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Spirited-Travellers Gratitude

We are immensely grateful to all our Sponsors, Event Hosts, Visionary Angels, Volunteer Staff and blessed friends who believed in the vision of our Spirited-Travellers World Tour (2015-2016) and helped us weave a Wave of LOVE around the world ♡ The following is a list of many people that have been there for us, that have donated their time, skills,…

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Chichen Itza – Temple of Kukulcan

A couple of weeks ago my family and I had the pleasure of visiting the ancient city of Chichen Itza, in the Yucutan state of Mexico.  It has been a life-long dream of mine to visit this ancient Mayan site, to connect with the wisdom of the ancient peoples and experience the energy of this highly advanced civilization. Temple of…

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Spirited-Travellers – Intention Ceremony

Last Friday evening, on the ‘2 sleeps eve’ of our Spirited-Travellers World Tour a group of very special friends came together with my family to connect in ceremony. Our vision was to set the intention and divine higher purpose of our Spirited-Travellers Tour and to seed this vision into the Crystalline Field of Mother Earth. Our small gathering came together…

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Blessed Earth Crystals

During 2015-16, we travelled the world as part of our Spirited-Travellers Tour – the sharing of Sacred Ancient wisdom through our FREE Talks, Community Events & Courses.  Our Vision was to inspire a movement of passionate people in service to transforming the world into a kinder, more loving and compassionate place.  And our aim was to inspire CONNECTION, bringing people…

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Big Announcement….

Welcome to 2014 beautiful Universal Life Tools Family ! After the intensity of 2013, I feel most relieved to begin a fresh new year… not that I am wishing my life away, but a change in gears was certainly needed… ooh big time ! Now for our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT… Goodness where do I start and where did this out of…

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