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Experience the Radiance

You are made of the stuff of Stars!

And you are also made of the Earth, Plants, Crystals... even the Archangels!

You are gorgeously beautiful inside & out.  How could you not be, you are made of a force of LOVE that radiates Light. There is an untapped potential within you that is desiring to be seen, to be expressed, to be set free.

Just savour that thought for a moment.  How does it make you feel ?   Do you feel alive? Do you feel excited by a greater potential for your life?  Are you ready to own the truth from deep within your Heart that you are more than enough?  In fact are you ready to do what it takes to experience the divinely Radiant Light of YOU?

Inviting you to study Essence of Angels® & experience the Divine Radiance of your Soul.
Together lets discover just how amazing your life can be when you invite your Divine Self to be the driver of your Heart-felt desires.

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Study with Us !

Study Essence of Angels® with us !

Our Essence of Angels® Internationally Accredited Workshops & Courses are empowering explorations of the 13 Angelic Sacred Templates of Creation.

The Radiant Light of your Soul comes into form through these 13 Angelic Sacred Templates.  Your Radiant Light beams your Soul Blueprint - a Sacred Map of your past life experiences, your divine gifts & Soul-full challenges in this life time and offers reverent insights into future potentialities.

Experiencing a force of LOVE that breathes your Radiant Light into existence empowers you to transform dis-ease, let go of self-defeating thoughts, experience forgiveness, heal relationships & joyously surrender to an abundantly succulent life.

Your Essence of Angels® studies with us are Graceful, Heartful & powerfully transformational teachings. PLUS the wisdom teachings are shared in a way that make them practical, grounded & luminescently fun!

Inviting you to study Essence of Angels® with us and join our community of 1000's of graduates around Ancient Mamma Earth sharing their Angelic Healing wisdoms in many creative, innovative and fabulistic ways!

We offer Essence of Angels® in a range of study formats to suit your budget, learning preferences and to help you learn, grow & evolve at your preferred pace.  Choose from anyone of the following Study Formats:  Live Workshops, Online Learning eCourses, Life Mastery Programs & Heart Retreats.

Choose your Preferred Study Format

Essence of Angels® -
Learn Online

Study Essence of Angels® ONLINE anywhere, at anytime & at your own blessed pace. Upon your enrolment you receive instant LIFETIME ACCESS to our video-based eCourses.  Start your online studies TODAY & move your relationships, finances, health & wellbeing into a graceful state of beingness...

Essence of Angels® -
Live Workshops

Find an Essence of Angels® WORKSHOP in your City/Country.  Our LIVE workshops are facilitated by our Soulfully warm Hearted Internationally Accredited Teachers.  All our registered Teachers are trained to help you access your innate greatness & to inspire you to blossom into your own mystical guru...

Essence of Angels® -
Life Mastery eCourses

Our Essence of Angels® eCourse Life Mastery Programs are powerful ONLINE immersions into awakening your Sacred Heart to the greater potential of your luminescent Soul. These transformative studies will help you take your life, your work & your greatest dreams & aspirations to the next level of Soulfull presence...

Essence of Angels® -
Heart Retreats

Our Essence of Angels™ Heart Retreats offer you the opportunity to reclaim your luminescent light, courageously own your power and step into a PROFOUND NEW ERA in your life – body, mind & spirit.  Know yourself at the deepest level, deepen your practice of sacred presence and cultivate a life lived through the wisdom of your Heart...

Not sure which study format is right for you ?

Message us today & tell us a little about yourself.
We would LOVE to help you find the right course.

International Accreditation -
Essence of Angels®

Our Universal Life Tools Wisdom School is a certified Platinum Training Provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

The IICT is one of the world’s leading professional bodies representing Practitioners & Teachers within the complimentary health industry in over 26 countries world-wide.

Because of our International Certification with the IICT, you can be assured that...

  • Our Essence of Angels® training materials are of the highest standard, updated regularly & are professionally aligned with industry best practice.
  • Your Essence of Angels® Certification is recognised Internationally.
  • Your Clients, Family & Friends can be confident that you are a professionally certified healer - both competant & confident in the application of Angelic Healing - in private practice or in the home.
  • You qualify for professional insurance upon completion of your studies.
  • You qualify for members resources, marketing tools and discounts with the IICT.

Above all, the IICT is about community, collaboration and supporting YOU to thrive as a Essence of Angels® Certified graduate.    That's why our Universal Life Tools Wisdom School has chosen the IICT to represent our Essence of Angels® modality world-wide.


About Essence of Angels®

Essence of Angels® is not just another Angelic Healing course. 
Essence of Angels® is a profoundly transformational & wildly illuminating experience.
Discover your divine Sacred Soul Blueprint today & awaken to the life you were born to live!

Essence of Angels®...

You maybe thinking 'I have studied Angels before' or 'What more can there be to learn about Angels' or maybe even 'Why would a course on Angels be of any benefit to me?'

These are all valid thoughts/questions... but they all miss a key element.  To help me explain, let me start with one of my all time favourite quotes:

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.

Essence of Angels® awakens your awareness to a field beyond that of the mind; a field only accessible through the Heart.  Essence of Angels® is not about learning more 'stuff' about Angels, but rather is an experience of surrender to these frequencies of LOVE through you.  Yes through YOU, as you are made of the Angelic Rays of Creation.

And once again, dear Rumi so eloquently describes the Essence of Angels® in this divine quote:

Your task is not to seek for LOVE;
But to seek, find (& transcend)
all the barriers within yourself,
that you have built against it.


Essence of Angels® is about awakening to LOVE.  Of finding your own authentic truth.  Experiencing the LOVE & Light of Creation within you.... and ultimately LOVING yourself enough to let go of all the barriers within yourself & set yourself FREE.

The study of Essence of Angels® is wildly different to anything you may have studied before.  Remember this body of work is 'out there in the field beyond ideas of wrongdoing & rightdoing'.   This work is provactive, will push you to challenge every belief you have ever had above Yourself, the Archangels & Creation.  But it is also gentle, kind & reverently empathetic to being Human.

The energy at the Heart of Essence of Angels® will change your life in profound ways.  Upon completion of your studies you will feel confident, ready & able to work with Angelic Wisdoms for personal healing of body, mind & spirit.  You will also have the qualifications, tools, knowledge & support to create a thriving business as an Essence of Angels® graduate.

  • Essence of Angels® PRACTITIONER - To become an Internationally Certified Essence of Angels® Practitioner, students are required to complete our Essence of Angels® Practitioner Certification Course. Upon completion of your Studies, there is no obligation to practice as an Essence of Angels® Practitioner AND in fact MANY students complete our courses purely for the joy of learning & for their personal / professional growth.
Essence of Angels boxed Set 12 med

Essence of Angels®
Sacred Liquid light templates

Remember I mentioned that Essence of Angels® is about coming together in 'a field beyond wrong & right'?  Well if you could meet me in that field in this moment, then what I have to say next will make so much more sense.  Or put another way, please feel what I am about to say in your Heart, don't necessarily hear it all with your logical brain!

Your Essence of Angels® studies incorporate the study  & practical application of the Essence of Angels® Vibrational Essences.   Our Essence of Angels® Vibrational Essences are a range of energetically structured liquid crystals for healing - referred to as ‘Sacred Liquid Light Template Essences’.  

When applied to the body during a healing session, taken prior meditation, or administered as a personal remedy for healing, the Essences structure the water with your body and hence alter your DNA expression.

Ok, hope you are still with me !!!

I know this sounds maybe a little too whoo hooo... but trust me, there is a body of leading edge science that supports the art of healing with Structured Water (ie Sacred Liquid Light Template Essences) and the effects this has on our DNA & hence our Health & Wellbeing.

Your Essence of Angels® studies incorporate the learning & practical application of the following Essence of Angels® - Sacred Liquid Light Template Vibrational Essences: ★Box Set of 12 Essence of Angels® ★Golden Quantum Essence ★Ancient Healers Essence 
★And a wide range of other supportive vibrational sound/light/oil/water creations.

  • Boxed_Set_12 (1)

    Boxed Set of Essence of Angels® of Angels

    Essence of Angels® Box Set of 12 x Essence of Angels® Vibrational Essences are charged with Sacred Geometric Cosmic Templates of the Archangel Frequencies (through Metatron's Cube) combined with Crystal, Mineral & Plant Intelligence templates.

    Each individual Essence of Angels® Vibrational Essence holds a unique vibratory frequency that supports the body’s innate ability to heal itself, uplifts the mind/emotions to awakened states of LOVE and draws your Heart & Mind to radiate your greater Soul Potential.

  • GQ & AH wde

    Golden Quantum & Ancient Healers Essences

    Golden Quantum & Ancient Healers Essences are profound catalysts of change.  These Essences awaken our consciousness to the Akashic Field, the Field of all Knowing- supporting our awakening to an Earth more beautiful through our Hearts.

    Both these Vibrational Essences potentiate Quantum shifts with your life, huge evolutionary transitions and expand your light-body beyond your perceived boundaries/beliefs/limitations.

  • Angelic Meditations CD 500

    Essence of Angels® Supportive Creations

    During your Essence of Angels® Studies, you will have the opportunity to incorporate a wide range of other Energetic Support Tools to help expand & flourish your application of the Essence of Angels® healing modality.  

    Working with sound, light, oils, mists, sacred geometry, crystals etc enables students to find their own groove with Essence of Angels® and incorporate this ancient Healing art form with a wide range of other healing modalities in creative & deeply personal ways.

    These other supportive creations are not compulsory for Essence of Angels® Healing Sessions, but rather offer students an insight into the greater potential for themselves, humanity & our planet Earth.

The art of Essence of Angels® healing has been fine tuned over the last 20+ years PLUS it's practical application has 1,000s of hours of empirical evidence to support the efficacy & sacred intentions of the Essence of Angels® Vibrational Essences. 

Sharing below a glimpse of some of the big topics studied in Essence of Angels® from both a Scientific & Angelic Wisdom perspective.  YES, Essence of Angels® certainly is the world leader in bridging the LOVE of Ancient Wisdom with modern day knowledge.

Healing & Harmonic Resonance

Today’s science, whether the work of Dr Bruce Lipton (Biology of Belief), Dr Emoto (Water Templates) or the work of Dr Pjotr Garjajev (Russian Biophysicist and Molecular Biologist) - concludes that our so called ‘Junk DNA’ is in actual fact a highly intelligent combination of Codon sequences that speak a ‘language’ – a biological language that is reprogrammable.  Basically (no computer pun intended) our Human DNA is a Biological Internet that can explain intuition, spontaneous healing, distance healing and pre-cognition etc...


When we change the energy of the environment (ie our thoughts, emotions, sounds, colour, essences, structured water etc) we change the expression of our DNA and ultimately we heal our physical bodies and awaken to our true nature as a Divine Human.

The Essence of Angels® Vibrational Essences are activators, they ‘change the ennvironment’ within your body and ultimately change the expression of your DNA in harmonic resonance with the Field.

  • Where there is dis-ease the Essences activate Healing
  • Where there is fear the Essences awaken Courage & Love
  • Where there is pain the Essences awaken Insight & Surrender
  • Where this is shame the Essences awaken Esteem & Self-Love
  • Where this is suffering the Essences awaken Peace... and
  • Where there is anger/rage the Essences awaken Grace & Ease.

Science of Structured Water

As the Essence of Angels® structure the water within your body (the 4th phase of water) they support the transmutation of negative emotions/stuck cellular memories & help you let go of old/subconscious beliefs. Ultimately the Essences promote health, healing & vitality through the activation and attunement of your DNA.

Structured water Essence of Angels 4th phase

In addition, as your DNA awakens to a higher state of expression, just like indigenous peoples of the past, you easily and coherently access a higher/awakened level of consciousness through the Aetheric Field.    You surrender to your innate medical intuitive ability, heal from dis-ease and become a seer of future potentials through your activated claircognizant and/or clairvoyant gifts.

The ancient wisdom that is the Essence of Angels® helps us to flow with the Rhythm of Life and align every aspect of our lives with a Love more beautiful through our Hearts. 

The Essences become our soul guides reminding us that we are Human-Beings, not Human-doings.  And finally the Essences guide us to invite miracles, spontaneous healing, joy, playfulness, child-like wonder & Divine LOVE into the art of living a rich, fulfilling & meaningful life.

Essence of Angels Text

Practitioner Certification

Let a force of LOVE

Essence of Angels® - Certification

Study our Essence of Angels® Internationally Accredited Practitioner Certification Course as an Online eCourse OR attend a Live Workshop facilitated by one of our Essence of Angels® Teacher graduates.

Essence of Angels® is designed to be provocative, maybe even challenging at times as your deepest beliefs above yourself & Creation are put to the ultimate experience of LOVE. 

Throughout your Essence of Angels® studies there are practical exercises, group work (if you attend a live event) and personal reflection time.  Our eCourse has its own Q&A section to help make your online learning interactive too!

During your Essence of Angels® studies, you will have the opportunity to intimately experience the Essence of Angels® Vibrational Essences - Sacred Liquid Light Templates of Creation.

Your life will awaken to a whole new realm of possibility.  Our Essence of Angels® are profound calaysts of quantum change.

Keep reading further down the page if you are new to Vibrational Essences or wish to learn more about these sacred Essence of Angels® Liquid Light Healing Templates.

Essence of Angels boxed Set 12 med nw

In addition, during your Essence of Angels® studies you will be discover how this reverently sacred modality so beautifully compliments other healing wisdoms such as Reiki, Massage, Counselling, Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Colour Therapy, Crystal Healing etc..

There are no pre-requisites for your Essence of Angels® studies... except maybe a spark of curiosity, a desire to ignite your untapped potential and a deep calling to experience the radiance of your Soul.

Whether this is your first foray into personal healing, or you are being guided to take your life/work higher than ever before, Esssence of Angels® weaves sacred rays of expansion for everyone.

Here is a brief overview of the topics covered during your Essence of Angels® Studies:

~ Awakening to the Grand Cycle of Creation through Angelic Wisdom & Crystalline Vibrations
~ Consciousness, Perception & Multi-Dimensional Senses
~ Your Soul, Your Blueprint, Your Creation Story through the 13 Sacred Templates
~ Study & Experiential Experience of the 13 Archangels of Creation - Body, Mind & Spirit
~ Sacred Geometry, Colour, Sound, Crystals & Sacred Symbols for healing
~ Profound insights into activating the water within your body for DNA Activation & Healing
~ Life-changing knowledge about structured water, memory of water & our thoughts & beliefs
~ Ancient practices of applying Sacred Liquid Light Templates Essences to the body to shift frequency, emotions, mental patterns & limiting beliefs.
~ Learn how to align with a force of LOVE through you that litterally changes your physical DNA & transcends the barriers that make you feel/experience yourself as incomplete.
~ Discover the grandest, most divine & beautiful version of you.  It already exists inside of you, its just waiting to be discovered.  You are more than enough, you are LOVE ♡

On completion of your Essence of Angels® studies, you will receive your International Certificate as an Accredited Essence of Angels® Practitioner.  We also gift you a complimentary profile page on our Directory PLUS you receive a lifetime of access to our Essence of Angels® Practitioner Resources.

There is no obligation to practice as an Essence of Angels® Practitioner upon completion of your studies AND in fact MANY students complete our Practitioner Certification purely for the joy of learning & for their own personal / professional growth.

Enrol Today

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Life Mastery Programs

Essence of Angels® - International Teacher Certification


Essence of Angels® - Life Mastery

Our Life Mastery Teacher Programs are powerful Sacred Heart awakenings - an opportunity to let go of the heaviness in your life, emerge lighter, fresher, fuller and more aligned with Soulfull presence.

Life Mastery, is about bridging your physical-emotional-mental-spiritual experiences of the world. About bringing more Light & Soul into your body, your work, your finances, your relationships & community. And at the Heart of Life Mastery is the practice of grounded spirituality, a presence that is practical, authentic, service orientated & overflowing with joy.

Essentially, Life Mastery is your guide, companion & best friend in supporting you to flourish into the person you feel & know yourself to be in your Heart.

Whilst our Life Mastery Programs are Teacher Programs, there is no obligation to teach any of our workshops AND in fact MANY students complete our Life Mastery Programs purely for the joy of learning, mindful living, and connecting with a deep sense of inner-peace & sacred purpose.

When enrolling in our Life Mastery Programs you are making a lifetime investment in YOU… and gifting yourself the opportunity of going deeper & expand higher than you have ever gone before ♡

Enrol Today

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Life Mastery - Heart Retreats

Essence of Angels® - International Teacher Certification


Essence of Angels® - Heart Retreats

Our Life Mastery Teacher Heart Retreats are powerful immersions in Heart awakening. A time to savour silence, get back in touch with the healing power of nature, rediscover your soul song and nourish your body, mind & spirit through mindful presence.

Your Heart Retreat experience will awaken a revitalised vision of your greater potential. You will be inspired to live a bolder & more courageous life and will feel confident, ready & able to tackle any challenges that may keep you from thriving. You will feel lighter, clearer & in touch with your deepest desires.

With grace & sacred presence you graduate from our Heart Retreat as an Internationally Accredited Master Teacher through our Wisdom School. You are certified to teach our accredited workshops anywhere in the world PLUS you receive a life-time of support & resources that enable you to flourish in your personal & professional life.

Whilst you graduate as an Internationally Accredited Teacher, there is no obligation to teach any of our workshops AND in fact MANY students complete our Life Mastery Heart Retreat Programs purely for the joy of learning, mindful living, and connecting with a deep sense of inner-peace & sacred purpose.

Enrol Today

koala llr

Why Study with Us ?

Essence of Angels® is the most cuddliest course around.

Upon completion of your Essence of Angels® studies you have all the necessary
Angelic Koalifications to help you radiate joyous vibes of love, compassion & kindness in the world.

Plus you will spend Koalaty time with many other unbearlievably amazing Angelic Souls!

Healer Directory sq

On completion of our Internationally Accredited Essence of Angels® studies, graduates are invited to have a FREE Profile page on our Practitioner & Teacher Directory.   We LOVE promoting our graduates to the world... for when YOU thrive in your healing work, so does the planet!

Meet the Founder of Essence of Angels®

Version 2

Simone Matthews

After studying Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine in the 1990s, I created UniversalLifeTools Wisdom School to help people find their way back to health.  Health comes from the old english word 'hale', which means wholeness.   Such that a persons journey of healing, is their life-long experience of wholeness - body, mind & spirit.

I believe that healing is so much more than a destination of becoming healthy and is certainly not merely the absence of disease.

Healing is a life-long process of waking-up, discovering that you are part of something greater than yourself, and opening your heart to experience the depth of this truth through every breath.   A sacred letting go of all the barriers within yourself that inhibit your fullest expression of LOVE through you...




Paris Luongo The Creative Heart sq

Paris Luongo

Dear  Simone It has been a pleasure and an honor to spend this time with you as I completed my online Essence of Angels® certification. Thank you for being so giving and supportive in the way that you share your wisdom. I felt that your teaching has the right balance of structure and flow/intuition for me and the way that I like to learn. I felt that completing the certification online was perfect for me, I could work at my own pace, review videos if I needed to and  know that the information will always be there for me to access. It was wonderful to learn directly through you because I could feel your passion, commitment and your love for this work through your words and actions. I can't wait to combine this knowledge with the Crystal Light Healing® work I am already doing and start practicing what I have learn't and sharing this amazing energy with others. Thank you again, Blessings Paris

diane greene photo

Diane Greene

My life was infinitely blessed when I found Universal Life Tools website and thus Simone, over a decade ago.  This led to me helping her launch her worldwide tour with an Essence of Angels® course and training.  In this capacity, I saw firsthand her incredible dedication to her mission, devotion to her community, determination, commitment and sacrifice to serve, impeccable business integrity and follow up, depth of knowledge and vast comprehension of the science and understanding of how universal energies work.  She is a visionary far beyond our time in her ability to see, teach and explain in simple to understand ways, the complexities of how Universal, Planetary and Angel energies can be used to create health, happiness and indeed, transformation!  I witnessed profound shifts and healing of lifelong traumas of the workshop attendees themselves; who in turn were able to instantly use their Essence of Angels® Certification to serve others; compliment or add new services for their own clients.  She is masterful in her ability to help “awaken” our own inner truth, passion, knowledge and understanding, and insanely humble, loving, brilliant and clear in her transmission of this information. Take any of her courses, and you will be catapulted to new levels of wholeness and understanding!

Diane Greene, Washington DC

julia huzziff sq

Julia Huzziff

Dear Simone, thank you for the opportunity to be part of the Essence of Angels® as a Practitioner and now qualified to Teacher. I am starting to get a regular client base with doing Essence of Angels® consultations and posting out remedies for my clients needs, so far the feedback has been amazing. Clients are making quantum shifts in consciousness and  reported improvements in anxiety, mental states, emotional balance, depression, adhd, and overall happiness. I feel these are very powerful remedies to help assist the planet in awakening and lucky to be part of this modality. I haven't taught any classes yet but is on my goals list for the near future. Thank you for all your love and kindness and support, your amazing and inspiring teacher with a big heart and have learnt a great deal from you on many levels. Thank you 🙂 Julia xxx

Angela Marshall sq

Angela Marshall

My experience with Simone was nothing short of a miracle. Simone's course Essence of Angels® has brought me so much joy and a deeper understanding of the Essences of Angels and the spiritual laws, that govern our universe. Her guidance and meditations have profoundly shaped how I interact with my own personal essence and the gift of who I am. Simone's Angel Essences are a true gift to humankind and very helpful for personal development, support of life challenges, as well as for physical, emotional and mental healing. I am eternally grateful for Simone having taken it upon herself to travel around the world to share her gift, insights, and healing.
Being in Simone's presence is a true gift.


Aurora Moon

You are a true Spiritual Teacher.  I feel truly blessed and honoured to be on this journey with you & the Essence of Angels®.  I wake up every morning now and meditate, being love, sending love to Gaia… the knowledge I have received from you has overcome my fears. Thank you for your wisdom, thank you for your knowledge, thank you for being alive in the world as this time.

Kyrona Unity Hope white sq

Kyrona Unity Hope

I have journeyed through both Crystal Light Healing® & Essence of Angels® with Simone.  These workshops are beyond the expectations of all who enter them, they are not fluffy – but dive deeply, cellularly, into truth, the universe and everything. While I don’t offer CLH healing services myself, I know many who do and their work is potent and beautiful. To anyone contemplating these workshops , I say go for it! If you are a healer - they will add a huge tool into your healing tool kit. If you are a teacher – they are amazing workshops to facilitate and share with others. If you are on a spiritual awakening journey to self – look no further. I would also add that Simone is one of the most incredible teachers I have ever had the joy of knowing, she is also one of the most beautiful humans I have ever met and I am so blessed to consider her one of my closest friends.

Susan (Suzi) Joy Coombes

Susan Joy Coombes

Simone is one of our great Spiritual Teachers committed to bringing expansion in our consciousness through the Essence of Angels®,  allowing us to see our true selves and free us to create something better for ourselves and others. Her teachings are profound and her heart essence and dedication are inspiring.

Still not sure if Essence of Angels® is for you ?

Message us today, tell us a little about yourself.
We would LOVE to help you in any way we can ♡


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