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Please find below our entire WISDOM SCHOOL Catalogue of Online Learning Courses.

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Healer Courses

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HEALER Courses— connect with real tools to help radically heal your life, make great shifts beyond beliefs that no longer serve you, and discover a life that is more connected, calmer & deeply fulfilling.

Whether you are a novice and this is your first foray into healer courses, or you are a life-long healer or even business professional, our Healer Courses help you tap into the innate power of your Body to Heal, & your Soul to Flourish.

All our Healer Courses have International Accreditation— study for your own personal healing & development, or graduate as an Internationally Certified Practitioner.

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Teacher Courses

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TEACHER Courses— deeper explorations into ancient wisdom, the genius of the natural world, and how our experience of reality is created by & through our connection with the Cosmos.  

Whether you are an entrepreneur, creative, artist, intuitive, healer, CEO or just starting out in making a major career change— Simone can help you to tune into the intelligence of the cosmos and make an impactful difference int the world, leaving an enduring legacy for future generations.

Your Teacher Course enrolment includes enrolment in the equivalent Healer Course— hence you can enrol in a Healer Course and then upgrade at a later date (at a discount), or you can enrol in a Teacher Course and from your Course Dashboard access the Healer Course + Teacher Course elements.

All our Teacher Courses have International Accreditation. Study for your own personal healing & development, or graduate as an Internationally Certified Teacher & facilitate your own Internationally Certified Healer Courses— either Online or as Live Events/Retreats.

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Wisdom Courses

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WISDOM Courses— take you on explorative journey's of life, and the greater potential of your Soul.  These course are unique blends of sacred ancient wisdom & leading edge science— we take all the whoo hoo stuff & make it real, practical & grounded!

Each Course has its own unique flavour & soulfull gifts— that enable you to discover a greater truth, experience deep healing, and emerge with a fresh sense of purpose & possibility in your life.

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Flourish Courses

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5 Flows of Life

The 5 Flows of Life is a 5 Module Online Course— facilitated by Simone Matthews.

Through 5 Flows teachings you connect with new ways to move your body, shift your mind, and open your Heart to a creative force that knows no boundaries.

Experience through the 5 Flows...

  • The Feminine Wisdom of Sacred Geometry that has been suppressed.
  • How 'Feminine' Sacred Geometry awakens intuition & intergenerational healing.
  • The 5 Flows as the greatest act of Love & why this wisdom is so essential right now.
  • Enlivened ways of Feeling— it's different to what you may think.
  • A deeper level of communication & kinship with your body, nature & the stars.
  • How to let go & find Flow, dancing the body through feeling— it's one of the most liberating things you can do!
  • Discover a greater joy in the simple, ordinary & mundane moments of life— it's the simple things that have the greatest potential to move our Heart & Souls through universal flow.

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