FREE Talk – Sacred Ancient Wisdom – Italy

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Facilitator: Simone Matthews

Friday, 04 December 2015
6:30 pm-9:00 pm

Codogno (LO) - Italy

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FREE Talk – Sacred Ancient Wisdom

What a blessing that your Soul / Higher Self has guided you here in this moment to find out more about our Sacred Ancient Wisdom FREE talks.

My name is Simone M. Matthews and I am the founder of both Essence of Angels® & Crystal Light Healing® healing modalities.  These transformational spiritual practices are based on Sacred Ancient Wisdom that bridges the science of today with the ancient yet timeless knowledge of our ancestors.

During 2015/16, I am travelling the globe as part of our Spirited-Travellers World Tour; facilitating FREE Talks on Sacred Ancient Wisdom as well as facilitating Certification Courses in both Essence of Angels® & Crystal Light Healing®.

Our FREE Talks & Certification Courses empower you to know and experience yourself as a miraculous DIVINE BEING… an EXTRAORDINARY SOUL filled with infinite light … and it is my wish, intent and humbled purpose that these events provide the catalyst for you to live your life in gratitude and as a divine expression of the perfection of that truth.

Please take a moment to read down the page to find out more about the vision of our Spirited-Travellers Tour, including our FREE Talks on Sacred Ancient Wisdom.  If you would like to attend this FREE Talk, then please scan down to the bottom of this page where you can book in for FREE.

To view our full FREE Talk & Certification Course Itinerary (hence find an event in your city/country) then please view our Events Schedule.

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About Spirited-Travellers

Our Spirited-Travellers World Tour is all about inspiring people to be the bridge between ancient knowledge and our present day world, so we can transform ourselves, our community’s and the world at large from the inside out.

In our world today, we find ourselves swept up in a frenetic pace of life; we are driven by technology and find ourselves struggling to live in harmony with the natural world. In our mechanical and consumption oriented lives we are being crippled by ‘time poverty’, which has/is creating a society dominated by anxiety, overwhelm and complete exhaustion.

However, it hasn’t always been this way. Earth’s ancient cultures and native peoples lived rich and fulfilling lives in harmony with the Earth. There was a deepest reverence for the sacred wisdom of the human life cycle, the cycles of the plants and animals, and the greater celestial cycles of our moon, sun and stellar bodies.   LIFE (Living In Flowing Energy) was a divine dance with the rhythms of nature and in actual fact was a divine expression of nature itself.

So what if we take the technology and science of our modern day world and synergise this with the sacred wisdom of our ancient peoples ? Wouldn’t this sacred mix not only solve the problems of today but also transform our world into a global community of kind, compassionate and authentic human beings living in accordance with the harmonic cycles of nature ?

As we meet thousands of people around the world on our Spirited-Travellers tour, our vision and sacred intent is threefold:


Through our series of FREE public talks and Certification Courses, our vision is to INSPIRE people to live passionate, authentic lives, in tune with their heart-n-souls and in rhythm with Mother Earth.

Our talks and events will also provide practical sacred ancient tools and life-practices to help people find the courage and power within themselves to AWAKEN to their I AM PRESENCE. From this place of GRACE you tap into an infinite reservoir of creativity and intelligence.

As you become conscious of your inner genius through the field of infinite creativity and intelligence, you are empowered to TRANSFORM your life and live with purpose, sacred intent and divine meaning.   You literally become the bridge between ‘Heaven & Earth’ and awaken to a sacred spiritually free of dogma or exclusion, that not only nourishes the inner-you but INSPIRES & AWAKENS others to TRANSFORM and also be the change.

We envision by tour end, that any profits from our Spirited-Travellers Tour will be donated to a Charity / Foundation that can continue the work of this tour… keeping its momentum and transformational change within the collective consciousness.  We will be providing details of the Charity/Foundation toward our tours end ♥

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FREE Talk – Sacred Ancient Wisdom

During her Spirited-Travellers World Tour, Simone M. Matthews with be facilitating a series of Free Public talks on ‘Sacred Ancient Wisdom’ and sharing practical tools and ancient practices to inspire, awaken & transform peoples lives from the inside out.

On Earth today, we sit on the precipice of change, we sit of the edge of a major shift in evolutionary consciousness. The indigenous peoples the world over, have spoken of this time and have prophesized about this generation holding the key to the future of humanity.

It is up to each and every one of us, both individually and collectively to be the change we want to see in this world.   The time is NOW to embrace the science and technology of today and bridge this with the wisdoms of our ancient peoples… to be active participants and conscious evolutionary architects of this new world.

During these 2.5 hour talks, Simone will be discussing how we can raise the human spirit to a higher place by living our lives as direct expressions of Sacred Ancient Wisdom.   Participants will learn to ‘speak the language’ of the field, learn how to move beyond needless pain & suffering and will be gifted practical techniques to transcend old programs and fear-based limiting beliefs.

Simone will be facilitating these talks as FREE events open to the public (bookings essential) and these talks will also precede Simone’s Essence of Angels® / Crystal Light Healing® Certification events.

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Event Details & How to Book:

To attend this FREE talk on ‘Sacred Ancient Wisdom‘, please select the number of tickets you would like in the Ticket Information Form below and click the bottom right hand corner green button ‘Order Now / Register’.  You will then be redirected to the Registration Form on Eventbrite to complete your Registration, thank you ♥

If you would also like to attend Simone’s Essence of Angels® Certification Course (that commences the day after the FREE Talk),  please also indicate this in the form below ♥

Please note that there is NO COST to attend this FREE Talk on Sacred Ancient Wisdom, but Registration is essential due to venue size, thank you ♥

Please note that this FREE Talk (Friday evening, 4 December 2015) is being held at a large venue in Piacenza (PC) and the Weekend Essence of Angels® Workshop (Sat & Sun 5 & 6 December 2015) is being held in a private home in Codogno (LO).  Please view our Location Page for all the details: