Ronnie Lee Dearlove

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Ronnie Lee Dearlove

Circle of Sacred Guidance
Bongarie (Queensland, Australia)

ULT Qualifications

Crystal Light Healing Teacher

Crystal Light Healing Honours

Crystal Light Healing Practitioner

Essence of Angels Teacher

Essence of Angels Practitioner

Shealla Dreaming

Soul Evolution


About Ronnie Lee Dearlove

My name is Ronnie Lee Dearlove, I am a mother of two and grandmother of three.  Located at beautiful Bribie Island, 40 mins north of Brisbane and 40 mins south of the Sunshine Coast. I have always had a strong connection to Mother Earth and to Cosmic energies, been sensitive and an empath.

I had an awareness of spirit and other energies around me from a very young age. Although for the first 20 years I had no understanding of this. I assumed the everyone saw and felt as I did. It was when I was introduced to spiritual churches that I discovered a whole new world and many new interests.  Many times I was distracted from my path by life’s challenges but always I was guided back to my connection with the earth, the planets, the stars, spirit, the angels and archangels.

Since 2004 my spiritual journey has guided me to enhance my intuitive abilities with many specialised modalities, both as a practitioner and teacher.  These many modalities have added new layers to both my life and my healing work.  Each new workshop I attend reveals to me an aspect of myself that I had forgotten, a re-remembering of my previous lifetimes as a healer and teacher.

I combine earth energies and crystalline energies in my healing sessions, workshops and development circles with sacred geometry, vibrational oils and essences, crystals and rituals to balance and harmonise the client on all energetic levels of their soul’s potential with divine

Other Qualifications

  • Young Living Distributor #927366
  • Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique
  • Liquid Crystals Practitioner
  • Galactic Reiki Master & Teacher
  • Languages of Light Practitioner
  • Sacred Symbols of the Stars Practitioner
  • Celestial Resonance Practitioner
  • Divine Blueprint Healer
  • Accredited Crystal Bed Practitioner
  • Usui Reiki Master & Teacher
  • Life Coaching/ Counselling for Youths
  • Workshops & Development Circle Facilitator
  • Aetheric Healing™ Master Practitioner
  • JP (Qualified)

Contact Ronnie Lee Dearlove

Mobile: 0414 650 257

Events by Ronnie Lee Dearlove

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