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Gut Wisdom, Food Alchemy & Lymes Disease

Juicy big hugs beautiful friends ♥

Thought I’d give you a sneak peak into my kitchen!  I spent my Sunday afternoon indulging in a little food alchemy making some gut friendly treats ahead of our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – Aug 7/8, 2017.

I LOVE playing in the kitchen on a Full Moon, brewing up some delish creations that not only make our tummies very happy, but also bring a little lightness to our mental-emotional health.    So I thought I would share with you what I have been up to today in creating living ‘light-rition’ foods that improve digestion, immunity, mental clarity, emotional wellbeing and awaken our consciousness to the aetheric field of intelligence.

Your Guts are alive!

Did you know that your gut contains trillions of bacteria? A healthy and diverse community of gut microbiome supports efficient digestion (no more bloating!), builds a strong immune system and is involved in the production of vitamins, nutrients and a number hormones.

There really is a big party that rages on 24/7 in your gut, and the secret is to ensure that we have a diverse and active colony of nourishing bacteria that outnumber potentially harmful bacteria (not to mention parasites & fungi).

Our emotional-mental state has a HUGE impact on the health of our gut, and conversely the health of our gut also has a HUGE impact on our emotional-mental state… such that our gut-brain is intimately connected.  What we think, what we say, what we do, what we eat, our sleep patterns, our subconscious beliefs and everything within our environment, even our greater astrological/celestial cycles ALL play a part in what happens in our gut and conversely our brain. 

But there is a little more to the story… our gut-brain is actually a starmap and tuning-fork of our greater Cosmos!

Microcosm ‘Guts’ – Macrocosm ‘Cosmos’

I like to look at our Human Beingness as being a microcosm of our greater Cosmos.  

Forinstance, there are approximately 100 Billion Neurons within the Human Brain, 100 Billion Stars within our Milky Way Galaxy, PLUS there are 100 Billion Galaxies within our observable universe – such that our Brain is like a ‘tuning fork’ or a ‘star map’ of not only our Milky Way Galaxy, but also our greater Cosmos.

Conversely, there are approximately 100 Trillion cells in the human body, 100 Trillion atoms that make-up every cell, and there are 100 Trillion synapses in our human brain (a synapse enables the neurons of the brain to pass electrical/chemical messages to other neurons).  AND interestingly there are also approximately 100 Trillion bacteria within our gut microbiome.  

Now relating this 100 Trillion phenomenon to the macrocosm of our greater Cosmos, as we look toward the Laniakea Supercluster (a super cluster of 100,000 Galaxies which contains our own Milky Way Galaxy), there 100 Trillion aetheric communication pathways that enable us to ‘receive’ information from a higher intelligence – and it is our 100 Trillion gut microbiome that act as ‘messengers’ that enable our 100 Trillion cells to give/receive this information.

I believe that a diverse and healthy gut microbiome enhances our ability to access and download this information from a higher source.   Interestingly, the name Laniakea is hawaiian for ‘immense heaven’… so we could say that a vibrant gut microbiome enables us to experience ‘heaven’ from the inside out!

Light-rition Templates of Food

So how can we foster a healthly, diverse & vibrant gut microbiome to access a greater universal intelligence ?

One of the best ways to flourish a healthy gut is to eat ‘live’ wholefood.  When we consume the holographic wholeness of food, we are consuming not only physical nutrients, but also the activated energetic light-rition templates of food.   As we consume the light-rition of food, the luminescence of foods auric field energises our body’s cells and activates/awakens our DNA.   The awakened intelligence of our cells (the energy-light they now emit) then supports the growth and proliferation of a healthy gut microbiome – which in turns supports and enhances communication with a greater cosmic intelligence.  

There is such a graceful positive feedback loop simplicity within this complexity – we become what we eat and we when we eat in alignment with what we truly are.   We are made of the stuff of stars, and for us to resonate, align, communicate and download the wisdoms of our starry heavens, we need to eat active, live light-rition food to harmonically entrain/align with the energy of the universe.

I believe this is what Hippocrates meant when he said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”.

Activating the Light-rition of Food

Eating food as close to nature as possible – seasonal, wholefood, preferrably organic/biodynamic and freshly harvested will ensure a vibrant light-rition resonance of food.   Food that is irradiated, microwaved, GMO, processed and/packed with artificial chemicals will be devoid not only of physical nutrients but also the vibrancy of light-rition will be destroyed. 

In addition, we can amplify foods light-rition by growing our food, washing our food or fermenting our food through Crystalline Energy.   In particular, quartz crystals have been shown to structure the water within food such that physically/energetically plants become liquid-crystalline templates.  This enables food to ‘act’ like crystals – whereby they not only absorb energy (information), but also store and amplify/emit energy.

For thousands of years indigenous peoples have grown/harvested food in alignment with the season, stellar/lunar cycles and in reverence to the crystalline field of Mother Earth, to support a high Light-rition of foods.  Biodynamic farming that draws upon the wisdoms of Rudolph Steiner & the developed practices of the Ancient Lemurians, is a brilliant example of the use of quartz crystals in amplifying the light-rition of food.

Personally, I have been actively working with Fermentation & Light-rition food for my healing from Lymes (or ‘Lemons’ as my daughter affectionately calls it!).   This ancient alchemical method of wholefood preparation has supported my healing journey in profound ways and opened a new door/chapter in my lifes work.  More about this in a future post!

If you would like to find out more about the alchemical blending of food, and activating Light-ritional Templates to support the healing/ awakening of Body, Mind & Spirit – then I invite you to attend one of my upcoming
Life Mastery Heart Retreats by the beach.

How to enhance foods Light-rition ?

There are many many ways to enhance the Light-rition of food.  Here are a few ideas that are easy to incorporate on a day to day basis:

  • When washing fruits & veges, fill your kitchen basin with filtered water that contains quartz crystals.   The crystals ‘structure’ the water and hence entrain the water contained within fruits & veges.
  • Add Crystal Essences to prepared foods, or even consider creating simple crystal grids when you set the table ahead of serving your meals (the kids will LOVE this part, and the foods that will be activated within your crystal grids will LOVE you right back).
  • Grow your own veges or potted herbs and add quartz points into the soil (sitting within the roots).
  • Sprout your own seeds, adding quartz points into the soaking water.
  • Ferment your own food – adding quartz points into your fermenting mix, is a great way to not only amplify foods light-rition, but also the gut friendly bacteria in the food will also be highly energetically enhanced.

Fermenting with Quartz

So back to where this post started (thanks for sticking with me thus far)… I have been busy in the kitchen this weekend revelling in some food alchemy fun!   I have been fermenting veges with Quartz to activate their light-rition templates and enhance the proliferation and bio-energetic resonance of healthy microbes.

I LOVE to do this on the Full Moon… so by the New Moon my alchemic creations are ready for eating!     This is a great way to sync with our Lunar Cycles LOVING yourself from the inside-out!

If you are new to fermenting (or preparing food with crystals), here is a simple Sauerkraut Recipe to get you started.  I recommend that you make up a batch of Sauerkraut within the next 7 days and that way your own alchemic light-rition creations will be ready for our New Moon Solar Eclipse later in the month on the 21/22 August 2017!   You brain-gut will LOVE the opportunity to harmonically align with the greater potential of our Eclipse energy and our Cosmic LOVE Waves.

Light-rition Sauerkraut Recipe


  • Quartz Points (as many as intuitively guided)
  • Glass Jar + Lid
  • Large bowl
  • Filtered Water
  • 1 x Red Cabbage (large)
  • 1 x Tablespoon Juniper Berries
  • 1 x Tablespoon Fennel Seeds
  • 1 x Tablespoon Salt (Celtic, or pink salt such as Himilayan)


  • Fill your kitchen sink (or large bowl) with filtered water that contains your clean Quartz Points (you could also activate the Quartz Points as taught in Crystal Light Healing®).
  • Add the Red Cabbage to the sink (or bowl) and ensure the leaves are clean.
  • Cut the Red Cabbage into Quarters, remove the hard core, and slice each quarter very finely.
  • In a large bowl, combine the sliced Red Cabbage, Quartz Crystals, Juniper Berries (for cleansing emotional-mental bodies, transcending fear), Fennel Seeds (release deep wounds & fosters courage) and Salt. 
  • With your hands, ‘massage’ all the ingredients within the bowl for around five minutes – really squishing & squeezing all of the ingredients together.  The ‘pressure’ of your hands against the cabbage mix/quartz releases the Piezoelectric energy of the Quartz into the food.  Plus your DNA (through your body oils) is impregnated within the mix, meaning the activated ‘Light-rition’ templates will support the health & wellbeing of your unique bio-energetic profile.  If this Sauerkraut is for the whole family, maybe get everyone to have a turn of ‘massaging’ the mixture… nothing like a bit of family bonding over sauerkraut!  If this Sauerkraut is a gift, simply visualise the person you are gifting the sauerkraut too (such that the Light-rition templates align with the bio-energetic blueprint of the giftee).
  • If you are ready to really take this Eclipse-kraut to the next level, you may also wish to add 3 drops of Golden Quantum Essence.
  • Now leave the mix for around 30 minutes, until liquid forms within the bowl.
  • In a sterilised glass jar, add in the entire Sauerkraut mix (including Quartz Crystals), pressing down the mix firmly as you go.  Its important to pack the jar tightly to remove air bubbles.  At the top of the jar, ensure the Cabbage mix is covered completely with brine (the liquid).  Removing air bubbles and ensuring none of the Cabbage is exposed to air at the top of the jar will prevent any naughty bacteria from forming.  Now screw the lid onto your jar.
  • Keep your jar out of sunlight at room temperature for the next 4 to 10 days (depending on how fermented you like your Kraut).  Each day, unscrew the lid to ‘burp’ (remove fermentation gas) from your alchemic Kraut and push down the Kraut with a spoon (if you see any trapped air bubbles).   At about day 3 or 4 you may wish to taste the Kraut… and check in with your intuition as to when your activated Light-trition Kraut is ready for eating.
  • When you feel your Kraut is ready, store your bottle in the fridge.
  • Your Light-rition Kraut is a yummo snack on its own, as a condiment or topping on virtually any other food.

Happy alchemical play in your kitchen this Full Moon !

© Simone M. Matthews

Alchemical Light-rition of Food

If you would like to find out more about the alchemical blending of food, and activating Light-ritional Templates to support the healing/awakening of Body, Mind & Spirit – then I invite you to attend one of my upcoming Life Mastery Heart Retreats by the beach.

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Healing a Fractured Soul

My darling partner Shaun captured this photo of me playing my flute at sunrise – to help retrieve, heal, reweave and unite my fractured Soul.  I am only just learning to play (thanks to Troy at Tune2Peace) so my Soul Song hasn’t yet fully been birthed… but I will be sure to share it with you once it has come to life !

Playing my flute is just one of many creative & Soul nourishing adventures of late in my journey to wholeness.  I have also been Earthing, singing/toning, playing my crystal bowl, working up the courage to paint again (a passion of mine that I have never gifted myself the time to embody) and choosing to SLOW my life down in every aspect through Cherishing.

I have also been relishing in food as medicine, plant spirit healing, essences for holographic repatterning and crystal devic imaginal realm journeys.  Interwoven with my adventures has been ‘relationship’ – enriching my connection to Earth, the Stars, my family & close friends and ultimately self.

To understand why I am walking this sacred & joyous path to healing, you may wish to read a little background of my story first… then later down the page I share with you an understanding of Soul Fracturing – the impact in can have on your life and most importantly how to heal.

A window into my world over the last 18 months…

After a traumatic end to 2015, I returned to Australia shattered, feeling a deep sense of shame and a level of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual exhaustion I have never before experienced. The mixture of emotions I was swimming in was intense and oh so very complex.

On the one hand, I felt so full & deeply enriched. I was immensely grateful to have had the opportunity to travel with my family around the world on our Spirited-Travellers World Event Tour, sharing in heart-space with thousands of people. It was humbling to reconnect hearts with ancient wisdom and inspire people to awaken and be pioneers of a beautiful new world. The personal sharings, the healings, the transformations, the shifts. The generosity of people & our Event Hosts, hearing your stories of triumph and being inspired by your acts of courage & grace.

If I had my time all over again I would do it all again in a heart-beat. To this day, I am still receiving emails from people that are grateful for the experiences/healings of our tour and how our courses have changed their lives. So YES, it was all worth it !

And then on the other hand… I wasn’t prepared for the toll this kind of tour would take on every aspect of my beingness.   You may recall (for those that have been a part of our community for many years), our tour came to a rather abrupt end in 2015… I won’t rehash all the details… but it was a VERY painful experience.   When we returned to Australia, my family and I were received into the home of blessed friends that fed us, loved us, nurtured us and simply held space for us.

In this loving space I had time to reflect. Firstly, it was overwhelming and terribly humbling to have received so much LOVE and support from our community in bringing our family home. To be honest, I didn’t know how to deal with so much receiving. I have always been a ‘giver’ and to suddenly be thrust in a position that necessitated ‘receiving’ was both a divine gift yet at the same time a huge burden to bear.

My way of dealing with this was to throw myself back into work and to step-up and be of even greater service to you all. I felt the need to ‘repay’ your kindness by sharing more free tools on my website and doing all that I could to recompense your support of my/our work.   I couldn’t gift myself the opportunity to fully heal/rest, as I didn’t feel deserving of such a ‘luxury’. I also felt myself indebted to my family as we found ourselves pushed to our limits financially.

Whilst I reduced my live-events & client commitments during 2016 (as I felt my full energy-channel for healings was lagging), I diligently spent all of last year converting all of my in-person Practitioner & Teacher programs into online eCourses and I created my new Aetheric Healing™ Practitioner & Teacher eCourse. For over a decade now people from around the world have begged me to do this, so I worked relentlessly to get ALL of this done in under 12 months. I also upped the number of gifted energy-articles, meditations & support tools on our website. I couldn’t give myself time to rest, I needed to show that I was worthy of your support/belief in me… I felt I need to prove myself to you all.

As I am sure you have guessed, this little story of me didn’t really end so well…

With my ego having a field day of hiding pain & shame by throwing myself into service (ouch, sprinkled with a little bit of martyrdom), my physical body was so desperately trying to send me messages… it was crying out for help. I didn’t listen, I had a job to do, I have a strong mind… I just worked through the pain. So like all human bodies do, my body miraculously took things to the next level, such that I was left with no choice but to listen !

Embracing my big juicy QUA

Without boring you with all the sordid details, tests & not-so-fun-stuff… the end result was PTSD + Lymes Disease.

I have been experiencing debilitating pain, the feeling of spiders crawling under the skin, itches that could never be scratched, extreme sensitivity to foods/chemicals and a paralysing anxiety sprinkled with the odd panic attack or two.  With the pain/itch/anxiety keeping me awake most nights for hours on end, I found my self in a downward spiral of bottomless fatigue, sadness and despair.

The PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress) had me in a state of emotional suspension & mental torture.  My heart longed to heal – but my fractured Soul felt lost – such that facing the normal tasks of everyday life presented huge hurdles.  I became agoraphobic, for days on end I wouldn’t leave the house and instead just lose myself in working behind the scenes in service of others.  Sadly, I pushed away family & friends.  Partly because I was embarrassed for my situation, partly because I have always been strong and didn’t want to be a burden on those that I loved, but also I needed the space to find the way out of my dark hole.  Also the guilt was all consuming – how incredibly self-righteous & narcissistic to allow the torment of emotional pain to consume me when there are others on the planet in situations much more dire than mine.

Regarding Lymes Disease/Syndrome, personally I don’t use this label, as it feels limiting, is rife with so much emotion/dogma and I don’t feel it truly reflects my situation.  

Instead, I prefer to call this experience my QUA (pronounced ‘cure’) – my Quantum Unique Awakening. It feels strong, it feels empowering… it feels encouraging to not be limited by a diagnosis but rather to uplifted by an opportunity of expansion.

Reading the literature, Lymes Disease is considered a bacterial infection(s) often accompanied by secondary parasitic/bacterial components – however this viewpoint really confounds my personal medical intuitive insight. I am of the strong belief/insight that a latent virus is the primary perpetrator that in turn puts pressure on the Nervous & Immune Systems, ultimately leading to secondary bacterial/parasitic infections. 

I will be writing more about this in the months to come… my experiences, the body/mind connection of QUA (aka Lymes Disease & PTSD), the spiritual gift of QUA and most importantly how to treat & flourish QUA holistically.

Soul Fracturing

When people experience traumatic events in their life – for instance the death of a loved one, divorce, abuse, prolonged chronic stress, or even a serious health condition/diagnosis – the Soul can ‘fracture’ as a way to deal with the situation(s) at hand.

Filaments of Soul Light get dispersed into varying dimensional realms.  They are never ‘lost’ per sé, but are orphaned from wholeness as a coping mechanism, a very human response to extreme circumstance, hurt, discord.

Soul ‘Fragmentation’ may serve us in the initial stages of a trauma, like a type of ‘flight/fright’ response of human self-preservation.  However, prolonged disassociation of Soul Light Filaments may lead to further trauma in a persons life as the Soul seeks to embue ONENESS.

As so eloquently expressed lyrically by Leonard Cohen

There is a crack in everything. That is how the LIGHT gets in (and how the LOVE flows out).

And that is exactly right.  If the Soul remains fragmented – ‘cracks’ will eventually appear in your life – be in health, vitality, happiness, well-being – and you may then find yourself being thrust into your very own personal QUA journey!

LOVE will always find a way.  LOVE knows no boundary and hence longs to express itself through you infinitely. But when your Soul is Fragmented you limit or put a barrier to how much LOVE can be expressed through you. A Soul longs to seek wholeness and if the most graceful thing to do is open cracks to allow the LOVE to flow such that you find and embrace your QUA… then so be it!

Feeling Peaceful in this moment

Whilst it has been a long road back to wholeness, I truly feel that my Soul Filaments are luminously finding their way home again.

I surrender to each and every day, guided by the whisperings of Spirit and truly honouring the wholeness and infinite Wealth of my Soul in service to something greater than me.

Over the coming months I will be sharing with you parts of my healing adventure and in particular my intuitive discovery of Lymes and other such immunological dis-eases.

Monitors Living your Life from your Source of Wealth lrIn the meantime, I invite you to join me for The Soul of Wealth WebinarSoul Session #4  on the 9/10 May – where I will be sharing with you a deeper insight of Soul Fragmentation and my personal experience.

Then on my The Soul of Wealth WebinarSoul Session #5  on the 23/24 May, I will be diving deep into how to heal from Soul Fragmentation and ultimately supporting healing of the Body, Emotions & Mind.   You can attend Souls Session Webinars #4 & #5  without having attending Soul Sessions 1, 2 & 3… or better still, you could enrol in all 16 Souls Sessions and watch the Video replays of our past Webinars.

© Simone M. Matthews

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