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My Wishlist

Hi , this is your 'oooh, ahhh' list of fabulously special items that you have added to your personal 'Wish List' via an individual product page within our online store.  You can use your personal Wish List as a manifestation board or you can add items to this Wish List to streamline future ordering - easy peasy ♡

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access My Wishlist ?

To access My Wish List, first Login to your Member Account

It is FREE to Register as a Member, and upon Login, you will have instant access to your Members Dashboard.

From your Members Dashboard, you can click the 'Wishlist' link as shown in the image below.  Alternatively, you can click on the 'My Wishlist' button further down the page.

You can ALSO access your My Wishlist from the 'Shop' dropdown menu at the top of the page (see second screen print below).

Please see the next FAQ for HOW to add products to your Wish List.

How can I add items to My Wishlist ?

You can add ANY of our Online Shop items to your My WishList.   To add items to your My WishList, you must first be a Registered Member AND you must have logged into your Membership Account.

Login to your Membership account and then view an individual item product page within our Online Store.   To add the item to your WishList, click the purple 'Add to My Wishlist' link under the Add to Cart button.

In the example below, you can see the location of the 'Add to my WishList' link.

To then view your saved Wish List items, from the 'Shop' dropdown menu at the top of the page (see sscreen print below),  click on the My WishList menu item - which opens your 'My Wishlist' page.

Your 'My Wishlist' page then displays everything you have saved to your WishList (see the screen print below).  You can use this page to streamline your future purchases, or as a wonderful Visions Board for manifestation.

I am having troubles adding items to My Wishlist ?

To add any of of our Shop Products to your My Wishlist, you must first be Logged in to do so.

You can Login from the 'My Account Login' dropdown menu (see screen print below).

You then view individual product items in our Online Store and click on the purple 'Add to My Wishlist' link (that sits below the Add to Cart gold button).  If you are having trouble adding the product to My WishList, ensure that if the product has OPTIONS available, you have selected the OPTION that you would like to add to the My Wishlist.  If you haven't selected any of the OPTIONS, then the product cannot be added to your My WishList.

Per the screen print below, from the My WishList page (accessible from the Shop Drop Down Menu),  the variable OPTION that you chose for a product, will be displayed in your My Wishlist.

Still having problems adding Products to your My Wishlist ?  Then please let us know via our Contact Us Form and help will be at hand very soon.

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