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Full Moon in Gemini + Lunar Eclipse(1)

Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini {+ Blue Moon} – Nov 2020

Our November Full Moon is both a Lunar Eclipse, plus a Blue Moon here in the Southern Hemisphere.   With the Moon in Gemini reflecting the light of the Sun in Sagittarius, there is something quite beguiling & reverently healing about this Full Moon.   Reflecting back our June 2020 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, the placements of …

Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini {+ Blue Moon} – Nov 2020 Read More »


Vaccination: Censorship & Medical Tyranny

Thank you to our vibrant community for your wonderful feedback/discussion on our series of Vaccination articles.  In mid-December I will be posting a series of articles on each of the COVID-19 vaccines, discussing their contents, how they are intended to work within the body, and the potential health risks.   If you would like to receive …

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New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio – November 2020

Our Scorpio New Moon heralds a time of deeply intense dissection of our inner-world, as well as a flourishing of our primal sensuality & rapturous passions. She is a little intense… actually off the richter scale… but with all deep inquiries, the light/potential/joy to be experienced at the end of the tunnel is all worth …

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Herd Immunity(2)

Herd Immunity – Faulty Science & Logic

You may have heard this reasoning by Doctors, Pharma & mainstream media  ‘we must vaccinate up to 95% of communities to induce herd immunity’.   There is a belief that when the majority of people within communities are vaccinated, then disease will not spread.   It is said that those that are vaccinated are ‘immune’, and then …

Herd Immunity – Faulty Science & Logic Read More »

Vaccine injury

Reasons for not Mandating Vaccines

Sharing a comprehensive list (though certainly not complete list) of published peer reviewed papers within scientific journals, as well as referenced articles that explore and discuss injuries linked to vaccines. These papers highlight that there is a call for concern over vaccine ethics & efficacy in there current form. Vaccines maybe linked to a host …

Reasons for not Mandating Vaccines Read More »

Doctors Questioning Vaccination

Doctors Questioning Vaccines

Governments, Pharmaceutical companies, Medical Associations, and wealthy Philanthropists give the impression that vaccines are the ‘magic solution’ for our health care.   And to be honest, main stream media certainly pushes the one-story line that ALL doctors & scientists agree that vaccines are safe & effective. However, there are a growing number of health care professionals …

Doctors Questioning Vaccines Read More »

Informed Consent Vaccines

What’s in a Vaccine ?

Over the coming months, I am posting a series of articles that support your research into Vaccines.  Everything from the contents of vaccines, efficacy, ethics, legality and injury.  And I will also provide information on the COVID-19 Vaccines. Before you write me off in this moment as an ‘Anti-Vaxxer‘ (interesting the cultural dogma around this …

What’s in a Vaccine ? Read More »

The Great Conjunction December 2020 Jupiter Saturn

The Great Conjunction – Jupiter & Saturn

It feels like the entire year of 2020 has been the entrée to this main course event, the Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn at 0 Degrees Aquarius on the 21/22 December 2020.   This conjunction, referred to as The Great Conjunction, ushers in an entirely new evolutionary cycle for humanity.  This soulful annunciation will change the …

The Great Conjunction – Jupiter & Saturn Read More »

Galactic Alignment December 2020 Alcyone Sirius Galactic Centre nw3

Galactic Evolutionary Alignment – December 2020

Each year around the time of our December Winter/Summer Solstice, we experience a GALACTIC ALIGNMENT of the Earth, Sun & Galactic Centre in the Astrological Sign of Sagittarius. This alignment forms the GALACTIC EVOLUTIONARY TRIANGLE – a tetrahedron of energy formed by the Earth, Sirius, Alcyone & the Galactic Centre, which is further amplified by …

Galactic Evolutionary Alignment – December 2020 Read More »

The Great Reset - 4th Revolution

The Great Reset – 4th Revolution

A little while back I shared what I believed to be the mask of this COVID moment.    I shared how Transhumanism, Posthumanism & Technocracy is the goal of the New World Order global agenda, where we transcend the beloved fragility of the human race and create an entirely new Tehno-Human Species often referred to …

The Great Reset – 4th Revolution Read More »

Jupiter Pluto Pallas 13 November 2020 nw

Jupiter, Pluto & Pallas Conjunction – 13 November 2020

“Well here we are.  In this most extraordinary time on Earth.  Something deep inside you already new this time, this shift, this transition was coming.   Yet somehow, as we wade our way through, that inner-knowing doesn’t always make the physical experience any easier….  The metamorphosis, the transition, the arising of a new narrative is well …

Jupiter, Pluto & Pallas Conjunction – 13 November 2020 Read More »

Taurus Blue Moon 31 October 2020

Taurus Full Moon {+Blue Moon}

You may find this Full Moon challenges you.  With the Moon conjunct Uranus retrograde, the energy is ripe for things to be revealed, or startling news comes to light.  You may even find yourself a little unhinged, reactive, or even acting from your emotional body with rage at the injustice of it all thanks to …

Taurus Full Moon {+Blue Moon} Read More »

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