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Shealla-Dreaming: Sponsorship Update

The publication of Shealla-Dreaming was made possible through the LOVE & support of Sponsors.

I feel humbled that so many altruistic angels believed in my dream, believed in the wisdoms of Shealla-Dreaming and found it within their hearts and souls to sponsor the publication of my book.

Please scroll to the bottom of this page to view our listing of Gold, Silver & Rainbow Sponsors… and continue the circle of LOVE by supporting their work ♡

All the monies raised by our Gold, Silver & Rainbow Sponsors is recycled back into organisations that support conscious evolution.  As each book is sold, our sponsorship ‘LOVE money’ is gifted to a range of different ventures… revolving the cycle of conscious LOVE money…. through the power of our Hearts.

Shealla-Dreaming – LOVE Projects

As mentioned above, the monies raised by our Gold, Silver & Rainbow Sponsors is recycled back into organisations that support conscious evolution.  Sharing with you some of the projects/organisations we have supported through our book sale proceeds.


Here at UniversalLifeTools.com we LOVE supporting you to be the grandest version of the greatest vision you have ever had for yourself ✰

Nothing gives us more pleasure than to help you create a happy, abundant & meaningful life.

But what you may not know, every time you receive something from us we pay your LOVE forward and help provide others with life-saving water, food, health-care & education.

That’s right, in the spirit of GRATITUDE, when ever you sign up to one of our eCourses, purchase a product through our eShop (eg our Shealla-Dreaming Book), or have a friend sign-up for our FREE eNewsletter we share the LOVE and make an impact in the world ♡

This is all made possible because of our Lifetime Partnership with B1G1 (Buy1Give1) a global initiative that helps people and businesses cultivate giving as a natural part of their lives.

The table to the right shows our UniversalLifeTools Giving Impacts to date… a big big thank you to YOU for making great things happen in the world ♡


Free to Shine

free-to-shineFree To Shine Ltd is a nonprofit humanitarian organisation based in Australia, which prevents and responds to trafficking against children in Cambodia. Free To Shine work in partnership with local communities in Cambodia to create long-term scholarships for girls at risk, and university scholarships for survivors of sex trafficking.

Human trafficking occurs in 161 different countries. An estimated 20.9 million people globally are currently in forced labour, 4.5 million of which are victims of forced sexual exploitation, 945,000 of which are children. Profits from forced commercial sexual exploitation are calculated at US$ 27.8 billion per year. The Asia-Pacific region accounts for 56% of the global total of trafficked persons. Trafficked children are subject to rape, torture, forced abortions, starvation and threats to family members. It is a complete violation of their right to protection, and a childhood where they can grow up in a family environment and have access to education.

Nicky Mih, the CEO of Free to Shine conveys the following vision:  ‘Free to Shine envisions a world where every girl is free from the horrors and tortures of sex slavery and every girl has the opportunity to an education and be FREE to SHINE.  The approach and philosophy is not to rescue and fix (there are many organisations directly working toward these aims as it relates to human trafficking), but rather the aim of this organisation is to provide educational opportunities through to University scholarships to survivors such that they can become teachers, social workers, health care professionals, counsellors and lawyers with the education and means to both prevent and respond to trafficking and to bring about change within their communities and country’.

Shealla-Dreaming sale proceeds are gifted to ‘Free to Shine’ every month.  The monies support the enrollment of a young girl in the Free to Shine Scholarship education program. Message from Nicky Mih (CEO of Free to Shine):  Thank you so very much for your monthly contributions. It has enabled us to enrol a young girl into our program and support her in her Primary, HighSchool and possibly Tertiary education.


Love is the Answer

Love_is_answerLoveistheanswer‘ was the first registered charity that we committed to gift our Shealla-Dreaming sale proceeds.

‘Love is the Answer’ assists HIV/AIDS orphaned children and caregivers of orphaned children in Africa in areas of poverty relief and education –  by supporting grass roots community initiatives of benefit to the children that are self directed, lead towards self-sufficiency and sustainability.

Below is a summary of LOVE created so far from the gifting of Shealla-Dreaming sale proceeds… I feel so much LOVE in my heart and gratitude for the LOVE that has been brought into the lives of those in need.

Pads for Girls Project: So, today, ‘Love is the Answer’ (LITA) purchased two new treadle sewing machines for a ‘Pads For Girls‘ project we are going to start on Nov 17th with 10 orphaned teen girls in the CCDO community! The funds to buy the machines and fabric, and to pay for the teacher’s salary for one month were donated by our amazing Australian friend, Simone Matthews, founder of www.universallifetools.com – Simone has written a book ‘Shealla-Dreaming’ and now published it with the help of sponsors.

As the books sells, Simone is ‘giving back’ sponsorship funds to various charities. She picked LITA as the first she wants to support and because of her generosity 10 girls in eastern Uganda will now learn the life skill of sewing (and be able to pass on that knowledge..) while they also come up with a fantastic, sustainable (washable, re-useable) solution, themselves, that will address their need for feminine hygiene products.. which will all result in their ability to be in class with confidence, all the school days of every month, and everywhere, in fact. More on all this, including Simone and her book, as the sewing course begins! Thank you so much for making this possible Simone.. Blessings in Love

Pictured here (above right).. our very kind and generous friend, Joyce, who we’ve been purchasing sewing machines from for 5 years now here in Mbale, and she always helps us, and the orphaned children we serve, with the very best price possible in the market.. and Dan, the founder of CCDO.. a very happy day for us all!

Pads for Girls Project:  Inspiring update on the Pads for Girls Project in Buyobo ~ All 10 girls in the project have attended sewing training classes for the past 21 days and successfully learned how to use a treadle sewing machine! Each of the girls has also sewed for themselves a number of washable, re-useable, pads and liners! Before we call the project complete, I’m going to pick up another 4 meters of fabric and each teen will sew an additional 2 liners per pad for themselves..

Joy and confidence are running high as every girl owns their amazing accomplishment!

Deepest heartfelt thanks to our dear friend Simone at www.universallifetools.com who has sponsored this entire course by ‘giving back’ a portion of proceeds from the sales of her book ‘Shealla-Dreaming – Blessings in Love –

Uganda School:  This month we made a donation to “Love is the Answer’ toward the building of a school in Uganda.. to support the education of orphaned children.
A private donor has offered to match all funds donated in the month of February $ for $ up to $35,000… thus there is a potential to raise a total of $70,000 toward the school.
For more information about this project Click Here >

 mosquito_LITAMosquito Net Fund:  This month we made a donation to “Love is the Answer’ Mosquito Net fund.  Mosquito nets save children’s lives. Sleeping under a treated net helps provide protection from the bite of the disease spreading malaria mosquito that flies at night under cover of darkness in tropical areas around the world, such as Uganda in East Africa. 
 Read More >

Refugees of Mae Sot

A garbage dump outside of Mae Sot, Thailand is home to a group of Burmese people who have been displaced by armed conflicts in Burma.  They are unable to return to their country where many of their villages have been destroyed, and are unable to gain legal refugee status in Thailand; thus, their options are very limited. Those living in the Mae Sot dump, even the children, earn a meager living by picking recyclable plastic from piles of garbage.

The sole mission of ‘Eyes to Burma’ is to assist this group of approximately four hundred refugees. We provide the most basic essentials, including food, clean water, clothing, and shelter when the incomes of the dump’s residents fall short. We provide medicine to prevent diseases caused by poor sanitation, and we offer transportation to medical facilities in emergencies. The community at the garbage dump maintains itself at a subsistence level; our role is to assist when such aid is needed.
Please read a message from the founder of the Eyes to Burma Charity – Fred Stockwell – about his work and future projects.  Read More >

We have donated to support the charitable  work of Fred in order to provide essential items to these people caught within a political system.  Our heart and prayers are with you for a timely resolution for the highest good of all.

My family and I recently attending a photographic exhibition & fundraiser by Jacques Maudy highlighting the plight of the people of Mae Sot and the amazing work of Fred Stockwell.  Read More >


Shealla-Dreaming Sponsors

Listed below are the visionary altruistic angels that reached into their hearts and sponsored the production of our book ‘Shealla-Dreaming’.

Please visit their websites, find out more about these beautiful souls, and support the work and visions they bring to Earth and all humanity.

Please support the following Gold Sponsors of Shealla-Dreaming

Catharine Boon
Jan Kindred
Owen Arnold
Rebecca Brown
Rebecca Taubert
Dorothy & Terry Arnold
Qld, Australia
Please note that this thank you image replaces an earlier image that was posted here as part of our thank you page. We have just been informed that the earlier image had been mistakenly used as it was copyright of Vincent Scott Tylor, thus we have taken immediate steps to rectify this accordingly, thank you.
Barbara Matthews
Qld, Australia
A second big thank you and hug of appreciation to Barbara, for knitting these ‘Trauma Teddies’ that help young children around the world in their time of need.  If more people like you volunteered their time and energy to those less fortunate, the world would be a much better place.  Thank you.




 Please support the following Silver Sponsors of Shealla-Dreaming 
Giuliana Ryan
Joanne Bunton
Kyrona Unity Hope

Laura Di Mambro
Lorraine Gardiner and Jennifer Standen
Renai Stupart
Vicki Anderson





Please support the following Rainblow Sponsors of Shealla-Dreaming

Audrey Agcaoili (Singapore) – http://www.audrey-anata.net

Jodie Barnsley (Australia) – https://www.universallifetools.com/jbarnsley/

Melton Brown (USA)

Amanda Buckmaster (Australia) – http://www.nurturingconnection.com.au

Mitzi Bursac (Australia)

Robyn Clifford (Australia) – http://www.instantre-cognition.com.au – (website coming soon…)

Tracy Cooke (Australia)

Susan Joy Coombes (Australia) – http://www.susanjoycoombes.com

Cathy Crawford (Australia)

Carol Cross (Australia) – http://www.crosswire.com.au

Rebecca DeCarlo (Australia) – http://www.thatcrystalsite.com

Kathy Dundas (Australia)

Pascale Dureau (Australia) –  http://www.AngelSpice.com.au

Fiona Falzon (Australia) –  http://www.Zenki.com.au   http://www.GalacticHeart.com.au

Vi Faure-Brac (Australia) – http://www.naturaltherapypages.com.au..nirvanaschoolofyoga

Debbie Fitzgerald (Australia) –  Unique Spirit   – website coming soon…

Geoffrey Fuller (Australia)

Lorraine Gardiner & Jennifer Standen (Australia) – http://www.Serenity-Plus.com.au

Global Friends  – http://www.imzaia.com

Jan Gorman (Australia)

Amaliah Grace (Australia) – http://www.amaliahgrace.com

Elaine Hanson (Canada) – Hanson Hardware Ltd

Melissa Hastie (Australia)

Kristina Hayball (France) –  Sacred Sounds

France Heady (United States) – http://chezmariefrance.weebly.com

Jennifer Hedger (Australia)

Gaynelle Hirsch (USA)

Maria Hogg (Australia) – Website coming soon…

Hebe Hope (New Zealand)

Christine Hopkins (Australia)

Sandra Hughes – (Australia)

Linda Hunt & Leanne Tomlinson (Australia) – http://www.facebook.com/TouchedbytheLoveofAngels

Gloria Hurst (New Zealand)

Narelle Hynard (Australia)

Elisabetta Invernizzi (Italy)

Kerry Jacques (Australia)

Rachelle Jarrett (Australia)  – http://www.cleanearthliving.com.au

Sandra Klymovich (Australia)

Nancy Koszman (Canada)

Lisa Kruck (Australia) – Ajala Jewellery (web coming soon)

Kylie Lightmon (Australia) – KyCreations

Rochelle Lines (Australia)

Jo Lovelock (Australia)

Tanja L’Veena (Australia)

Janet Maloney (Australia)  –  https://www.universallifetools.com/jmaloney/

Daniela Marchetta (Australia)

Nicole Marsten (Australia) – http://www.universalconnections.com

Jacque Mason (Australia):  http://www.indigoangel444.com

Margaret Matthews (Australia)

Alice McCutcheon (USA)

Karen McElroy (Australia) – http://KarenMcElroy.com.au

Tracey McMullen (Australia) – http://www.integrativeenergeticmedicine.com

Michell Mercer (Australia) – http://www.ozholisticpulsing.com

Janine Michael (Australia) – Holistic Health Kinesiology

Beulah Momple (Australia)

Wendy Morton (Australia)

Sammy Nuttall (Australia) – http://www.SammyNuttall.com.au

Julie O’Connell (Australia)

Rhonda Ohlson (Australia) – http://www.BonesforLife.biz

Patricia Palmer (Australia)

Gregory Pashen (Australia) – https://www.universallifetools.com/gpashen/

Diana Pisano (USA)

Francesa Purnell (Australia)

Gaybrielle Rackemann (Australia)

Jacqui Revell (Australia)

Lyvea Rose (Australia) – http://www.lyvearose.com

Louise Rutledge (Canada)

Claudia B. Seijas (Australia) – http://www.purpleangelhealing.com.au

Petra Stampfer (Australia) – http://www.soullightinstitute.com.au

Beverley Stanton (Australia) – Illuminessence

Fridelle Stanyer (Australia

Vanessa Sumner (Australia) – http://www.vanessasumner.com

Natasha Symons (Australia) –  https://www.universallifetools.com/nsymons/

Angela Taylor (Australia) –   Website coming soon..

Yvonne Tzaka (Australia) – Aurora Moon

Chris Van Wyk (China)

Elena Vasilis (Australia)

Jodi Walton (United Kingdom) – http://www.angelawakenings.co.uk

Caryn Wells (Australia)

Karen White (Australia)

Jan Winslade (Australia) – http://www.yogabythebay.com.au

Jenita Young (Australia) – Mahogany Health

Susan Young (Australia)





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