Alli Johnston

Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia

Hi, my name is Alli. Hope this message finds you all happy, healthy and loving life!

Who am I?….

Great question!. I know I am a soul having a physical existence, and that I am just re awakening to a spiritual journey that is connected through the Earth, and here to be an instrument of light to co-create a journey through the cosmos.

And Yes, for a long period of being, I had resisted this inner knowingness until an inevitable intervention occurred. And whilst many feelings were associated with this, the inner knowingness feeling has started to be felt through all space and time, and all levels of my being again, and it feels great!!

How to be of Service?

The wish is to pass on the tools and advise on how to access knowledge and apply it. Know that within, we contain ALL the knowledge ourselves!

It is a great pleasure to pass on what has been accessed thus far.

Other Qualifications:

At this stage, have touched on teachings from Buddhist’s and Sharman’s. Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Fan Tai Chi, Chinese medicine, Reiki, Falun Dafa, have at various stages came into my life. Other aspect coming through at the moment is knowledge from the Sufi’s of India, and Earth nature being through the teachings of Tree Spirit and Australian Indigenous Guides.

I am really looking forward to exploring more into the Primordial Cells,(the original cells of our being) along with the amazing endless possibilities of DNA light codes. It’s a very exciting time to be!

Am asking others that are walking in one along their path, to please share their advice and knowledge.
Please feel you all can make contact at any stage.

Thank you!

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