ONLINE LEARNING COURSE: Crystal Light Healing® Practitioner & Teacher eCourses + Vibrational Healing Products

Crystal Light Healing® is an internationally recognised healing modality, professionally accredited in over 26 Countries around the world.

Crystal Light Healing® was founded by Simone M. Matthews, who also is the founder of both
Essence of Angels®  & Aetheric Healing™ modalities. Over the last couple of decades, Simone’s work has impassioned millions of people around the world to live their life with joy, vitality, abundance and sacred meaning.

Inviting you to enrol in our Crystal Light Healing® Practitioner eCourse – you can enrol in each of the three Crystal Light Healing eCourse individually (CLH Levels I, II or III), or you can enrol is the full Crystal Light Healing® Practitioner eCourse package.  We also welcome you to begin using our transformational Crystal Light Healing® vibrational products in your life today !

Crystal Light Healing® modality is also offerred as face-to-face workshops around the globe.
Please take a moment to find a Crystal Light Healing Practitioner / Teacher in your area, view a list of scheduled Crystal Light Healing Workshops or attend a course with Simone M. Matthews.