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11-11-11 Spiritual Meaning energy

The energy is building this week toward our 11:11:11 Gateway of Potential this coming Sunday 11 November, 2018 – 11th Day, of the 11 Month, with an 11 Universal Year. This week feels like a suspension of time, a pause, a place in-between realities.   A week of reflecting on our YESTERDAYS – how our …

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Simone Matthews JuJu
Going Deeper, Rising Higher

October has been one long LOVEfest.  Juicy.  Radiant.  Alive.  Free. Hot on the heels of  facilitating my Spring Heart Retreat (you can read my snake experience here), I then spent last week filming for a secret project.  All will be revealed in 2019, but the above photo gives you a sneak peek for now. I …

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Full Moon Taurus October 2018
Taurus Full Moon {Sun in Scorpio} – October 2018

This is a FULL MOON of RELATIONSHIPS – expect the unexpected – rekindling an old romance, sudden vulnerability in a current love interest, intensity of emotions, endings, or even fleeting encounters. If you are single, you may fall head over heels – but the passion whilst intense & deeply erotic will most probably be short …

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Libra New Moon Energy October 2018
New Moon in Libra – Unifying the Great Divide – 9 October 2018

With the Moon & Sun in LIBRA this New Moon, we are drawn to reflecting on our relationships and where are actions, thoughts, words & deeds may at times be out of balance with our heartfelt values. We are witnessing the warrior Goddess being unleashed.  Women & Men from all walks of life are reflecting …

New Moon in Libra – Unifying the Great Divide – 9 October 2018Read More »

hands belonging

Sharing with you a beautiful experience and a couple of video’s that may shine a little light-ness into your world today ! A couple of days ago, after a deeply emotional experience of sharing my heart-felt #WhyIDidntReport experience, I was left quite distraught as my parents chose to ‘unsubscribe’ me from their life.  Kinda like …

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It has been quite an intensely emotional week… the joy of launching my new ELI Course – intermingled with raw emotion. Tears flowing, I spent the holiday weekend reflecting, processing, remembering… and seeking to find a way to diffuse my intense feelings and channel my rising anger through waves of fierce LOVE. I cannot begin …

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Full Moon September 2018 energy rec
Aries Full Moon {Sun in Libra} – September 2018

This is a FULL MOON of HEALING – a deep metamorphosis from the inside-out, and just like the butterfly, choosing to set yourself free. As our Aries Moon opposes our Libra Sun, we are super-charged to transcend obstacles/ fears / doubts about what is possible in our lives and BELIEVE with wholeheart in something more …

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Equinox Energy Light
Equinox, September 2018 – Unity, One Heart

This coming weekend we flow into our Spring / Autumn Equinox.  On the Equinox, night & day are close to being the same length (approx 12 hours). The Equinox is a time of stillness, a space between worlds, a glimpse of what is possible when we open our hearts and come together in a grander …

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nourishing kindness
New Moon in Virgo – September, 2018

Its choice time for our September NEW MOON in Virgo – will you choose LOVE or Fear ? With the Moon & Sun in Virgo this New Moon, you may find your attention being directed at stuff you don’t like about your life such as your job, your body, your partner or how much you …

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