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Life Mastery Programs – Simone M. Matthews

I am delighted that you are interested in finding out more about my Life Mastery Programs.

Whether you feel the calling to study with us for your own personal empowerment & expansion of your potential, luxuriate in a Heart Retreat with us, or you are interested in graduating as an Internationally Accredited Master Teacher/Practitioner…
our Life Mastery Programs offer something for everyone ♡

We offer 5 Life Mastery Program Options:

  • OPTION 1: International Teacher eCourses + inhouse Heart Retreat
  • OPTION 4: International Practitioner eCourse + inhouse Heart Retreat
  • OPTION 2: International Teacher eCourses (online Self-Study only)
  • OPTION 3: International Teacher eCourse + Live Webinars (online Self-Study only)
  • OPTION 5: International Practitioner eCourses (online Self-Study only)

How to Enrol in our Life Mastery Programs:

Inviting you to visit our Life Mastery Program page for detailed information about each of our Options 1 to 5.

You can then Enrol directly from each Life Mastery Program Product page, or alternatively you can enrol via Payment Plan (details outlined on each Program Product Page).

I look forward to sharing with you sacred ancient wisdom through my Life Mastery Programs – inspiring you to unleash your greatest potential & embrace a gentler way of life through the softness of your Heart.

Ooh, just one more thing, you may also wish to read our notes of Gratitude, Appreciation & Kindness from our past students to help you get a feel of the energy of our Life Mastery Programs ♡ You may also like to view our previous Events Photo Gallery, to help feel the LOVE too ♡

All my LOVE,



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