Stage 1 – 777 Activation

What is the 777 Activation

The 7th July 2007 marks the commencement of the ‘777 Activation’, which continues through to the 7 September 2007.

During the 777 Activation period, The Wave of Love will have the effect of initiating a huge evolutionary shift for Earth and all of humanity. 

The Wave of Love will effectively raise our vibrational frequencies to such a level, that dormant energy centres will be awakened, our Chakras raised to high levels of resonance and ‘junk DNA’ will be activated as well as activation of our 64 DNA light codes. 

Not only will all levels be awakened, but we will also start the first phase of gradually building these awakened centres within us to higher & higher levels of vibration.

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What happens during the 777 Activation period

On the 7th July 2007 an energetic portal named ‘Sontara’ opens.  This portal will allow a high frequency energy wave or ‘The Wave of Love’ to be transmitted to Earth, and our entire solar system.

This Wave of Love being transmitted from our Galactic Centre to Earth, will be flowing in one continuous stream, gradually building over a 2 month period during the 777 Activation period.

The Wave of Love vibration will gradually build in intensity during the 777 Activation period to give humanity an opportunity to adjust to the new frequencies in a loving, gentle and graceful manner.

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What to do during the 777 Activation period

The Light Beings assisting our ascension as we approach 2012, have given clear instructions on how to connect with the energy available to us during the 777 Activation period :

  1. Watch the Wave of Love movie on a daily basis
    Commencing on the 7th July 2007, it is recommended that people watch the movie on a daily basis, either in the morning or evening as intuitively guided.  If you miss a day here & there (eg forget or you allow your ego to make you too busy !) please do not be harsh on yourself.    The Wave of Love is a loving experience, so it is important to love all aspects of  your BEing too.

  2. The Wave of Love – Short movie version
    To assist those souls who may let the ego deter them from watching the full movie, a shortened version maybe watched on a daily basis.  The short movie contains the principle qualities of activation and attunement just in a condensed format.

  3. How to Watch the Movie (Either Long or Short version)
    Watching the movie is an enjoyable and self-loving experience.  Just sit in a comfortable position, become aware of your breath, relax then watch the movie from beginning to end.  Try not to think as you connect with the Sacred Symbols, just allow yourself to experience their energies.  If possible try to allow some time at the end of the movie to meditate, or contemplate what you have just experienced.

  4. Journalling
    Whilst not an integral part of Stage I, it is suggested that you may like to journal your dreams, visions and experiences during the 777 Activation period.  This may help you to connect with changes that are occurring and acknowledging those aspects awakening within you and those aspects that are being released.

  5. Allow
    What this means is, during the Activation period just allow yourself to flow with the energy and do not fight, put up road blocks or prevent the experience from happening.  If blocks occur this is simply the ego masquerading as the soul, so gently release the ego and allow.

  6. Do not quit your job?
    This means do not make any major changes in your life during both the Activation and Attunement stages.  As we are awakening and re-remembering, our current life’s choices may appear to be quite superficial or not in line with your higher purpose.  It is important that you allow time for the dust to settle, and to evaluate where you need to go from a fully integrated perspective.  Stage III will help you to integrate these changes in your life, and assist you on your awakened path.

  7. Pass this Movie onto many
    As more and more people awaken, through entrainment we have the potential of awakening everyone to this energy.  However, we need your help to do it.  The more people around the world that participate in Phase I & II, the higher the vibrational rates that can be achieved for the entire collective consciousness.  It is up to you to forward the link to this website onto many, so they too can participate in consciously connecting with The Wave of Love energy.

Please note: The Wave of Love the Movie has been channelled and produced with the purpose of helping people to focus with INTENT on the energy available to us, and hence aid shifting at the highest possible soul level individually and hence collectively.  However, watching The Wave of Love the Movie is not the only means of connecting in with this energy. It is important that souls do what intuitively feels right in connecting with the energy available to all of us at this time.


What can we expect to happen during the 777 Activation

What happens to us individually during the 777 Activation period will depend on where we are in our own journey, and our individual levels of vibration during the Activation period.

The frequency or resonance of The Wave of Love will be building gradually over the Activation period to give humanity an opportunity to adjust to the new frequencies in a loving, gentle and graceful manner.

The increase in energy available to us is not to be feared.  The Wave of Love emanating from the Galactic Core is being overseen by the Galactic Federation, a group of  Light Beings that are pure Love & Unity.   This is a peaceful shift into an enlightened way of BEing, it need not be a painful experience for any of us.

Possible Loving Experiences

The following is a list of possible experiences that will arise as you connect with heart, and succumb to The Wave of Love.  Everyone’s experience will be unique and just perfect for them as we will all be vibrating at different levels

  • A feeling of Unity & Oneness;
  • Feeling Loved on a deep level, and emitting this LOVE to everyone you meet;
  • Loving  life and just Being;
  • Opening and re-remembering who you are, your life purpose and soul potential;
  • Loving yourself – nurturing the physical body as a container for your spirit, emotionally balanced in LOVE, and connecting with the LOVE of Source;
  • Improved vitality, physical functioning & release of dis-ease;
  • Improved memory, mental clarity, and intuitive connection;
  • A desire for healthful foods and self-loving / nurturing your physicality;
  • Releasing old issues, and feeling lighter & less encumbered;
  • Increase/bringing forward your gifts/talents;
  • Overall improvement in sense of well-being for this Earthly experience.

Possible Discomforts

Whilst this is a peaceful shift, it maybe possible for some (particularly sensitives, or those just beginning their journey of awakening) that the following may occur:

  • Headaches, migraines or a feeling of ‘cotton wool’ head;
  • Occasional nausea;
  • Physical aches & pains;
  • Insomnia &/or more vivid dreams;
  • Initial lethargy & fatigue;
  • Increase in thirst;
  • Emotionally up and down, cry very easily, becoming very feeling of everything around you;
  • Questioning who you are, what you are here for, what is my purpose;
  • Feeling disillusioned with your current life;
  • Increase in psychic phenomenon, and unsure how to work with this.


How to minimise any discomforts during the 777 Activation period

The following are a list of recommendations to maximise your soul experience during the Activation period and to help minimise any discomforts.  Of course how you approach this list is entirely up to you.  For some this list maybe just too hard to manage….that is fine, just love yourself and do your best, that is all spirit asks.

  • Try to get as much rest as possible, to allow integration of energies
  • Drink plenty of water to assist with detox on every level
  • Eat wholesome food, in season and organic where possible
  • Avoid drugs, and minimise consumption of alcohol & cigarette smoke
  • Minimise stimulants such as coffee, tea, and all other caffeine products
  • Schedule time for relaxation, and heaps of self-love (eg massages, hot baths etc..)
  • Connect with nature & the elements as much as possible eg feel your feet on the Earth on a daily basis, experience the Sun’s rays on your body, on rising deeply breathe in the air of new day and swim in the ocean (or take a salt bath) on regular occasions.

If physical, emotional or spiritual issues are coming to the fore and you are having difficulty with dealing with the symptoms, please love yourself enough to seek the assistance from a qualified health practitioner.  Trust your intuition, and you will be guided to the right person.

Both Crystal Light Healing ™ Practioners and Essence of Angels ® Practitioners are qualified in both distance and one-on-one healings, and are experienced in helping you to break free of your self-imposed limitations during this shift.  No matter where you live in the world, these practitioners can connect in with your energy and help release or integrate the changes as they are occurring.

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What happens after the 777 Activation period ends

After the 777 Activation period ends on the 7 September 2007 and you have watched the movie for the last time on this date, the following day is a day of rest.

It is recommended on the 8th of September to do something blissful, something that makes your heart sing as your prepare for Stage II. 

Some people maybe drawn to making an altar and/or creating a sacred space in preparation for the 999 Attunement of Stage II.

Do what feels right for you, what your intuition guides you to do but above all have some fun and some great belly laughs too !

The 9th of September then marks the first day of the 999 Attunement process.

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About the Sacred Symbols

The Sacred Symbols and the daily mantras/meditations ( in Stage II ) have been channelled and re-produced with the intention of helping people to focus with INTENT on The Wave of Love energy available to us.    When using our intent to connect in with The Wave of Love, we have the potential to shift at the highest possible soul level individually and collectively.

The Sacred Symbols are a gift from a Council of Sirian & Pleiadian Light Beings, under the direction of the Galactic Federation.

The symbols are based on Sacred Geometry used extensively throughout the Ancient Mystery Schools of Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt and the Mayan Civilisation.   The Wise Ones of the Mystery Schools mastered the ancient craft of using Sacred Geometry and Crystals – thus being able to alchemically blend the elements for transformation and transmutation.

These ancient wisdoms have been brought into the present through a modern day mystery school – The Universal Life Tools Metaphysical School of Healing.   The school offers two primary streams of study:  Crystal Light Healing ™  &  Essence of Angels ®.

The workshops are designed for people of all ages and levels of experience, with Essence of Angels ® becoming available as an on-line e-course in August 2007.

If you would like to learn more about how you too can use Sacred Geometry, Crystals and Essences for healing  & ascension work as your progress into 2012, then click here >