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Spirited-Travellers Gratitude ♥

Friends of Spirited Travellers ♥ Oodles of heart felt LOVE & GRATITUDE to the friends and inspirational souls from around the world that have / are bringing our Spirited-Travellers Tour to LIFE ♥ Please view our Spirited Travellers Gratitude webpage to read all about the people/businesses that have extended their hand in FRIENDSHIP and helped our tour in some way…..

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Requesting your LOVE & Healing

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this post today, to request much love & healing to our children’s school community – Noosa Pengari Steiner School (NPSS), here in Australia. Late last Friday, during a class 10 hiking tour in New Zealand, tragically our Outdoor Education Teacher was killed, as well as a 16 year old student. …

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Messages of Love Newsletters

Messages of Love is our monthly conscious newsletter, helping you to embrace your authentic self ! To receive ‘Messages of Love’ at the beginning of every month, subscribe today and receive a range of FREE Gifts.

Links: Crystal & Mineral e-shops

Do you need a special crystal or mineral specimen to support your healing ?  Many of our fabulous Crystal Light Healing Teachers have on-line crystal shops stocking a wide variety of hand selected and high vibrational stones.  Please peruse the links below… and if our Crystal Light Healing Teachers don’t have what you are looking for, then drop them an…

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simone m matthews bucharest romania essence of angels

Essence of Angels® – Romania

Whilst we originally had planned on facilitating our last event for 2015 in the Netherlands, spirit had something else in mind for us and we were instead guided to Romania to share with a wonderful spiritual community in Bucharest. The last few weeks of our trip had brought with it many challenges (for those on my email list, you may…

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Essence of Angels Italy

Essence of Angels® – Italy

On Friday evening the 4 Dec, we gathered in the home of Elisabetta Invernizzi (our blessed Event Host) to share in my FREE Talk on Sacred Ancient Wisdom, followed by my Weekend Essence of Angels® Workshop and my Essence of Angels® Teachers Course the following week. It was interesting that all those enrolled in my free talk did not show…

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December 2015 – Lunar & Planetary Energetics

Global Meditation – December 12, 2015 Inviting you to join our 12 December 2015 – Global Meditation for shifting the Collective Consciousness. To find out more about this global event and how to attend for FREE please visit: http://www.universallifetools.com/2015/12/global-meditation-12-12-2015/   December 2015 – Energy Reports Please click on the following Quicklinks to the December 2015 Key Energy Writeups below: General…

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global meditation lr

Global Meditation – 12.12.2015

Join us on the 12 December 2015, for a GLOBAL MEDITATION for shifting the Collective Consciousness. Universal Life Tools is teaming up with The Master Shift, the Dhammakaya Foundation, plus 20 other meditation groups from around the world to help demonstrate how heart-based focused intent has a profound impact on the collective field. The results of this GLOBAL MEDITATION (as…

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December 2015 – Numerology

Numerology is a most ancient and mystical art form for understanding our evolution within cycles – personal, planetary & cosmic cycles of creation. At birth, our Soul Star (refer to Shealla-Dreaming) is imprinted with a numerological blueprint (birthdate, birthtime, name etc..) that creates a resonance, a frequency potential of our Soul. Our personal Soul resonances are then influenced by the…

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31 Congratulations Teachers

Essence of Angels® – Ireland

On the weekend just passed, I had the absolute pleasure to facilitate my FREE Talk on Sacred Ancient Wisdom followed by my Essence of Angels® Practitioner & Teacher Courses here in Ireland. Leading up to our Event, we arrived in Dublin a few days early to take in the sights, experience the Irish hospitality and find out more about folklore…

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Be the LOVE lr

Friday 13th November – We are all ONE – Paris, Beirut & all Humanity

Since Friday 13th November our hearts have so dearly been drawn to help all of those in need both in Paris & Beirut.   On a global scale, we have been feeling the pain of all humanity experiencing needless violence and suffering at the hands of those who’s Light within has been dimmed through fear. Many people are feeling paralysed…

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Heart Awakening 11 Nov icontact

11:11 – Heart Awakening

Please keep reading down the page to receive for FREE my Sacred Meditation to support your divine and most Graceful connection with our 11:11 portal of Heart Awakening. Wednesday the 11 November (the 11 month) is our opportunity to embrace the 11:11 potential of Heart Awakening. In numerology the number 11 is a master number. It is the most intuitive…

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EoA UK Graduate photo

Essence of Angels® – UK

On the weekend just passed, I had the absolute pleasure to facilitate my FREE Talk on Sacred Ancient Wisdom followed by my Essence of Angels® Weekend Workshop here in Bledington in the beautiful Cotswolds, United Kingdom. Our events were held at the Village Barn, and the beautiful venue owner and Event Host Catherine Chichester lovingly invited us a week early…

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chichen itza itcontact

Chichen Itza – Temple of Kukulcan

A couple of weeks ago my family and I had the pleasure of visiting the ancient city of Chichen Itza, in the Yucutan state of Mexico.  It has been a life-long dream of mine to visit this ancient Mayan site, to connect with the wisdom of the ancient peoples and experience the energy of this highly advanced civilization. Temple of…

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Happy Halloween Asteroid

Halloween – Asteroid 2015 TB145

BREAKING NEWS:  31 Oct 2015 – NASA has just announced that the ‘Asteroid’ is most likely a dead Comet.. and eerily is resembles a skull… how very fitting considering my cheeky image above !  Thus my intuitive feeling that the ‘Comet’ originated from the Oort Cloud (see my discussion below is now more fully supported by the reclassification. Image Credit:…

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November 2015 – Lunar & Planetary Energetics

Please click on the following Quicklinks to the November 2015 Key Energy Writeups below: General Overview – Full & New Moons > November 11, 2015 – 11:11 Heart Awakening & Remembrance Day > November 11/12, 2015 – New Moon > November 25/26, 2015 – Full Moon> Supportive Energy Tools – November 2015 > General Overview – Full & New Moons…

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