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Wellness ~ Mysticism ~ Transformation

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New Earth Era Category v3 bnr nc

New Earth Era – Lemurian Wisdom Guiding us HOME

Inviting you to Enrol in our New Earth Era – Lemurian Wisdom Guiding us Home ONLINE ZOOM Course . In response to the call of the Pleiadian Mothers, the guidance of the Lemurian Inner-Earth Beings & the emissions of the Crystalline Lemurian LightCodes held within the Earth – Simone Matthews is facilitating this New Earth Era …

New Earth Era – Lemurian Wisdom Guiding us HOME Read More »

Global Meditation April 2020 nw nc

Global Meditation – 4/5 April, 2020

UPDATE:  5 April 2020 Oh my heart is beating… LOVE always finds a way 💗   Thank you to the 4,412 radiant Souls that Registered for today’s Global Meditation. Our Meditation together was recorded and from my Heart your Heart, enjoy our Video Replay.   Whilst only 1,000 people could connect on my Zoom platform …

Global Meditation – 4/5 April, 2020 Read More »

Covid19 what do you consent to

Coronavirus [COVID-19] – What are you Consenting to ?

Hey gorgeous community, sharing with you my latest S.O.C.I.E.T.Y. video’s on ‘Com(im)munity’ and  ‘Heart Intelligence’ – the Awakening of Humanity to a New Earth Era. The choices we make today, create our tomorrow. Your critical thinking, the questions you ask, where you put your attention & sagacious heart are so vitally important at this time. …

Coronavirus [COVID-19] – What are you Consenting to ? Read More »

Coronavirus immunity lr

Moving beyond the VIRAL-INFECTION of the Mind

After posting my article last week CoronaVirus – Immune Nourishment & Resilience, I have been reflecting on human behaviours and peoples panic responses during times of uncertainty. When people’s deepest vulnerabilities have been tapped (thank you media!), we have seen an inordinate flurry of people hitting the supermarket shelves and panic buying toilet paper in …

Moving beyond the VIRAL-INFECTION of the Mind Read More »

Coronavirus Immunity Resilience 2

Coronavirus – Immune Nourishment & Resilience

With the fever pitched media reporting of the Coronavirus- thought I would shed a little light on this topic… and most importantly share some empowering & nurturing tips that serve your optimal immunity. Each and every day we are bathed in a sea of viruses – more than 800 million viruses are deposited per square …

Coronavirus – Immune Nourishment & Resilience Read More »

Heart Alchemy wb

The HEART: It’s not what you think!

What do you think is the role of the Human Heart ? At the Heart (pun intended!) of my new Lightrition your Life Course, we dive deep into how the Heart plays a central role in our health, longevity, resilience – as well as the KEY ROLE it plays in our spiritual connection with the …

The HEART: It’s not what you think! Read More »