Sacred Geometry Set of 9
Clear Quartz Crystals
+ Bonus Merkabah
+ Bonus DNA Poster


Set of 9, Clear Quartz Sacred Geometric Crystals (Platonic Solids) – wonderful tools for hands on Crystal Light Healing® DNA Activation & Attunement Sessions, as well as Elemental Essence making, Meditation Sessions, Essence of Angels® healing and for group Crystal Grids and Ceremony work.

Each Clear Quartz crystal is lovingly handcarved from Brazilian Quartz.

+ Bonus Clear Quartz Merkabah
+ Bonus Global DNA Poster

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Sacred Geometry is the Universal Language of Creation. This language communicates the Universal Truths of an infinitely expanding potential field and how our consciousness molds this field and creates our reality, hence our physical experience here on Earth.

As a symbolic language based on the study of patterns through geometric form, Sacred Geometry transcends the limitation of beliefs, customs and cultural nuances here on Earth.   It is a language that knows no boundary, unlike the systems of words we use as language on Earth today.

Most importantly the foundations of Sacred Geometry, the intelligent field that weaves this ancient language is based on the 13 Divine Laws (Sacred Keys) of Creation, and hence the principle of ONENESS.   Sacred Geometry thus helps us to embrace the premise that we are an inseparable part of the whole and hence guides us in our personal and collective evolutionary journeys.

Our ancient ancestors were well versed in the wisdoms of Sacred Geometry and lived their lives in divine harmony and reverent expression of the oneness of Creation from within. These ancient peoples understood the evolutionary cycles of our Earth, our Galaxy and the Universe/s at large and recorded their teachings within the Crystalline Grid of Mother Earth for future generations.

We have come to a time on Earth, a critical point in our evolution where we are being called to wake up to Universal Truths, the cherished wisdoms of Creation expressed through Sacred Geometry and authentically live these principles in our day to day lives.


Metatrons_CubeMetatron’s Cube & Platonic Solids

The 5 Elements, Earth, Fire, Air, Water coming into the oneness of spirit through Metatron’s Cube weave the holographic fields of Creation.  Galaxy’s, solar systems, planets, humans, plants, animals, DNA, the atom, sub-atomic particles and hence the energy / space between all matter is made up of one or more of these elements.

As taught within our Crystal Light Healing® Level III eCourse, the Ancient greek philosopher Socrates was a teacher of sacred geometry/elements of creation through mathematics, astronomy, music and language.  Plato, one of Socrate’s students expounded a complete theory of Creation based on the weaving together of the 5 Elements, and thus the 5 Sacred Geometric symbols are often referred to as ‘Platonic Solids’ on Earth today.  Aristotle, one of Plato’s students further developed the philosophy of the 5 Elements through their ‘energetics’, hence understanding how the elements bring health, harmony and healing of the body, mind and spirit.

Clear quartz is the traditional platonic solid (sacred geometric symbol) used for healing. The clarity of clear quartz resonates with all colour frequencies (both visible and non-visible colour spectrum), thus is a clear & divine amplifier of universal light/energy for healing. 


Sacred Geometry Crystals – Set of 9

These Set of 9, Clear Quartz Sacred Geometric Crystals are wonderful tools for hands on Crystal Light Healing® DNA Activation & Attunement Sessions (Crystal Light Healing®), as well as Elemental Essence making, Meditation Sessions, Essence of Angels® healing and for group Crystal Grids and Ceremony work.

As an approximation, each Sacred Geometric Crystal measures between 10mm to 15mm in diameter (depending on the symbol) and hence 10mm to 15mm in height.  Each of the crystals are made from natural clear quartz, thus every piece is different containing some milky properties, inclusions, fracture lines etc..  In addition, each crystal has been lovingly hand crafted, thus they will not contain exact geometric proportions (individually & collectively as a set)… but non-the-less each will hold a high energetic potential.

Each Crystal is personally cleansed and activated by Simone M. Matthews, dedicating each individual crystal to be a divine & clear channel of a Element to which it expresses.

The 9 Clear Quartz Sacred Geometric Crystals in this set are as follows:

Platonic Solids Hexahedron Clear QuartzCUBE (Hexahedron)
Quantity: 3 Cube Crystals in this set
Element: Earth
Energetics: Cold & Dry
Crystal Light Healing: Earth Star, Base & Sacral
(DNA Light Codes 1 to 4)
Essence of Angels: Archangels Azrael, Jophiel & Haniel
Shealla-Dreaming Self-Study:  Modules 2, 3 & 4
Soul Evolution Self-Study: Modules 1, 2 & 3
Wave of LOVE Affirmations:  I choose to Awaken, I am Awakening, I am Creative


Platonic Solids Tetrahedron Clear QuartzTETRAHEDRON
Quantity: 1 Crystal in this set
Element: Fire
Energetics: Hot & Dry
Crystal Light Healing: Solar Plexus (DNA Light Code 5)
Essence of Angels: Archangel Michael
Shealla-Dreaming Self-Study:  Module 5
Soul Evolution Self-Study: Module 4
Wave of LOVE Affirmations:  I am Divine Will


Platonic Solids Octahedron Clear QuartzOCTAHEDRON
1 Crystal in this set
Element: Air
Energetics: Hot & Wet
Crystal Light Healing: Heart (DNA Light Codes 6 & 7)
Essence of Angels: Archangel Chamuel
Shealla-Dreaming Self-Study:  Modules 12 & 13
Soul Evolution Self-Study: Module 5
Wave of LOVE Affirmations:  I am Divine LOVE


Platonic Solids Icosahedron Clear QuartzICOSAHEDRON
1 Crystal in this set
Element: Water
Energetics: Cold & Wet
Crystal Light Healing: Throat (DNA Light Codes 8 & 9)
Essence of Angels: Archangel Zadkiel
Shealla-Dreaming Self-Study:  Module 6
Soul Evolution Self-Study: Module 6
Wave of LOVE Affirmations:  I am Divine Voice


Platonic Solids Dodecahedron Clear QuartzDODECAHEDRON
3 Crystals in this set
Element: Spirit
Energetics: All
Crystal Light Healing: Third Eye, Crown & Soul Star (DNA Light Codes 10 to 24)
Essence of Angels: Archangels Raphael, Gabriel & Raziel
Shealla-Dreaming Self-Study:  Modules 7 & 8 & 9
Soul Evolution Self-Study: Modules 7 & 8 & 9
Wave of LOVE Affirmations:  I am Divine Sight, I am Divine Wisdom, I am Divine Soul


BONUS Merkabah

With every set of 9 Clear Quartz Sacred Geometry Platonic Solids, we gift you a Clear Quartz Merkabah.

The Merkabah is an ancient symbol, which represents ‘One with All’.  The symbol is represented by two tetrahedrons (ie two three-dimensional equilateral triangles), which oppose each other and are merged together to form the six pointed Merkabah (also called a Star Tetrahedron).

‘Mer’ means Light, ‘Ka’ means Spirit and ‘Ba’ means Body. Thus Merkabah means the Spirit/body surrounded by counter rotating fields of Light. Counter rotating means the upward (male) tetrahedron spins anti-clockwise and the downward (female) tetrahedron spins clockwise, hence forming a divine ‘orb’ of light.

It is this ‘orb’ Merkabah vehicle that transports our Spirit/Body from one dimension to another. Thus the Merkabah helps us to fully activate our Light Body Crystalline Matrix multi-dimensionally through the 13 levels of experience (dimensions) of our Galaxy – ie Metatron’s Cube.

The Merkbah is used during Crystal Light Healing® Sessions to anchor the LightBody (Mid-Point of the Octahedron/Merkabah) in support of inter-dimensional healing.


BONUS Poster

With every set of Clear Quartz Sacred Geometry Platonic Solids, we also gift you our Global DNA Activation & Attunement Poster.  Our Global DNA Activation & Attunement Poster (Cosmic Consciousness) is a High Resolution pdf file that you can use to print your own full colour poster to any size.

The Poster maybe used during Healing Sessions,  Distance Healing Sessions, used in making your own Vibrational Essences or used for Meditation, Personal Healing & Ceremony.    You can learn more about how to work with the wisdoms contained within this poster through our Online Courses:

The Chart contains the following information:

  • 13 Levels of Cosmic Consciousness of our Crystalline Matrix
  • 13 Wave of Love Affirmations
  • 13 ‘Colours’ of Cosmic Consciousness
  • 13 Energy Centres of Cosmic Consciousness
  • 13 Archangels of Creation – Cosmic Consciousness
  • 13 Sacred Tones of Cosmic Consciousness
  • 13 Musical Notes of Cosmic Conscioussness (double octave)
  • 64 DNA Light Codes of Cosmic Consciousness
  • 13 Sets of Musical Hertz Frequencies of the 13 Energy Centres

The Demonstration Poster below details how the 9 Clear Quartz Platonic Solids + Merkabah maybe laid over the poster for your for your Healing, Meditation or Ceremonial Sessions.   The Demo Poster below also displays our Higher Dimensional Crystals & their placements as follows:


About this Clear Quartz Set

The Set of Clear Quartz Crystals are handmade from Brazilian Quartz.  Each individual piece is unique and they range in size from 10mm to 13mm.

As these crystals are made from naturally occurring quartz, they may include inclusions, fracture lines and may not be to exact geometric proportions.  None-the-less they are beautiful crystals and hold the energetic potential of the Sacred Geometric resonance through intent.

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