about… such as Astrology, Numerology, Reflexology, Fingerprint analysis to name just a few.

Aetheric Healing™ thus synthesise the wisdoms of Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga, Acupuncture, Pranic Healing, Qi Gong, Kinesiology and Quantum Healing into a profound yet practical application… either for people to use themselves on a daily basis or to incorporate into healing sessions.

The application of Aetheric Healing™ thus becomes a profound instrument of awakening to universal consciousness through the Aetheric Field. Aetheric Healing™ offers you the potential to live your life in reverence of the truth of who you are. This truth is independent of your environment, limited collective beliefs and the expectations placed upon you by others. Aetheric Healing™ shows you a way of living that is unique to you yet in harmony with the unified field.

In addition, over the last couple of decades of teaching, Simone noticed a repeating pattern that was playing out in the subconscious of Healers and those choosing to live life from the Heart… the challenge many people faced trying to be financially successful whilst truly walking in the path of spirit, truth and authenticity.

Aetheric Healing Elements lrThe field is imprinted with rampant dogma and limiting beliefs concerning spirituality and money. Money is associated by many with greed, materialism and abuse of power.   There is a collective field of thought that believes spiritual work should be free and that those that charge for their spiritual work (ie charge for their learned & professional time) are charlentans.

However, money is not good, nor is it bad, it is just paper. When we re-frame what money is about and look beyond the fear, we can see that money is a form of energy and with that energy we can create radical, conscious, everlasting change. Imagine if the majority of the worlds resources/money were owned by conscious, compassionate and kind people… what a different world we would live it.

Aetheric Healing™ helps you to reframe your beliefs/conditions around Money through 5 Element theory & the Universal understanding of the meaning of Moneta.  Through Aetheric Healing™ you will embrace an ‘infinite abundance’ through the Aetheric Healing® supporting you to flourish success in your professional life – not just excelling in your accomplishments but creating an enduring & meaningful legacy for generations to come.

Aetheric Healing™ -Master Practitioner
eCourse Course Overview

As detailed above, the Aetheric Healing™ Master Practitioner Course is an 8 Module Course, facilitated on-line personally by Simone M. Matthews.   You can enroll in the course at any time, complete the Modules at your own pace and there is no time limit for completion/graduation.

aetheric-healing-sq-websiteEach of the 8 Modules contain the following teachings/materials:

  • Video of the Modules teachings facilitated by Simone
    (30 Hours Total Course)
  • Audios to support the teachings
  • Module Notes – Including Diagrams & Visual Aids
  • Supportive Resources eg  Books, Videos, Audios to support your continuing professional education.

All Module Video’s you can watch on your computer, or even stream on your television.
All Module Audios you can listen to on your computer, or download to a CD, MP3 player or ipod.
All Module Notes you can read/view on line (and print if required, though this is not necessary).

Please note that this is a virtual on-line course in that the course is e-generated (ie no physical workbook or audios are shipped to you, the entire course is completed on-line).

This 8 Module Course would take approximately 30 hours to complete at a minimum, with students then choosing how much additional study time they feel is necessary in order to master the practical exercises and engage in additional study through books, videos and audios.

The following is a summary of the topics that are included within the 8 Module course:

  • Introduction to the basics of Aetheric Healing™
  • Detailed insight into the 5 Elements of the Aetheric Field and the relationship to the 5 appendages of the human body, the 5 appendages of the hands & feet and the 5 vital organs of the body.
  • Experiential exercises to understand the 5 Chi Mudras of the hands and their relationship with the Aetheric Field.
  • Aetheric Field access through Reflexology (foot & hand) & Iridology
  • Exploration of your Natal Chart (Astrology/Zodiac Chart) including the placement of key positions such as the Galactic Centre, Sirius, Alcyone, preNatal Eclipses to understand HOW to step into your Divine Potential of your Soul Evolutionary Triangle.
  • Exploration of your Numerogical Soul Imprint and how to work with these imprints to truly flourish your Soul Potential via the Aetheric Field.
  • Fingerprint, Hand, Finger & Fist Analysis
  • Finger Chi Mudras – RAS (Reticular Activating Sysytem) & Neuroplasticity
  • Experiential exercises to open a neural loop between your Heart & your clients Heart, creating a strong electro-magnetic frequency that speaks the language of the field.
  • Comprehensive understanding of how to entrain your Nervous System with Aetheric Field, awaken your Higher-Self to universal wisdom and re-pattern your neural pathways.
  • Discussion of how to integrate Aetheric Healing™ with Crystal Light Healing® & Essence of Angels®. If you are new to these modalities, then you will learn additional tools that will help amplify your experience of Aetheric Healing™
  • Duty of Care & professional application of Aetheric Healing™
  • Experiential exercises that demonstrate how to use Aetheric Healing™ not only on clients, but also on/within yourself, gifting you clear and coherent access with universal intelligence.
  • Experiential exercises that enable you to perform an Aetheric Healing™ distance healing sessions on family, loved ones or clients.

Who can enroll in the Aetheric Healing™ Master Practitioner Course ?

There are no pre-requisites required for registration in the Aetheric Healing™ Master Practitioner Course with Simone M. Matthews (however students will need access to their Natal Chart, please see the next heading below).

Students from all backgrounds, professions and levels of experience will receive something miraculous from this course that will transform their lives for the better.

Whilst all graduates of the course receive an Aetheric Healing® Master Practitioner Certificate, it is envisioned that many people will complete the course for their own personal and professional development (ie do not intend on commencing practice as a certified Master Practitioner).

If you have already completed either/both Essence of Angels® or Crystal Light Healing® with Simone or one of her graduate Teachers, then you will find this Aetheric Healing™ Master Practitioner Course will DEEPEN your connection with these healing modalities and AMPLIFY your healing experiences.  You may also find your clients become much more COMPLIANT with their treatment plants when you apply Aetheric Healing™ principles and that healing time-frames shorten, healing symptoms are reduced and clients experience a greater level of empowerment.

If you are new to Universal Life Tools and have not completed Essence of Angels® or Crystal Light Healing®, please don’t be concerned as this Aetheric Healing™ Master Practitioner Course is very comprehensive and provides you will all the knowledge you need to be a competent practitioner for self-healing or support clients, friends and family members.

Do I need Purchase the Aetheric Healing™ Astrology Report ?

During the Aetheric Healing eCourse, students will be required to work with their own Natal Chart (Astrological Zodiac/Birth Chart).  Students do not need any previous knowledge/study of the Astrology to enrol in Aetheric Healing™, but all students will need a copy of their Natal Chart in order to complete all components of the Aetheric Healing™ eCourse.

If you already have your own Natal Chart (previously prepared by an Astrologer) then please take a moment to see if the Galactic Centre, Alcyone, Sirius & preNatal Eclipses have been charted on your Natal Chart.  It is rare for Astrologers to chart these points as part of a standard Natal Chart.

If your Natal Chart does not contain the charting of the above points, then during the Aetheric Healing™ eCourse we will discuss ways in which you can approximate the location of the Galactic Centre, Alcyone &  Sirius within your chart (Simone will show you how to approximate the house and astrological degree where they are located).  This should be sufficient for the practical sessions during the eCourse… which means you do not have to purchase an additional chart.

Plus a chart of Eclipse Dates will also be provided, thus you will also be able to approximate the location of these preNatal points on your Natal chart too to support your Aetheric Healing™ studies.Astrology Report Square Shop

An Astrological Natal Chart is ESSENTIAL for the completion of the Aetheric Healing™ eCourse… thus you can use your own Natal Report (and modify the Report as indicated above), or you can commission the production of your own Aetheric Healing™ Astrology Report.

The Aetheric Healing™ Astrology Report includes the positioning on your Natal Chart of the Galactic Centre, Alycone, Sirius & preNatal Eclipses.  Purchase the Aetheric Healing™ Astrology Report from our eShop today and Simone M. Matthews will personally prepare your full Natal Chart and email you your full Report within 7 to 10 days.

Read More or Order your Astrology Report today >

Do I need Purchase the Aetheric Healing™ Poster ?

Aetheric Healing Canvas PosterOur Aetheric Healing™ Poster makes the perfect accompaniment to our Aetheric Healing™ eCourse, however it is NOT essential that students purchase this poster in order to complete the course or graduate as an Aetheric Healing™ Master Practitioner.

All the information contained within the poster is included with the Aetheric Healing™ eCourse, thus students will not miss out on any signficant information by not purchasing this poster.

However, if you are a healer and see clients/friends/family, or you are already an Essence of Angels® or Crystal Light Healing® Practitioner, then this poster will make the perfect addition to your healing space or meditation room.

The information contained within the poster brings all three healing modalities together – Aetheric Healing™, Essence of Angels® & Crystal Light Healing® into one large poster, hence making this poster a powerful tool to support your Aetheric Healing™ healing sessions.

For those Practitioners/Teachers through our School that regularly exhibit at Expos, Festivals and Community Events this Poster would make the ideal display to help educate others in your healing work and the beauty of the field of Creation within us all.

Read More or Order your Aetheric Healing™ Poster Today >

Aetheric Healing™ – How to Enrol

You can register for our Aetheric Healing™ Master Practitioner eCourse at ANYTIME and there is no time limit for completion of the Course.

To register for our course, simply ‘ADD to CART‘ at the top of this page and proceed through to checkout.

Upon enrollment in this Aetheric Healing™ Master Practitioner eCourse, you will receive an email which is your receipt for the purchase of the full course – all 8 Modules. This receipt will contain a link which gives you full access to the on-line Aetheric Healing™ Master Practitioner eCourse PLUS an additional FREE Meditation to begin your attunement with the Aetheric Field.

To ensure that you receive this email, please add the following email address into your email address book:

We recommend that you book-mark the Aetheric Healing™ Master Practitioner eCourse webpage, such that you can refer back to it at any time.

To enrol in our eCourse, simply ‘ADD to CART’ at the top of this page and proceed through to checkout.

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