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Links: Crystal & Mineral e-shops

Do you need a special crystal or mineral specimen to support your healing ?  Many of our fabulous Crystal Light Healing Teachers have on-line crystal shops stocking a wide variety of hand selected and high vibrational stones.  Please peruse the links below… and if our Crystal Light Healing Teachers don’t have what you are looking for, then drop them an…

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Earth Day – 22 April 2014

Earth day is celebrated on April 22 each year.    Every year on April 22, over a billion people in 190 countries take action for Earth Day. Earth Day was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson and was first organized in 1970 as an international day to promote ecology and respect for life on the planet as well as to encourage awareness…

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FREE Meditation – Lunar Eclipse

On the 14/15 April 2014 we have a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE – whereby the Moon is full and the Earth blocks the Suns rays from fully reaching the Moon, thus the Moon is cast within the Earth’s shadow. A Lunar Eclipse provides a quantum opportunity to release deep-seated wounds, move beyond old fears and to transcend negative patterns or traits…

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Radio Interview with Simone – 23/24 April

What a pleasure it is to be invited by Roland Comtois, as a guest on his  ‘SOUL STORIES‘ radio show this week, on ‘Talk Stream Spiritual Radio’. I love the catch phrase of this spiritual radio channel ‘Streaming the Spiritual Light into the Heart of Humanity’. I will be chatting to Roland about the energetic events in April 2014, including…

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Crystal Healing

I wrote the following article on Crystal Healing for the inaugural April 2014 Edition of RADIANT EARTH MAGAZINE. Please also see the bottom of this Article for a Special Introductory Offer from Radiant Earth … but you will need to be quick as the offer expires at Midnight – April 30, 2014. Crystal Consciousness Energetically, planet Earth is a complex…

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Blood Moon – Meaning ?

The early native American tribes of northern & eastern United States tracked ‘time’ according to the 13 Full Moons in a solar year – giving each Full Moon a name as representative by the seasons.  Colonial Americans then adopted these names according to the Julian then later the Gregorian Calendar. The name BLOOD MOON is given to the ‘Hunters Full…

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April 2014 – Numerology

Numerology is a most ancient and mystical art form for understanding our evolution within the cycles – personal, planetary & cosmic cycles of creation.  At birth, our Soul Star (refer to Shealla-Dreaming) is imprinted with a numerological blueprint (birthdate, birthtime, name etc..) that creates a resonance, a frequency potential of our Soul.   Our personal Soul resonances are then influenced by…

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FREE Webinar April 6/7, 2014

MISSED THE LIVE WEBINAR ?Not a problem, you can access the full replay here, including 13 Gifts / Special Offers: http://www.universallifetools.com/celestial-temple-universallifetools/ My beautiful friend Kyrona has invited me to join her on her ‘April 7, 2014 Celestial Temple Webinar‘ to discuss in depth everything you need to know about the energy of April 2014 and in particular the Cardinal Grand…

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FREE Sacred Healing Symbols

Sacred Healing Symbol – To Print: To deeply connect with the upcoming energies of the Cardinal Grand Cross, I have created a Sacred Healing Symbol. The Symbol has been woven with sound, colour, light and ancient sacred light language frequencies to support the highest frequency of ‘QUANTUM POTENTIAL’ within your life over the coming months. The Symbol supports a deep…

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April 2014 – Lunar & Planetary Energetics

The moon and its position within our celestial sky holds a powerful frequency that affects our day to day beingness here on Earth.  The moons electro-magnetic frequency as it waxes and wanes each month effects our physiology, our emotional/mental responses and spiritual potential. The energy from the New Moon up to the Full Moon is gradually building in strength and…

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April 2014 – Cardinal Grand Cross – Astrology

As we now pass the March 2014 Equinox, April 2014 heralds a very rare astrological event, where four planets (PLUTO opposing JUPITER  &  MARS opposing URANUS), are at exact 900 angles  to one another, hence forming a Grand Cross in our celestial skies. To add to this melting pot of transformational energies, the climax of this Cardinal Grand Cross on…

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March Equinox

As the Sun enters Aries on the 20/21 March each year, we have the Autumn Equinox (Southern Hemisphere) and the Spring Equinox (Northern Hemisphere). The Equinox is where day and night are of equal length – the energies coming together as one – Heaven & Earth, Spirit & Matter. Whilst the Northern Hemisphere is preparing for their re-birth as they…

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April 2014 – Energy Report

Please read my ‘Lunar & Planetary Report’ to find out about the key astrological alignments for this current month and how to work with their energetics. Click Here > Visible Planets from Earth:  April 2014 Venus – you can see it rising in the east before sunrise. Jupiter – early evening see Jupiter shine brightly Mars  – Great to view…

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