Stellated Truncated Octahedron
Clear Quartz Crystal


The Stellated Truncated Octahedron energy potentiates the anchoring of our Crystalline Matrix (Octahedron Auric Field) into the Earth via the Earth Star (the Cube) and deep into the Crystalline Matrix of Gaia; awakening DNA and support your Soul’s Highest Potential here on Earth.

Each of these Clear Quartz crystals are loving handmade from Brazilian Quartz.

Our Stellated Truncated Octahedrons will be back in stock 7 July 2020.  You are welcome to place an order now to reserve your Set.  You will be notified on the 7 July 2020 when your order ships.

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Our Sacred Geometry Stellated Truncated Octahedron is an expansion of the Octahedron – the Sacred Symbol through Metatron’s Cube that represents the Air Element.

In Crystal Light Healing® & Essence of Angels®, the Octahedron is the creative template of the Heart Chakra and is specifically used for DNA Activation & Attunement sessions (DNA Light Codes 6 & 7).

In addition, our Crystalline Matrix (auric field) takes the energetic ley-line form of the Octahedron; our Soul Star (higherself) projects out a holographic image which creates our 7 level Octahedron Body of light, our physical body and the bottom or our Octahedron Crystalline Matrix is anchored into the Crystalline Field of Earth via the Earth Star.

The energetics of the Air Element through the Octahedron is naturally ‘hot & wet’, thus in Crystal Light Healing® & Essence of Angels® the Octahedron maybe used for any acute/chronic dis-ease conditions that are ‘cold & dry’ (eg latent viral/bacterial infections, candida (chronic, latent) as well as emotional aspects of depression, ‘broken heart’, pessimism).

In addition, in Crystal Light Healing® & Essence of Angels®, the Cube is the creative template of the lower energy centres (Earth Star, Base Chakra, Primordial Cells & Sacral Chakra) and is specifically used for DNA Activation & Attunement sessions (DNA Light Codes 1 to 4, PLUS reinstating the missing Key Codon Sequence within our DNA).


Stellated Truncated Octahedron

Truncated_OctaFirstly, ‘truncating’ the 8 face Octahedron involves ‘slicing’ off each of the six points of the Octahedron.  Thus on ‘truncating’ the Octahedron, the Truncated Octahedron has 14 faces; 8 faces are Hexagons and 6 faces are squares.

Secondly, each of the 14 faces of the Truncated Octahedron are then Stellated (ie each flat plane faces are stellated outwards in either 6 face or 4 face stellations).

Stellated_Truncated_Octahedron_HexagonStellated_Truncated_Octahedron_CubeAs can be seen from the images on the right, Stellating the Truncated Octahedron creates a series of 8 ‘6 face vertix Hexagon stars’ and a series of 6 ‘4 face vertix cuboidal stars’.

Thus the Stellated Truncated Octahedron energy potentiates the anchoring of our Crystalline Matrix (Octahedron Auric Field) into the Earth via the Earth Star (the Cube) and deep into the Crystalline Matrix of Gaia.

The more grounded and anchored we are into Earth’s Crystalline field via our Earth Star, the higher potentials of fifth dimensional light maybe held within our third dimensional bodies (through the 4th dimension of our Hearts).

In grounding higher potentials of fifth dimensional light within our body we awaken to our full 13 levels of DNA consciousness and hence activate our 64 DNA Light Codes and attune (increase in resonance) our DNA Light Codes up to the highest level of vibration that our body can comfortably balance with in any moment of time/space.

When we ACTIVATE our 64 DNA Light Codes we are awakening to a higher level of consciousness and re-remembering our multi-dimensional states of beingness.

Rather than being a victim of circumstance, or having a DNA expression that is the result of living in an environment based on a paradigm of fear, we have the potential to stand outside of the box and express our DNA to its highest potential.

The table below is a list of the potential shifts or changes you may experience through Activation & Attunement of your DNA. The attunement process is a continual life-long journey, thus these shifts are potentiated over time.

The Stellated Truncated Octahedron supports the activation & attunement of our DNA, as it facilitates a ‘Theta-Gamma’ brainwave resonances which serves to stimulate the Pineal Gland.

When the Pineal Gland (MCC) is resonated, a natural communication pathway is established with the Primordial cells, the first original 8 cells of life.  This communication pathway is an integral pathway for anchoring energy from our Pineal Gland into the DNA of our Primordial Cells and hence ‘Activating’ Light Codes on the DNA within our Primordial Cells.  Through entrainment, the Primordial Cells then ‘Activate’ the DNA Light Codes with the DNA within every cell of the body.

Potential Benefits DNA Activation

How to use the Stellated Truncated Octahedron

During a Crystal Light Healing® session, place a Stellated Truncated Octahedron over the Heart to anchor the ‘Merkbah for Healing’ in place to support the highest potential of the Healing Session.

Place the crystal under your pillow (or on your bedside table) each night, to support your awakening/attunement of your DNA, through grounding of your Octahedron Light Body into the Earth, and awakening your Pineal-Primordial cells communication pathway.

You could also hold this crystal during meditation to connect your Soul Star consciousness into the Akashic field of Earth, to ‘read’ the light records of Creation and understand the evolutionary wisdoms of Gaia.


About this Stellated Truncated Octahedron

These Clear Quartz Stellated Truncated Octahedron Crystals are handmade and range in size from 11mm to 15mm.

As these crystals are made from naturally occurring quartz they may include inclusions, fracture lines and may not be to exact geometric proportions.

None-the-less they are beautiful crystals and hold the energetic potential of the Stellated Truncated Octahedron through intent.


The 12 point Crystal Stars vary in size: 17.5mm to 22.25mm

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