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Andrea Noye & Michael Henrichs

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Riverview (New Brunswick, Canada)

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About Andrea Noye & Michael Henrichs

About Andrea Noye

My name is Andrea Noye, and I was born and raised in rural PEI and now call Riverview, NB my home. I have lived and fully understand the hardships of making a living in a rural farming and fishing community, the trials and tribulations of being a young mother, the youngest daughter, a wife (a couple of times) and now grandmother. I’ve tried to do right, to be who everyone thinks I should be, have the perfect job and life that everyone else wanted, all while nurturing my children to find their own path in life without being labelled by society. I struggled many years in the shellfish industry as a fisher-woman and labourer in processing plants, before moving on to make minimum wage in tourism and retail for various restaurants, clothing stores, a health food store, and even owned and operated a Convenience Store & Gas Station (bad idea but great life lesson!).

I have been blessed with four beautiful, challenging, caring and loving children who have given me seven glorious grandchildren; one of who is now in the spirit World developing his Angel Wings to guide us all on this Earthly Realm.  Each of these little Angels has helped me gain wisdom and to understand that our destiny and Divine Life Path can only begin within ourselves and not what others think of us or expect us to be.  

After receiving a full-time indeterminate position with Revenue Canada (somebody else’s dream I might add, not mine), I realized I was not living and being my true authentic self. I had a burning desire to DO and BE so much more than a paper pushing Government employee. So after 14 years in the same office, I left my full-time guaranteed job with benefits, sold everything (except my car and anything that would fit inside of it) and ventured out into the real World to find myself and who I really was.

After living frugally with basic means, camping and travelling and exploring who I really was, and what my purpose in life is… I have discovered, ALL of my life experiences have been my true soul’s path to guide me to and recognize the precious gifts within myself.  I now tune in and listen to my higher self and the Angels for their guidance. I AM living and I AM being my true authentic self and 

I AM Happy to Be ME!

I have grown to be my own person and step into my own power. I have chosen to follow my true Divine Life Path and listen to the wisdom of my higher self and not fall prey to what society believes I should be. I AM happier being true to myself and feel so loved and blessed in following my life path. I AM dedicated to assisting others find their light and true authentic self. To live the life they’ve always wanted to live… their OWN Divine Life Path.

During an energy healing, I work with Earth crystals & stones, Litios® Light Crystals, crystal and herbal essences and sound. I call upon Spirit Guides, Archangels, Angels and our Light Brothers & Sisters so I may be a channel of light to assist YOU in YOUR healing. I work with my intuitive energy to read your energetic bodies (chakras & aura) and work with you to release blockages and negative energies.  

I AM a Certified Crystal Light Healer and Energy Practitioner, I AM a Certified Dream Interpreter, I AM a Certified Diamond Light Priestess and I AM a Metaphysical Healing – Master Crystal Light Healing Teacher (MCLHT). All of these pieces of paper show you I AM dedicated to sharing my knowledge, life experiences and spreading love & light and healing to all of you.

I AM dedicated to assisting YOU to discover YOUR Divine Soul and Life Purpose.

About Michael Henrichs

Like many of us, we choose not to listen to our divine life path and neither did I.  I worked most of my life in the construction industry as “this was what I was supposed to do”.  Even after a vehicle accident and a construction accident that left me with major back and neck injuries, I still choose not to listen to my inner guidance.  Despite my doctors, specialists and chiropractors telling me I should not continue in this type of work, I opened my own construction company.  I continued to deal with pain, stress and depression from the accidents and from not listening to my inner voice. I fell into the addiction of mainstream medicine, taking narcotic medications, anti-depressants, and muscle relaxers to cope with daily pain of living with my injuries.  I struggled with my addictions, I was fooling everyone (including myself) that I was healthy and successful. I believed I was living the life of who I truly was, although I never felt comfortable with the life I was living.

During my awakening, I started to see the truth within my life. Realizing that all I had experienced from failed relationships to abuses, depression, addictions, injuries, traumas and dis-eases including 2 types of skin cancer were exactly what I needed to build strength and character to assist in my soul’s life path and the realization of my true healing abilities.

And so my journey of healing began. Little did I know it would lead into my true life’s purpose for being here at this time. I started to study many healing modalities that would assist in my self-healing and noticed I was healing myself thru my personal studies.  As I continued to personally grow and accept my gifts I experienced a great shift within myself and my environment. People and things were changing around me as I walked more into the light, my divine life purpose. I now live free of the medical substance addictions that led me to believe I was a different person.

I AM very grateful and proud of all I have endured and I now can make sense of all my personal experiences, both positive and negative.  I have faced challenges during my childhood and part of my adult life and I have learnt so much. An a-haa moment came over me as I completely unravelled the code to my own existence… How could one heal themselves or others for that matter, without a complete understanding of what it is like to endure these types of life experiences?

I AM now assisting others through what I call Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions and by teaching Crystal Light Healing® practitioner certification courses and various other workshops to empower those looking to walk their own soul’s true purpose for being here at this magnificent time in Earths and man-kinds evolution. For this I AM truly grateful!

I had always known there was more to my existence in life and I have found it. I AM completely stepping into my personal power and the connection with the hidden realms. I am constantly amazed how much simpler life gets when you live in the here and now – instead of the past or future.

As an Intuitive Energy Healing Practitioner, I AM a Certified Crystal Light Healer, a Master Crystal Light Healing Teacher, a Certified Metatron Diamond Light Priest, a Certified Sacred Grids practitioner and a Certified Pendulum Dowser.  I AM guided by many lightful beings; Archangels, Ascended Masters, Guardian Angels, Angels, Spirit Guides and Lightful Brothers & Sisters of the Galaxy to mention a few.  I use Lightful tools such as crystals, minerals, essences and Litios® Light tools.

All of this shows my commitment to healing myself, and assisting you and those around you on many levels.  I AM committed to furthering my studies in modalities that compliment my professional career so I may continue to assist others in their personal healing experiences.  It brings great Joy to my Heart to be able to share these gifts with you and to empower you to find the strength to step into your own healing and Light and to live a true life!

Thank you for being a part of my Journey! From my Heart to your Heart, Michael.

Other Qualifications

Andrea Noye

* Certified Litios Diamond Light Priestess

* Certified Dream Interpretation (CDI)

* Certified Angel Card Reader (CACR)

Michael Henrichs

* Certified Metatron Diamond Light Priest

* Certified Crystal Reiki Master

* Certified Pendulum Dowser

* Certified Sacred Grids Practitioner

Contact Andrea Noye & Michael Henrichs

Mobile: 1-506-368-3838

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