Awaken, Heal &
Discover your Soulfull Purpose with...

Awaken, Heal &
Discover your Soulfull Purpose with...

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Warrior Spirit – Full Moon in Libra – March 20/21, 2019
There is something rather beguiling and indelibly powerful about this weeks Full Moon... you could even say a Moon of divine timing, a reverently potent cosmic message for us all. There is power in the collective.   There is power when when we come together in reverence of one another, ...
New Moon in Pisces – March 6/7, 2019
Our March 2019 New Moon is ushering in a deeply sensual month of feeling, intuitive downloads and rapturous new beginnings. The energy of our March New Moon is being bolstered with Uranus moving into Taurus for the next 7 years, both Neptune & Vesta conjunct the Sun, Mercury transiting retrograde ...
LARGEST Full Moon of 2019 – 19 / 20, February
Keeping the flames of our Passions alight!
This week we have the LARGEST (Super) Full Moon of the year, when the Moon makes it's closest approach to Earth for 2019.  The Moon will look a little larger this week and up to 30% brighter too! The theme of our February Full Moon is vibrantly delicious with the ...

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