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I am delighted that you are interested in finding out more about my Life Mastery Programs.

Whether you feel the calling to study with us for your own personal empowerment & expansion of your potential, or you are interested in graduating as an Internationally Accredited Master Teacher and facilitating your own events around the world… our Life Mastery Programs offer something for everyone.

We offer two OPTIONS of Life Mastery Programs through our School:

  • Option 1: Online eCourse Study + inhouse Heart Retreat with Simone
  • Option 2: Online eCourse Study with Simone

Please keep reading down the page for further details of both options and respective packages.

I have also shared further down the page many ‘Gratitudes‘ shared by graduates through our School – to help you get a feel of the energy of our Life Mastery Programs ♡

I look forward to sharing with you sacred ancient wisdom through my Life Mastery Programs – inspiring you to unleash your greatest potential & embrace a gentler way of life through the softness of your Heart.

All my LOVE,




Online Study + inhouse Heart Retreat

Our Life Mastery Teacher Option 1 Programs are a combination of Online Self-Study PLUS attendance at an inhouse Heart Retreat with Simone.

Prior to your Heart Retreat attendance, students complete a portion of their Life Mastery studies as Online Self-Study (study at anytime from anywhere in the world).  Then at the 5 day inhouse Heart Retreat (inclusive of 7 days accommodation by the ocean), Simone guides you on experiencing your studies experientially, such that you discover greater depths of creativity, sensuality & soul radiance and uncover what is truly possible in your life.

Simone facilitates her ‘Option 1 Life Mastery Programs’ only once or twice per year.  Places are limited for each package (to ensure her Heart Retreats are intimate gatherings), hence if you are interested in enrolling, please don’t delay or you may miss out.

Please click on the links below for detailed information about each Special Package,  including info about Payment Plans to help your budget:

SPECIAL PACKAGE* – 2 x Teacher eCourses + 5 day Heart Retreat (November 2017 Retreat) >

SPECIAL PACAKGE – 2 X Teacher eCourses + 5 day Heart Retreat (February 2018 Retreat) >

*PLEASE NOTE:  The enrolment cuttoff for our November 2017 Retreat SPECIAL PACKAGE is this WEEK (week ended 22 October, 2017). 

Online self-paced Study with Simone

Our Life Mastery Teacher Option 2 Programs (Online Self-Study only, exclusive of inhouse Retreat) are available all year round, hence you can enrol/study at anytime from anywhere in the world.

Whilst all of our Option 2 Life Mastery Programs are Self-Study, you are supported all the way… including personal one-on-one time with Simone via live web sessions.

Please click on the links below for detailed information about each Life Mastery Program, the Special Packages that we offer and further information about Payment Plans to help your budget:

Crystal Light Healing® Teacher eCourse >

Essence of Angels® Teacher eCourse >

Aetheric Healing® Teacher eCourse >

SPECIAL PACKAGE – 2x Teacher eCourses >

SPECIAL PACKAGE – 3x Teacher eCourses >

Gratitude, Appreciation & Kindness

We are deeply grateful for the loving, warm & generous notes of gratitude that our graduates have shared with us. 

Your appreciation & kindness fuels the LOVE force through our school and propels our desire to keep on doing what we do and making a difference in the world. 

Below are a few snippets of Gratitudes we have received this year.  You can read more love notes & view gratitude videos & photos on our
Gratitude, Appreciation & Kindness Page >


CLH Logo [Portrait] lrI have thoroughly enjoyed studying my e-course modules – Crystal Light Healing® – there is a wealth of information and it has expanded my awareness of this sacred wisdom teachings and has bought everything together for me. You teaching style is very friendly and informative and I couldn’t wait to get to the next module and video. Thank you for putting this all together I have really enjoyed it and will carrying it through with my healing work. I cant wait for my November retreat. Blessing x
Michelle Smith, NT, Australia

I am in disbelief that the course – Aetheric Healing™ – is over!  It has instilled such a hunger in me for more and more information! I have had so much spiritual growth happening over the past two years, and I had been looking around forever for a course that really resonated with me, there were many courses I looked at but something just didn’t sit right with them. When I found the Aetheric Healing course I could not believe that I had manifested the opportunity for such a perfect course for me to undertake. And it wasn’t only the content, it was affordable and an easy format to follow. I am so grateful for the experience of this course, I have had some profound revelations and it has enabled me to be much more in tune on all levels, and I have learned to LET the universe provide for me. During this course, I have also been guided to study Neuro-Linguistic Programming and I feel the two modalities just work so magically together.. and it really happened by the universe answering my needs. I feel I will have something really powerful to share with the world, after all my life path number is 33 – Master Healer!!! Thank you Simone!!
Rachel Murray, NSW, Australia

Great course love ancient wisdom and so exciting to have a modality – Essence of Angels® – like this to share with the world exciting times, impressed with the amount knowledge and wisdom you have 🙂
Julia Huzziff, New Zealand

CLH Logo [Portrait] lrCrystal Light Healing® (Level I) I found to be very well presented, a wealth of information without overload, and very easy to understand. Excellent background on composition, formation and energetics of crystals as is the information on how to program crystals, and the usage of grids. There is a wealth of information and recommendations also on establishing and marketing your Crystal Light Healing Practice.
Kathleen Alexandria, MB, Canada

Aetheric Healing™ is an enlightening, thorough, joyful and totally enjoyable experience. The opportunities for self revelation and healing are immense, and the amount of information and resources available make the learning experience so rich and fulfilling. The modality of Aetheric Healing is a beautiful combination of practical tools and divine awareness, and brought me a great deal of comfort, clarity and compassion for our experience as humans which I am so excited to be able to share with future clients, family and friends as a practitioner. Thank you, Simone, for this exquisite offering of your experience, wisdom, process and heartfullness.
Felicity Wheeler, NSW, Australia

Your Essences  – Essence of Angels® and courses have literally saved me… this along with the Wave of Love course (now renamed Soul Evolution Self-Study) has changed my life.  You are a true spirital teacher.  I feel truly blessed and honoured to be on this journey with you. I wake up every morning now and meditate, being love, sending love to Gaia… the knowledge I have received from you has overcome my fears.Thank you for your wisdom, thank you for your knowledge, thank you for being alive in the world as this time.
Yvonne Tzakas, VIC, Australia

CLH Logo [Portrait] lrI have thoroughly enjoyed the course – Crystal Light Healing®. I feel it has been efficiently done in the way of downloading the manual and seeing Simone explain the different stages of techniques in her videos; is very effective in learning the course. Well done and thank you, Simone. Simone is very thorough in her presentation and it is lovely to see how she delivers her work in a sincere heartfelt and loving manner. A true and very gifted galactic soul, with lots of knowledge to share.  I love connecting with crystals and to know that I can use this CLH Level 11 in my healings is wonderful. I feel I have been very much guided to do this course.
Anne Watson, VIC, Australia

The Aetheric Healing™ Practitioners Course was a wonderful experience. It is extremely informative, instructional and Simone’s essence and heart are a guide of many blessings that you will experience.  It gave me the clarity to write the book that has been on my brain for twenty years while I took the course. It has expanded my tools as a Practitioner of the Healing Arts that I have already been part of for the past thirty years. and has supported the next phase that I am moving into. Learning is about letting go and letting in the new.  Invest in your spiritual path. This course is direct from the Milky Way Galaxy!
Hope DeVenuto, NY, USA

CLH Logo [Portrait] lrI really loved the course – Crystal Light Healing® and was absolutely blown away with the sections on Sacred Geometry, the Fibonnaci numbers (I am an accountant!!) together with the sound and colour healing. The DNA activation and attunement was also really interesting. I can’t wait to use all these healing methods with my family, friends and hopefully clients. I will keep practising. Thanks heaps Simone for all your insight.
Debra Rickards, TAS, Australia

I loved this ecourse – Essence of Angels®
it has pulled together things that I have found out over the last nine years or so and now they make sense! 🙂
Lorrie Griffin, WA, Australia

Thankyou for this beautiful course. It has really rounded out my journey of learning since I first started reading Greg Braden and then on to your Soul Evolution and Shealla Dreaming, the Crystal Light Healing and now also this modality – Aetheric Healing™. Aetheric Healing is a wonderful journey to self awareness and balancing oneself to the Aetheric field. I have throroughly enjoyed learning how to bring energy fields into balance. The coarse is well laid out and also provides a wealth of supporting materials to enhance the experience.
Kathleen Buchko, MB, Canada

I have enjoyed this information – Essence of Angels®. I have noticed an increase in energy using the Essence of Angels essences. I am an energy worker and massage therapist. Looking forward to sharing this information with my clients.
Lannaya Swisher, WA, USA

You can read more love notes & view gratitude videos & photos on our
Gratitude, Appreciation & Kindness Page >


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