Aquarius Full Moon – August 2022


Aquarius Full Moon – August 2022

Deep Healing, transformation, challenging what you believe is possible for your life— all of this and so much more for our Aquarius Full Moon.

There are certainly some uncomfortable aspects with Saturn & Uranus, however on the tail of the big-hearted energy of our 8:8 Lion’s Gateway, this is a spectacular Full Moon to work with to letting go of and stripping away ALL that limits the grandest expressions of the LIGHT of YOU!

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Full Moon in Aquarius

Moon AQUARIUS (19.210)  &  Sun in LEO (19.210)
Friday, 12 August, 2022
11:35 am AEST (Australia)
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Moon – Past, Unconscious, Intuition, Feeling
Sun – Now, Conscious, Identity, Expression
Aquarius (Air) humanitarian, determined, individualistic, rebellious, pioneer, independant
Leo (Fire) 
leader, affectionate, generous, outgoing, stubborn, authoritative, courageous, warm-hearted

Full Moon in Aquarius

The Moon (our inner-world) is at 19.210 AQUARIUSan air sign that embodies individuality, independence, fringed with eccentricity, but is also divinely humanitarian. Hey, I a married to a blessed Aquarian, so I am of course biased, but I do love them!

And our Moon is opposing the Sun at 1.260 LEO, a fire sign that commands leadership, having the courage to stand tall and be ‘out there’ in the world.  Believing in yourself and standing proud in your voice, your gifts, being YOU. 

As our Aquarian Full Moon reflects the light of the Leo Sun, the heavens are challenge us to expand our perceptions of our realities.  There will be a shattering of illusions, limitations that society have placed our freedoms… and a whole new WORLD VIEW will open up to us before our very eyes.  Beliefs about ourselves, who we thought ourselves to be within the world will shift.  It’s as if ‘a light will go in’ deep within our Souls, and new doors of enLIGHTened potential swing-on open.



A Little more about Aquarius…

Aquarius is the Water Bearer, and she flows the ‘Waters of Wisdom’ from her Vessel of Life deep into the psyche of humanity.   As an air sign we are called to  breathe in her Wisdom and let it flow forth in our lives, in compassionate, kind & humanitarian ways.

Aquarius is an individualist & often rebellious change maker.  This Full Moon will call to us to shatter the paradigms of the past.  Transcend the limitations created by belief systems that are now hanging by a thread, and that no longer bear the weight of evolved science & our awakening hearts.

A new science is opening up to our consciousness, a science that doesn’t disregard the power of the unseen, and the energy of the Human Heart.  A science that is a bridge between Heaven and Earth.  A science of Art, Medicine, Healing, Society, Relationships, Finance, Soulful Purpose that embodies the notion that we not only live within the Cosmos, but the Cosmos also lives within us!


Lord of Karma Saturn

Saturn (life lessons, wisdom, karma, responsibility) moved into Aquarius (Independent, Humanitarian, Rebellious, Determined, Innovative, Wisdom, Individuality & Eccentric) in December 2020, and will remain there until March 2023.   Saturn is playing a leading role in our Aquarius Full Moon— conjuncting the Moon + squaring Uranus/NorthNode.   

Saturn in a greater teacher and propels us out of our comfort zones.   Through Saturn our past becomes a catalyst of embracing a deeper wisdom of possibility for our lives.   We discover that OUR personal choices create our reality.   And we take back our power from areas of our life where we have handed our power to others/circumstances, and we grow & evolve through an empowered self-responsibility for our lives.  


North Node & Uranus

I spoke in depth about North Node conjunction Uranus all in Taurus during our Lion’s Gateway EventOur Lunar North Node represents our Highest Aspirations, whilst Uranus is our freedom loving & rebellious awakener.   Together as they square Saturn & Moon during our Aquarius Full Moon, we are being guided to challenge things that we have taken for granted in our life, or maybe systems that we ‘thought’ operated a certain way.

Taurus governs our Food Supply, our Finances, self-care & sensuality of our Bodies, and Agriculture/Environment.   With Saturn all about self-governance, this is a time to both challenge and change the way we interact with these areas of life.   A greater instability may unfold through Uranus, yet this guides us to seek & embrace NEW ways of living in reciprocity with Earth.  Ways that are more nourishing, empowering, and flow in the direction of our Beautiful New World.


Full Moon Potential

Feeling into this Full Moon, to fully embrace the grander possibility of Saturn (life lessons) and Uranus (transformation), all through the humanitarian Aquarian lens— the best way to feel into the wisdom is to get back to nature.

Barefoot on the Earth. 
Face (and your naked body if you can manage it) to the Sun.  
Let Mother nature open your eyes to the love & inter-connectivity of all things. 
A Leaf. 
A Blade of Grass. 
Forest Floors. 
And even the unseen world of microbes. 

We thrive through connection.  Nature’s lightcodes are infused within our DNA, and they are being LIT UP during this Full Moon as Uranus takes our minds beyond the program of separation and into one of UNITED flow with LIFE.

My advice… Turn the TV off.  Don’t scroll through endless feeds of negative media.  Get our into nature and follow the calling of your heart.  She knows. 



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