Awaken, Heal &
Discover your Soulfull Purpose with...

Awaken, Heal &
Discover your Soulfull Purpose with...

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SUPER Full Moon {total} Lunar Eclipse – January 20/21, 2019
This weeks January 20-21 FULL MOON, is both a SUPERMOON + TOTAL Lunar Eclipse.  Hold onto your horses this week (or maybe ...
Being Woman… A Gathering for Women – March 2019
8 - 11 March 2019 Camp Warrawee, Joyner, Qld Australia Book your Ticket for Being Women... March 2019 > Inviting you attend ...
New Moon {partial} Solar Eclipse – January 5/6, 2019
Our January 2019 NEW MOON is all about diving deep into your Heart, unveiling your greatest desires and making a plan to ...

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