Mineral Spirit Medicine


LIGHTRITION is the holistic nourishment of the Body, Mind & Spirit.   The food we eat, our connection with nature, dancing with the stars & living in service through divinity.

The LIGHTrition of Mineral Spirit Medicine is more than just physical nutrition for the body - Mineral Spirit Medicine is the ‘eating’ of LIGHT.   Plants, fruits, nuts, seeds, crystals are made of the stuff of stars and these mineral spirits transform ‘dis-ease’ within the body, offering a divine hand of healing, health & vitality.

Discover a life more beautiful through LIGHTrition- the healing realm of Mineral Spirit MedicineStart your Mineral Spirit Medicine studies today.  Learn online anywhere, anytime, at your own pace. 

Enrolment in our Mineral Spirit Medicine eCourse includes the following:

  • 8 x Course Modules (Videos & Study Resources) +
  • 6 x LIVE Web Events (Attend live or watch the Replays)+
  • Bonus Gifts (Enrol before 5th April 2019)

ABOUT - Mineral Spirit Medicine

The human body is more than just a physical mass of tissues, organs & bones.   The Human body is an innately intelligent organism that is brought to LIGHT through Spirit & into Form through Soul.

The presence of Soul within every cell of the body communicates messages.  We can experience these messages as illness and we can also feel/hear these messages emotionally/mentally.   These messages are Spirits guidance, helping us the connect with the LIGHT within ourselves, enabling us to thrive in our own unique Soulfull Purpose.

The Soulfull composition of every cell within the Human Body is made up of 12 Minersal Spirits (cell salts) that are essential for life.    These inorganic Mineral Spirits are the same minerals found in the earth, rocks, crystals, food and even the stars.   These Mineral Spirits are essential for survival- not only for humans, but also animals & plants.

The study of Mineral Spirit Medicine is the insight & practical understanding of Mineral Spirits as Messengers of Spirit.    Messages that enable us to heal our bodies, cope with stress & anxiety, foster courage & resiliency and support our discovery toward a deep & meaningful purpose of life.

Why Study Mineral Spirit Medicine ?

As qualified Naturopath & Medical Herbalist, I have been using Mineral Spiritual Medicine myself for the last 30+ years... and trust me when I say the impact it has had on my life, clients, family & friends has been life-changing.

The beauty of Mineral Spirit Medicine is that ANYONE can apply the principles... it is both empowering and humbling in its simplicity.   Still to this day I am blown away by the impact this sacred form of medicine has had on my life- this really is a medicine of Spirit.

Here are a few examples of how easily Mineral Spirit Medicine can be integrated into your life:

  • Add wholefoods to your diet that are high in your personal Astrological Constitutional Mineral Spirit Medicine.
  • 'Read' the messages of Soul that are present within your body, that guide you toward the perfect Mineral Spirit for your health, mental clarity & soulful purpose.  Example signs could be ridges on nails, red-tipped tongue, dark circles under the eyes or even pimples.
  • Identify the symptoms of your 'dis-ease' as clear messages of one or more Mineral Spirits that will guide the body to heal.   For instance if you are a 'sensitive', experience anxiety, muscle cramps, shooting headaches or stress related digestive problems.. there is a specific Mineral Spirit Medicine Remedy for you!
  • Work with Nature (Sun, Moon, Earth, Ocean, Rivers, Plants, Crystals etc) through Mineral Spirit Medicine to obtain both vibrant health, a deep sense of inner-peace, relish the sensuality of the physical body & discover a revitalised vision of possibility for your life.
  • Supplement Mineral Spirit Medicine homeopathically... a very easy & safe approach for childen, the elderly, acute/chronic diseases and if recovering from illness to help build strength, vitality & resilience.

Mineral Spirit Medicine is one of those courses that you will look back on and think 'why didn't I know about this earlier in my life' ?   But also one of those courses that will spark a flame of delightful discovery that miracles are possible.... and in fact are to be expected!

How do I enrol ?

Mineral Spirit Medicine is an ONLINE Learning Course that you complete in your own time, from any device, anywhere within the world.   There is no time limit for completion of the Course... and in fact you receive a lifetime of access.

PLUS there are NO pre-requisites for enrolment in the Course.  If you are new to healing & spirit medicine, then you will find the Web Events & additional continuing education resources will help support your understanding & application of Mineral Spirit Medicine.

To Enrol, click on the link below which takes you to our Course Enrolment page.   Upon receipt of payment for the Course, you receive INSTANT access to the Mineral Spirit Medicine Course.

LIGHTrition Online Learning

Course Modules

Mineral Spirit Medicine

Course Modules

Your enrolment in Mineral Spirit Medicine includes 8 x Course Modules.

Each self-paced Course Module is accessible via desktop, tablet or smartphone- and you can access each Module anywhere at anytime.   Your Course Modules cover the following:

  • 15+ hours of high-energy Video Teachings by Simone
  • Tables, Charts, Diagrams & Handouts
  • Personal Explorations, Practical Applications
  • Real life examples / stories / wisdom sharings
  • Continuing Education reference materials* - articles, books, videos

Course Modules

MODULE 1: Introduction, Philosophy & Overview of Mineral Spirit Medicine.  Understanding the 'Spirit' of Minerals, the 12 Spirit Minerals integral to life.  Understanding the Role of dis-ease & the body 'signs' or 'intelligences' that reveal a need for Mineral Spirit.  Relationship of Mineral Spirit Medicine with ELI:Estoteric Liquid-Light Healing, Essence of Angels®, Crystal Light Healing® & Aetheric Healing™.

MODULES 2 to 7 : The 12 Spirit Minerals (2 Minerals are covered in each Module). Key 'dis-eases' that indicate a deficiency.  Key body-intelligences 'signs'.  Mental/Emotional symptoms.  Plant, Food, Crystal & Essence sources of each Mineral Spirit.  How to work with each mineral to heal the body, support emotional well-being, reconnect with Higher-Self & Soul Purpose. Sacred Geometry, Chakra, Meridian & Astrological correspondences of each Mineral Spirit.

MODULE 8: How to work with all 12 Mineral Spirits for healing, health & vitality.  Combination Mineral Spirit Medicines.  Case studies, diagrams, tables, notes & supportive reading of therapeutics.  OmAhOm and the 13 Sacred Keys of Creation (12 Mineral Spirits + Source/LOVE).  Relationship & integration of Mineral Spirit Medicine with ELI:Estoteric Liquid-Light Healing, Essence of Angels®, Crystal Light Healing® & Aetheric Healing™.

Completion of Modules 1 to 8 is self-paced.  You receive a lifetime of access to Modules 1 to 8, hence the materials within the course will provide a great resource for healing for years to come.

* The Continuing Education reference materials are not compulsory, but rather are shared with students as an opportunity to expand their knowledge & application of the wisdoms contained within this Course.  These additional reference materials support students in understanding the application of the wisdom teachings across varying fields of interest such as colour therapy, sound therapy, aromatherapy, holistic therapies (naturopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine, homoeopathy) as well as hands on therapies such as massage, bowen, osteopathy, chiropractic, plus energy healing modalities such as Reiki, Crystal Light Healing®, Essence of Angels®, Aetheric Healing™ etc.

Key Learning Outcomes

During your Mineral Spirit Medicine studies you will discover:

  • The philosophy, history & ancient wisdom of Mineral Spirit Medicine
  • Body Intelligences or 'signs' that reveal  Mineral Spirit messages.
  • Plant, Food, Crystal & Essence sources of Mineral Spirits.
  • Sacred Geometry, Chakra, Meridian, Colour, Energetics & Astrological correspondences of each Mineral Spirit.

On a personal level, your studies will unveil:

  • Physical - the key Mineral Spirits to heal 'dis-ease' & pro-actively improve health & vitality.
  • Mental - the key Mineral Spirits that help you embrace your innate intelligence
  • Emotional - the key Mineral Spirits that support peace, harmony & joy
  • Spiritual - the key Mineral Spirits that 'speak' to your Higher-Self & awaken your consciousness to a more Soulfull life.

On completion of this Course you will have the skills in the application of Mineral Spirit Medicine to:

  • Take back the power of your innate ability to heal.
  • Identify the Mineral Spirits that support healing of physical, emotional & mental imbalances.
  • Administer Mineral Spirit Medicine Healing through food, plants, crystals, astrology etc
  • Transform your life & step into a greater purpose of Soul through Mineral Spirit Medicine.
LIGHTrition Online Learning

Web Events

Mineral Spirit Medicine

Web Events

Your enrolment in Mineral Spirit Medicine also includes access to 6 x LIVE Web Events (webinars).

Simone will facilitate a LIVE Web Event to accompany Course Modules 2 to 7.   These LIVE Web Events will cover:

  • Opportunity to ask Questions
  • Casestudies/Reflections
  • Additional Study/Resource Materials
  • Practical Application of Mineral Spirit Medicine

Web Events

To help support your integration/learning of the Course Modules, Simone will be facilitating a 30-60 minute LIVE Web Event to accompany each Module.

LIVE Web Events gift the opportunity to ask questions & further your understanding of Minerals Spirit Medicine.     Each Web Event will be a Live Stream Video, with a 'question field' for attendees to ask questions & chat with Simone in real-time.

LIVE attendance is not compulsory... and the great news is that these Web Events will be recorded... so you can always watch the Video Replays at a later date.


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