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Crystal Light Healing® Level I – Orange – NSW – Australia

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Facilitator: Giuliana Ryan

Saturday, 08 April 2017 – Sunday, 09 April 2017
9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Kalyana Wellness – Orange – NSW – Australia

Thank you for your interest in attending our Crystal Light Healing® Level I Workshop.

Please keep reading below for information about our Crystal Light Healing® modality as well as detailed information about this Crystal Light Healing® Level I workshop (including Event Times, Dates & Course Investment).

To make a booking for this workshop, please see all the details at the bottom of this event page. 
Thank you ♥

Crystal Light Healing®

Crystal Light Healing® is a journey of embracing the story of Creation through ancient crystalline wisdom.  A story that is locked within the 1st/8th dimensional Crystals of Mother Earth, and holds the key to understanding who you are, why you chose this life-time and how to fully embrace your Soul potential here on Earth.

Crystal Light Healing® is not just another course about Crystal Healing.
Crystal Light Healing® is one of our ‘Life Mastery’ courses that provide real tools to bring spiritual/metaphysical principles into your physical world… whether you are a novice, dedicated healer or business professional.  Crystal Light Healing® provides the keys to catapulting your personal growth, mastering your life’s journey and elevating your professional performance in business.

We cover within the Crystal Light Healing series of workshops how to work with the multi-dimensional field (the 13 Spheres of Metatron’s Cube) whilst being a soul in a physical body… and how we can move beyond the illusion of separation and limiting beliefs and co-create a world through conscious awareness.  Crystal Light Healing incorporates metaphysics and aligning ancient Crystal Light Healing wisdoms with the science of today.  Absolutely fascinating to correlate how science and spirituality are speaking the same language.

As we awaken to crystal healing wisdom we are free to co-create a life filled with joy, good health, loving relationships and financial freedom.  We are free to simply be the highest vibration of our authentic self.

Whether you choose to do a single crystal healing weekend workshop, or complete the full crystal healing course up to Practitioner or Teacher level the workshop/s are designed to be personal transformative experiences of self-discovery, awakening and blissful love.

Please visit our Crystal Light Healing® Modality webpage to find out more about our Crystal Light Healing® workshops (levels I, II & III), Crystal Light Healing® Sacred Ancient Wisdom Workshop and our Crystal Light Healing® Practitioner & Teacher Courses.

Crystal Light Healing Level I:

ULT-Shop-CLH-Workshop-Level-1The Crystal Light Healing (CLH) Level I workshop is the first workshop in the CLH series. The CLH Levels I, II & III workshops may be completed in any order and there no pre-requisites.

The primary aim of this workshop is for students to open their hearts to ancient crystalline wisdom, and understand how when we master this wisdom we are empowered to express without boundary our Soul Purpose.

Students complete the course understanding Crystalline Earth in the greater context of our Solar System, Galaxy and all of Creation in order to embrace Essence of Crystals & Crystalline Energy.

The following is a list of the primary topics covered in Crystal Light Healing Level I:

~ Connecting with Crystals and their role in Creation
~ Overview of Crystalline Energy
~ Awakening to the Grand Cycle & the Golden Age
~ Comprehensive overview of the 22 Major healing Crystals
~ Understanding energetics of Crystalline formations
~ Attuning, Programming and Activating Crystals
~ Accessing Crystalline Wisdoms for healing self & others
~ Communing with Crystal Devas & Master Crystal Energies
~ Gridding for Healing, Meditation and Crystal Activation
~ Crystal cleansing & activation
~ Sacred Crystal Ceremony – making of a Crystal Essence

On completion of Crystal Light Healing® Level I, all students receive a Certificate of Completion.

Who can attend Crystal Light Healing® Level I ?

The CLH Level I workshop is the first workshop in the CLH series. The CLH Levels I, II & III workshops may be completed in any order and there no pre-requisites.  All three CLH workshops & courses are designed for people of all ages and levels of experience. The workshops are particularly suited to:

~ Anyone with a passionate love of Crystals.. from the novice to the spiritually adept !
~ Hands on Healing Practitioners eg Reiki, Crystals;
~ Intuitive Readers & / or Vibrational Essence Practitioners;
~ Massage Therapists / Body Workers / Osteopaths;
~ Health practitioners wishing to broaden their range of modalities for healing;
~ Students or those guided to establish a CLH practice;
~ Business professionals ready to quantum leap their career paths;
~ People who are guided to Teach these Sacred Wisdoms to other.

Crystal Light Healing® Level I – Workshop Investment

For your investment in Crystal Light Healing® Level I, you will receive the following:

CLH-i-ii-iii-certificates~ Comprehensive bound Workbook (over 150 pages)
~ Yummy Morning & Afternoon Teas
~ All crystal healing workshop materials provided
~ Crystal Essence to take home
~ Workshop Certificate of Completion
~ Practitioner Certificate (on completion CLH Levels I, II & III)
~ FREE registration on our Practitioner Directory  (CLH III)
~ Access to our professional CLH support resources

Event Details:

Event:  Crystal Light Healing® Level I

Event Facilitator:  Giuliana Ryan

Date:  Saturday & Sunday 8 & 9 April 2017
Time:  9am to 6pm (both days)

Location:   Kalyana Wellness – Orange, NSW, Australia

Earlybird Ticket: $444 AUD – (expires Friday 31 March 2017)
Full Price Ticket: $495 AUD

Massage Table: NO Massage Table is required for CLH Level I (tables are only required for CLH Level II & III)

Event Bookings: To make a booking for this Event, please contact Giuliana Ryan and she will be in contact with you soon regarding payment of workshop fees, thank you ♥

Phone – 0401 977 886

Email –  manager@worldlytreasures.com.au






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