Crystal Light Healing® Workshop:
26 to 31 May 2019
(6 day workshop)


I am thrilled to invite you to enrol in my upcoming Crystal Light Healing® LIVE workshop with Simone M. Matthews.

26 to 31 May 2019
Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia

Choose from one of three enrolment options:

Earlybird Ticket Price:  $1295
Deposit (+ Balance): $300 (balance two installments of $550)
Full Ticket Price:  $1500

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For a Heartfull understanding of our Crystal Light Healing® Modality,
you may wish to first read our  Crystal Light Healing® Modality Information Page.

I am thrilled to invite you to enrol in my 6 day Crystal Light Healing® LIVE workshop.

I facilitate these workshops as intimate gatherings in my home with a maximum of 6 to 8 attendees.  These smaller gatherings are deeply healing events as they enable us to dive deeper into the ancient wisdom of Crystal Light Healing® & ensure participants receive ample opportunity to ask questions relevant to their own health & wellbeing.

PLUS with these smaller gatherings, more time can be spent on the healing sessions, as well as discussion time on topics that expand the knowledge & application of Crystal Light Healing®.

Your enrolment to attend this LIVE inhouse workshop with myself includes the following:

  • Attendance at Simone’s 6 day Crystal Light Healing® Workshop
  • Course Folder & detailed instructional notes
  • Personalised Crystal Light Healing® Vibrational Essences (5 x Essences to take home)
  • Complimentary use of a wide range of Crystals, Crystalline Sound Tools & Essences during Healing Sessions
  • Healthful Lunches & Snacks (prepared by Simone)
  • Crystal Light Healing® Practitioner Certificate
  • FREE Lifetime Registration on our Universal Life Tools Directory
  • Free Lifetime Access to our Online Crystal Light Healing® Practitioner Resources
  • As a Crystal Light Healing® Practitioner, you also receive gifted benefits such as a Lifetime Discounts & periodical Special Offers
  • Graduates may also apply for International Registration with the IICT a professional association that recognises Crystal Light Healing® as an Internationally Accredited modality in over 26 countries around the globe.

Please read our Crystal Light Healing® Workshop Attendee page for full details about this workshop including –  What you receive upon Enrolment, Travel & Accommodation details & what you receive upon Completion of the Workshop.

Please read our Crystal Light Healing® Modality page for full details about Workshop Content. 

You may also like to take a moment to view photos from our previous events to receive a feel of the energy, love & nurturing that is woven during my workshops.

Enrolment in this Workshop is for LIVE attendance with Simone.  If you are interested in studying Essence of Angels® ONLINE (ie without attending a live workshop), then please visit our Crystal Light Healing® eCourse page for further details.




Crystal Light Healing® – Live Workshop

Inviting you to enrol is Simone’s upcoming Crystal Light Healing® workshop.

Planet Earth is a giant Crystalline Orb of LIGHT- a living breathing consciousness.  When you awaken your Sacred Heart to Earth’s Crystalline Consciousness and feel her wisdom through you, something truly magical begins to flourish & blossom within your life.

You re-remember who you are, why you chose this Earthly incarnation and how to fully embrace your grandest & most juciest Soul Potential.  In essence (crystalline essence of course) you fall back in LOVE with being a Divine Human – living, breathing & loving in service of something greater than YOU ♡

Join me for my 6 day Crystal Light Healing® Workshop & together lets embark on your journey home – a return to living through the Heart; A sacred & cherished return to LOVE ♡

Workshop Dates & Times:

  • Dates: Sunday to Friday, 26 to 31 May 2019 (6 days)
  • Times:  10am to 6pm (each day)

Please note that the workshop may run past 6pm each day depending on the size & interests of the group.   If travelling, we recommend delaying your travel plans until Monday morning (otherwise you may miss the last session of the workshop).

Simone is facilitating this Crystal Light Healing® workshop in her private home, in the Noosa region of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.  Simone lives in Jasmin Court, Marcus Beach  (the full address is provided upon registration).

Marcus Beach is only a 10 minute drive south of Noosa Heads & Noosa National Park, or 2 minute drive north of Peregian Beach.  Simone’s home is a short 3 minute walk to tranquil Marcus Beach, a non-patrolled residential beach with few tourists, so very quiet & peaceful 🙂  West of Marcus Beach is Lake Weyba and North-West is Mt Tinbeerwah, both brimming with indigenous wisdom and ancient song-lines.

Please read our Crystal Light Healing® Workshop Attendee for full details about this workshop including –  What you receive upon Enrolment, Travel & Accommodation details & what you receive upon Completion of the Workshop.


Crystal Light Healing® – Workshop Content

Crystal Light Healing® is a transformational, reverently ancient & miraculously futuristic healing modality.

The cherished wisdoms at the HEART of Crystal Light Healing® contain timeless truths about our creation story.  This ancient knowledge has then been unravelled and woven together to create a body of work that is easy to understand and so refreshingly straightforward to apply in every area of your life.

Over 6 days with Simone, you will complete Crystal Light Healing® Levels I, II & III – the FULL Crystal Light Healing® Master Practitioner course.  During your 6 days, Simone takes you on a personal journey through Crystal Light Healing® including teaching sessions, practical exercises, meditations, healing sessions and personal reflection time.  Your Crystal Light Healing® studies includes the creation & application of your own Master Crystal Essences – PLUS each attendee is gifted 5 x Crystal Essences to take home.

During your Crystal Light Healing® studies, you will also discover how this reverently sacred modality so beautifully compliments other healing wisdoms such as Reiki, Massage, Counselling, Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Colour Therapy, Crystal Healing etc..

There are no pre-requisites for your Crystal Light Healing® studies… except maybe a spark of curiosity, a desire to ignite your untapped potential and a deep calling to experience the radiance of your Soul.

Whether this is your first foray into personal healing, or you are being guided to take your life/work higher than ever before, Crystal Light Healing® weaves sacred rays of expansion for everyone.

Here is a brief overview of the topics covered during each level of Crystal Light Healing®.

CLH Level I – Summary of Primary Topics Covered:

~ Awakening to the Grand Cycle of Creation through Crystalline Wisdom
~ Comprehensive overview of the 22 Major Ancient Lemurian Healing Crystals
~ Understanding Energetics/Doctrine of Signatures of Crystalline Wisdom formations
~ Communicating with Crystal Devas & Master Crystal Energies through Metatron’s Cube
~ Crystalline Channelling & Planetary Healing
~ Entraining, Attuning, Programming and Activating Crystalline Hearts/Wisdom
~ Transformational Gridding for Meditation, Healing and Crystal Activation
~ Personal Gridding for your Home, Bedroom & Healing Space
~ Crystal cleansing, letting go of Fear & awakening to LOVE
~ Preparation of your very own Liquid Crystal ‘Structured Water’ Essences to take home

CLH Level II – Summary of Primary Topics Covered:

~ Theory & experiental practice of ancient Lemurian & Atlantean hands on Crystal Healing
~ Experience your Octahedron & Merkabah Crystalline Matrix Body of Light
~ Galactic ‘Hara’ Alignment – ‘As Above, So Below’
~ Earth Star & Soul Star Awakening – opening to the Blue Print of your Soul
~ Crystalline Divination ‘Sky Star’ Sessions
~ Crystalline Channelling, Pendulum Activation & Rainbow Heart Bridges
~ Higher-Heart Activation, Healing & Fractal Alignment
~ Activation of Merkabah Light Body – balancing Divine Feminine & Masculine
~ Multi-Dimensional Gridding, anchoring the Gold, Siver & Cosmic Rays
~ Distance/Remote Healing & Advanced Gridding Liquid Crystal Essences

CLH Level III – Summary of Primary Topics Covered:

~ Profound insight into Sacred Geometry, Elementals & Energetics
~ Practical application of Sacred Geometry & Crystals for Healing.
~ Indepth study of Sound, Colour, Ancient Tones & Sacred Symbols for Crystal Healing Sessions
~ Experiential energetic baths of Sound, Colour, Ancient Tones, Crystals & Sacred Symbols
~ Fractal Harmonic Alignment with Creation through Crystals
~ Ancient Egyptian & Mayan Golden Crown Diamond Activation
~ Awakening the Pineal Gland-Primordial Cell Axis
~ Pineal Master Crystal Cell & the transference of Light/Energy
~ Activating the 13 Levels of Consciousness of our DNA through Metatron’s Cube
~ Quantum Galactic Alignment & Soul Blueprint Liquid Crystal Essence preparation.
~ Personal, Planetary & Galactic Crystal Healing Wisdom Consciousness
~ Sacred Crystal Healing Ceremony – Quantum DNA Attunement

Please read our Crystal Light Healing® Modality page for full details about Workshop Content. 


How do I enrol ?

To enrol is this Crystal Light Healing® workshop, simply ‘ADD to Cart’ at the top of this page your selected Enrolment Option.

There are NO PREREQUISITES required for enrolment, this workshop is suited to all levels of knowledge & experience.

Once your payment has been received, you will receive an email from Simone within the next few business days, outlining the following:

  • Workshop Venue – full address details (Simone’s private home in Marcus Beach)
  • Other information regarding attendance.

Please add the following email address to your contacts list to ensure you receive your confirmation of order email:

In the meantime, if you have any questions about this Workshop, please email our office:

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