Stage III – Towards 2012

Stage III – Towards 2012

This is where the real fun begins…. so be prepared to open your heart and rejoice in the Love & Bliss of creating a Heaven here on Earth.

If you have missed Stage I &/ II all is perfect for your journey, and now is the right time for you to connect with the Wave of Love during Stage III.

To find out how to join in if you have missed Stages I & II please visit: Frequently Asked Questions >


Current Stage III Events / Happening around the World

We have soooo much planned over the coming years as move toward 2012, and consciously work with The Wave of Love. It is an absolute delicious process to bring it all together.

Here is what is happening so far for 2008 - Stage III :

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What is Stage III all about ?

Love, Joy, Laughter, Grace, Oneness, Consciousness….. all these words describe Stage III, and our journey toward and beyond 2012.

Imagine living our lives authentically, loving ourselves unconditionally and then extending this Love out to our families, friends, work colleagues and the greater community.

Imagine a world where we come together in reverence of our differences, have respect for each others beliefs and honour the Light that shines within us all.

Stage III is all about taking the personal journey of Self-Growth, re-remembering who you are and your role on Earth in this lifetime, and then authentically living your life’s purpose to the highest. As we live our lives authentically and unconditionally Love ourselves and all of humanity, we create Peace, Harmony and Unity….a Heaven here on Earth.

Universal Life Tools are facilitating Stage III of The Wave of Love, to assist people in their journey of awakening and consciously working with Universal Laws, Wisdoms & The Wave of Love to ‘Be the Change’ that is needed on Earth at this time.

I wish you all the Love, Blessings, Joy & Passionate Bliss during the Stage III Attunements and I feel honoured to be of service to humanity during our Ascension through 2012.
May Peace & Love be held in your hearts for eternity,