Stellated Icosahedron
Clear Quartz Crystal
+ Bonus Angelic Frequency Poster


The ‘Stellating’ of the Icosahedron creates a sacred symbol the melds together the energetics of both the Water element through the field of Spirit; that is the Dodecahedron through Metatron’s Cube.

Each Clear Quartz crystal is lovingly handcarved from Brazilian Quartz.

+ Bonus Angelic Frequency Poster

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The Sacred Geometry Icosahedron is the Sacred Symbol through Metatron’s Cube that represents the Water Element.

In Crystal Light Healing® & Essence of Angels®, the Icosahedron is the creative template of the throat chakra and is specifically used for DNA Activation & Attunement sessions (DNA Light Codes 8 & 9).

The energetics of the Water Element through the Icosahedron is naturally ‘cold & wet’, thus in Crystal Light Healing® and/or Essence of Angels® the Icosahedron maybe used for any acute/chronic dis-ease conditions that are ‘hot & dry’ (eg dry itchy skin, dry eyes, restless/impulsive natures etc).


Stellated Icosahedron

When the Icosahedron is Stellated (ie each flat plane 3 sided face of the Icosahedron is brought into a 3 upward point), the energetics of this crystal is potentiated.

Stellated Icosahedron ULTAs can be seen from the image on the right, stellating the Icosahedron creates a series of 12 ‘5 pointed stars’ which energetically creates a series of 12 Hexagon faces… that is the Dodecahedron.

Thus the Stellated Icosahedron can be seen as the ‘stellating’ of the Icosahedron, or the ‘compounding’ of the Icosahedron with the Dodecahedron.

The Dodecahedron through Metatron’s Cube is the symbol of ‘Spirit’ the weaving of the element of ‘Earth, Fire, Air & Water’ into the ONENESS of Spirit.   The Dodecahedron is used in Crystal Light Healing® for the balancing and harmonising the Third Eye, Crown Chakra & Soul Star energy centres, as well as the Activation & Attunement of DNA (DNA Light Codes 10 through to 24).

Thus ‘stellating’ the Icosahedron creates a sacred symbol the melds together the energetics of both the Water element through the field of Spirit; that is the Dodecahedron through Metatron’s Cube.

What this means is, is that the Stellated Icosahedron changes the frequency of the field that is the ‘Water’ element, making it a highly imprintable medium.  Considering our bodies are made up of 70% water and our Earth’s crust is 70% water, the possibilities that arise when we consciously imprint water (within our bodies, the water we drink and our oceans) are infinite !

Our ancient civilisations of the Earth used the Stellated Icosahedron for the creation of Crystalline Sacred Light Light Template Essences and for bringing balance and harmony to the waters of Earth.


Stellated Icosahedron & Water

The Stellated Icosahedron activates water, structuring its matrix into Crystalline Water.  Enhancing waters memory, bioavailability and liquid-intelligence.   Here are some suggested ideas using your Stellated Icosahedron for Healing, Meditation or Ceremonial Sessions.

  • Vibrational Essences – When making essences (plant, flower, crystal etc), place a Stellated Icosahedron within the water to create a strong energetic imprint of the substance (be it plant, flower, crystal etc) on the energetic field of the water.
  • Drinking Water – Place a Stellated Icosahedron within your drinking water that has been infused with your INTENT (eg for joy, love, healing, harmony etc).  The Crystal will ensure a strong energetic imprint of your intent is encoded with the field of the water. 
  • Sleep – Place the crystal under your pillow (or on your bedside table) each night, to support detoxification through your lymphatic system and bring healing through INTENT.
  • Meditation – You could also hold this crystal during meditation to connect the holographic field that is Metatron’s Cube and imprinting your INTENT through the water element (fluids within your body, water within the Earth) for your highest good and the highest good of the greater all.

If you would like to study the Icosahedron & Structured Water in more depth, we recommend the following Online Courses:


BONUS Poster

With every Stellated Icosahedron, we also gift you our Angelic Frequency Poster.  Our Angelic Frequency Poster (The Archangels of Creation) is a High Resolution pdf file that you can use to print your own full colour poster to any size.

The Poster maybe used during Healing Sessions,  Distance Healing Sessions, used in making your own Vibrational Essences or used for Meditation, Personal Healing & Ceremony.   

The Poster details the name & position of each of the 13 energetic points and their relationship to the following: Archangels, Sacred Geometry, Colour, Sound, Ancient Sound Code.

The Demonstration Poster below details where to lay the Stellated Icosahedron for your Healing, Meditation or Ceremonial Sessions.   

You may also consider using your Stellated Icosahedron alongside our Clear Quartz Sacred Geometry Set, for a deeply regenerative & transformative Healing, Meditation or Ceremonial Session.


About this Stellated Icosahedron

These Clear Quartz Stellated Icosahedron Crystals are handmade from Brazilian Quartz.  Each individual piece is unique and they range in size from 10mm to 13mm.

As these crystals are made from naturally occurring quartz, they may include inclusions, fracture lines and may not be to exact geometric proportions. None-the-less they are beautiful crystals and hold the energetic potential of the Stellated Icosahedron through intent.


The 12 point Crystal Stars vary in size: 17.5mm to 22.25mm

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