Aetheric Healing™

A harmonic symphony of

Be a Channel of Creative Genius!

Imagine accessing Universal Intelligence 24/7

Aetheric Healing™ is the dynamic art of living your life in harmony with the symphony of universal intelligence - the Aetheric Field - expressing itself through you.

You are a universe unto yourself, a fractal of the entire field of Creation, an extraordinary being who is already whole and complete.  When you live your life as a divine expression of this intelligence, your life takes on a greater purpose, your relationships become more meaningful and you ooze luminescent health & vitality.

Inviting you to study the ancient art of Aetheric Healing™ through our Wisdom School.
Aetheric Healing™ is not just a profound technique that enables you to tap into this field of infinite wisdom, but rather is an attunement catalyst that enables you to naturally, easily and coherently access universal intelligence to guide & flourish every area of your life ♡


Study with Us !

Our Aetheric Healing™ Internationally Accredited Workshops & Courses guide you in attuning to the Aetheric Field to be a channel of creative genius.

Why ?  Accessing universal wisdom enables you to to deeply understand your self,  transform subconscious beliefs surrounding success, health, relationships and self-worth/love and supports you in flourishing the grandest version of the greatest vision you have ever held for YOU.

To quote the words of Rumi – ‘You are not just a drop in the ocean, but then entire ocean within the drop’.   Live your life as an oceanic stream of infinite intelligence today and flourish the life you were born to live!

Your Aetheric Healing™ studies with us are Graceful, Heartful & powerfully transformational teachings. PLUS the wisdom teachings are shared in a way that make them practical, grounded & luminscently fun!

Inviting you to study Aetheric Healing™ with us and join our community of 1000's of graduates around Ancient Mamma Earth being divine channels of universal intelligence in many creative, innovative and fabulistic ways!

We offer Aetheric Healing™ in a range of study formats to suit your budget, learning preferences and to help you learn, grow & evolve at your preferred pace.  Choose from anyone of the following Study Formats:  Live Workshops, Online Learning eCourses, Life Mastery Programs & Heart Retreats.

Choose your Preferred Study Format

Aetheric Healing™ -
Learn Online

Study Aetheric Healing™ ONLINE anywhere, at anytime & at your own blessed pace. Upon your enrolment you receive instant LIFETIME ACCESS to our video-based eCourses.  Start your online studies TODAY & move your relationships, finances, health & wellbeing into a graceful state of beingness...

Aetheric Healing™ -
Live Workshops

Find an Aetheric Healing™ WORKSHOP in your City/Country.  Our LIVE workshops are facilitated by our Soulfully warm Hearted Internationally Accredited Teachers.  All our registered Teachers are trained to help you access your innate greatness & to inspire you to blossom into your own mystical guru...

Aetheric Healing™ -
Live with Simone

Attend a LIVE Aetheric Healing™ WORKSHOP with Simone M. Matthews. Divine opportunity to work closely with Simone, be nourished by good food, the sounds of nature, deepen your connections to siStarhood... and to return to life filled with a deeper Grace & sacred Presence through the Aetheric Field.

Aetheric Healing™ -
Life Mastery eCourses

Our Aetheric Healing™ eCourse Life Mastery Programs are powerful ONLINE immersions into awakening your Sacred Heart to the greater potential of your luminescent Soul. These transformative studies will help you take your life, your work & your greatest dreams & aspirations to the next level of Soulfull presence...

Not sure which study format is right for you ?

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We would LOVE to help you find the right course.

International Accreditation -
Aetheric Healing™

Our Universal Life Tools Wisdom School is a certified Platinum Training Provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (coming June 2018).

The IICT is one of the world’s leading professional bodies representing Practitioners & Teachers within the complimentary health industry in over 26 countries world-wide.

Because of our International Certification with the IICT, you can be assured that...

  • Our Aetheric Healing™ training materials are of the highest standard, updated regularly & are professionally aligned with industry best practice.
  • Your Aetheric Healing™ Certification is recognised Internationally.
  • Your Clients, Family & Friends can be confident that you are a professionally certified healer - both competant & confident in the application of Aetheric Healing™ - in private practice or in the home.
  • You qualify for professional insurance upon completion of your studies.
  • You qualify for members resources, marketing tools and discounts with the IICT.

Above all, the IICT is about community, collaboration and supporting YOU to thrive as an Aetheric Healing™ Certified graduate.    That's why our Universal Life Tools Wisdom School has chosen the IICT to represent our Aetheric Healing™ modality world-wide.


About Aetheric Healing™

Aetheric Healing™ places you within the vortex of UNLIMITED POTENTIAL.
Discover a life more beautiful when you entrain with the SOURCE of Creative Genius & Infinite Wisdom.

Aetheric Healing™...

Aetheric Healing™ isn’t just another tool, practice or modality that works with the Body/Mind/Spirit.  Aetheric Healing™ is a way of life and a medium to express the beauty, magnificence and sacred purpose that is YOU.

The application of Aetheric Healing™ within your life places you within the vortex of unlimited potential. From a place of enlightenment through Aetheric Healing™ you have the ability to discover and purposely embrace the following:

  • Move beyond self-sabotage and embrace Self-Fulfillment.
  • Transcend fear, doubt, self-worth – truly KNOW you are ENOUGH.
  • Live your life on-Purpose by aligning with Universal Mind, tap into Creative Genius.
  • Embrace cellular/DNA wisdom to heal dis-ease and embrace youthful vitality.
  • Access universal wisdom to solve challenges/problems within your life.
  • Embrace the limitless you and reach your goals within sport, career and finances.
  • Free yourself of fear, rejection and the pain of the past.
  • Deepen the intimacy and connection within your relationships.
  • Embrace your divine & sacred PERFECTION beyond the beliefs/opinions of others.
  • Access the wisdom of failure & loss to re-position your future in the present.

Aetheric Healing™ draws upon aspects of Crystal Light Healing® & Essence of Angels® AND incorporates practices and techniques that students have been hungry to learn more about… such as Astrology, Numerology, Reflexology, Fingerprint analysis to name just a few.

In addition, Aetheric Healing™ is a divine synthesis of ancient wisdoms drawing from Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga, Acupuncture, Pranic Healing, Qi Gong, Kinesiology and Quantum Healing.  Students learn how to incorporate Aetheric Healing™ into their daily lives in profound yet practical ways PLUS how to combine these juicy wisdoms into your healing sessions.

Aetheric Healing™ can be described as a profound instrument of awakening to universal consciousness through the Aetheric Field. Aetheric Healing™ offers you the potential to live your life in reverence of the truth of who you are. This truth is independent of your environment, limited collective beliefs and the expectations placed upon you by others. Aetheric Healing™ shows you a way of living that is unique to you yet in harmony with the unified field.

When you complete your Aetheric Healing™ studies you will feel confident as a natural channel of the Aetheric Field for personal healing of body, mind & spirit.  You will also have the qualifications, tools, knowledge & support to create a thriving business as an Aetheric Healing™ Internationally Certified Healer.

  • Aetheric Healing™ PRACTITIONER - To become an Internationally Certified Aetheric Healing™ Practitioner, students are required to complete our Aetheric Healing™ Practitioner Certification Course. Upon completion of your Studies, there is no obligation to practice as an Aetheric Healing™ Practitioner AND in fact MANY students complete our courses purely for the joy of learning & for their personal / professional growth.

Aetheric Healing™ -
What makes this course different ?

Aetheric Healing™ isn’t just another tool, practice or modality that works with the Body/Mind/Spirit.  Aetheric Healing™ is a way of life and a medium to express the beauty, magnificence and sacred purpose that is YOU.

Drawing upon a VAST array of Ancient Healing Wisdoms, Aetheric Healing™ puts YOU in the drivers seat of your life and EMPOWERS YOU to be the MASTER of your life's experiences.

Below is a little glimpse of some of the key teachings within your Aetheric Healing™ studies.
YES, Aetheric Healing™ is a world leader in synthesizing cherished Ancient Wisdom with modern day knowledge.

  • Aetheric Healing Key learnings 1

    Your Brain & the Aetheric Field

    Your Brain is a Star Map of the Cosmos - from the 100 Billion neurons of your Brain, to the 100 Billion stars within our Galaxy through to the 100+ Billion Galaxy's of our observable universe.

    Likened to a Tuning Fork, your Brain & Nervous System both send & receive vibrations (energy, intelligence) to/from the Cosmos.  EVERYTHING in creation is energy- from our thoughts, through to light waves, sound waves, even planetary, lunar, solar & galactic waves.

    When you harness the innate power of your Brain/Nervous System to attune to the energy of the Aetheric Field, a library of universal intelligence becomes accessible 24/7.  You awaken the greater potential of your Brain as a receiver of creative genius, infinite solutions & a wealth of unlimited potential.


  • Aetheric Healing Key learnings 2

    Aetheric Field - Galactic Evolutionary Triangle

    Your study of Aetheric Healing™ incorporates a detailed understanding of the Galactic Evolutionary Triangle - a tetrahedron of energy formed by the Earth, Sirius, Alcyone & the Galactic Centre of our Milky Way Galaxy.

    This amplified tetrahedron of energy that surrounds you seeks to ‘Structure the Water’ within your body, including the Cerebrospinal Fluid that surrounds your Brain & Spinal Cord,  such that you literally become a walking Liquid Crystal - with the ability to absorb, store, emit & amplify energy - universal intelligence.

    Accessing universal wisdom enables you to deeply understand your self,  transform subconscious beliefs surrounding success, health, relationships and self-worth/love and supports you in flourishing the grandest version of the greatest vision you have ever held for YOU.


  • Aetheric Healing Key learnings 3

    Divine Blueprint - Soul Evolutionary Triangle

    The basic tenants of Astrology are taught within your Aetheric Healing™ studies.  You will learn how to create Natal Charts for clients inclusive of charting a clients individual Soul Blueprint Template.

    The Soul Blueprint Template - referred to as the Soul Evolutionary Triangle - supports you in stepping into your greater Evolutionary Purpose and the grandest version of the greatest vision you have every held for YOU.

    The Soul Evolutionary Triangle - the charting of Galactic Centre, Sirius & Alcyone on your Birth Chart - reveals the following:

    • Awaken to your Souls Greater Evolutionary Purpose
    • Identify Soul Blueprint Strengths, Gifts & Talents
    • Identify Soul Blueprint Challenges
    • Access Past Lives / Future Potentials in the NOW
    • Connect with the Aetheric Field of Infinite Solutions
    • Awaken the brain to a Higher Intelligence


  • Aetheric Healing Key learnings 4

    The Sacred Principle of 5

    The Sacred Principle of 5 is the awareness that Creation exists within you.   From the 5 Elements, 5 Appendages of the Human Body, 5 Fingers & Toes, to the 5 levels of Human Body organisation, 5 Tastes & the 5 sequences within your DNA.

    The Sacred Principle of 5 supports us in accessing universal intelligence through the ancient art of 'Moneta' or through structuring the water within your body & your nervous system, such that you become a fluid 'stream' of the sea of infinite wisdom.

    Aetheric Healing™ awakens your body/divine mind to ‘infinite abundance’ through the Aetheric Field.  There is no limit to the heights of success you can achieve in all areas of your life when you transform your  subconscious beliefs surrounding finances, health, relationships and self-worth/love.


  • Aetheric Healing Key learnings 5

    Aetheric Field Attunement

    Aetheric Healing™ is a process of attuning to the Aetheric Field to be a channel of creative and infinite genius.

    Through an easy to learn 7 step process, that fuses together Eastern & Western mysticsm, you learn how to entrain/attune your nervous system with the Aetheric Field through the 7 ELs (Eloheims) of Creation. Attuning may take a little practice at first, but once mastered, this state of resonance flows naturally and with much grace and ease throughout your day-to-day life.

    Through attunement, your Nervous System repatterns to express the authentic truth of your I Am Presence. You move beyond pain, struggle, limitation and fear to emanate wholeness, abundance, compassion and kindness from a place self-love & wholeness.


  • Aetheric Healing Key learnings 6

    Numerology & Fingerprints of God/Goddess

    Aetheric Healing™ incorporates a number of diagnostic tools to help you understand yourself / clients more deeply.

    By intuitively incorporating diagnostic techniques you uncover a greater awareness of the ‘Personality of the Soul’ and open to a greater potential for awakening, healing and transformation.

    The diagnostic topics covered during the Aetheric Healing™ eCourse include:

    • Astro Natal Chart – Pre-Birth Eclipses, Asc, Desc, planets, aspects etc
    • Numerology – Name, Birth, Personal year etc
    • ThumbPrint/FingerPrints (& 5 elements)
    • Hand,Finger & Fist Analysis
    • Structuring water in the body to become a Liquid Crystal
    • Cosmic Spiral of 5 Elements – ‘flow’ of Moneta (money)
    • Reflexology Points (Hands & Feet)
    • RAS (Reticular Activating System & Neuroplasticity)


  • Aetheric Healing Key learnings 7

    Cosmic Consciousness

    Aetheric Healing™ is a series of steps/processes that you can either incorporate into your day-to-day life, or work with as part of energy healing sessions with clients. 

    As an infinite channel of Cosmic Consciousness,  Aetheric Healing™ makes a perfect compliment to Essence of Angels® or Crystal Light Healing® Sessions or you can work with Aetheric Healing™ as a stand alone modality.

    During your Aetheric Healing™ studies you will discover how this ancient healing modality so beautifully compliments other healing wisdoms such as Reiki, Massage, Counselling, Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Colour Therapy, Sound Healing etc




International Certification


International Certification -
Aetheric Healing™ Master Practitioner

Study our Aetheric Healing™ Internationally Accredited Practitioner Certification Course as an Online eCourse OR attend a Live Workshop facilitated by one of our Aetheric Healing™ Teacher graduates.

Aetheric Healing™ is designed to be provacative, maybe even challenging at times as your deepest beliefs above yourself & Creation are put to the ultimate experience of LOVE. 

In addition, during your Aetheric Healing™ studies you will be discover how this reverently sacred modality so beautifully compliments other healing wisdoms such as Reiki, Massage, Counselling, Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Colour Therapy, Crystal Healing etc..

There are no pre-requisites for your Aetheric Healing™ studies... except maybe a spark of curiosity, a desire to ignite your untapped potential and a deep calling to experience the radiance of your Soul.

Whether this is your first foray into personal healing, or you are being guided to take your life/work higher than ever before, Aetheric Healing™ weaves sacred rays of expansion for everyone.

Here is a brief overview of some of the key topics covered during your Aetheric Healing™ Studies:

~ Sacred Principle of 5 & the 7 EL's of Creation - entraining with Infinite Intelligence
~ The basic tenants of Astrology, creation of Natal Charts, detailed handouts/tables to support interpretation & understanding of the 'Personality of the Soul'
~ Charting Natal Soul Evolutionary Triangle & exploring Soul Purpose
~ Exploration of Numerology & Soul Blueprints
~ Fingerprint, Hand, Finger & Fist Indentification & Personality Analysis
~ Finger Chi Mudras – RAS (Reticular Activating Sysytem) & Neuroplasticity
~ Aetheric Healing® Hand & Foot Reflexology points
~ Life-changing knowledge about structured water, memory of water & our thoughts & beliefs
~ Learn how to align with a force of LOVE - Infinite Intelligence through you that litterally changes your physical DNA & transcends the barriers that make you feel/experience yourself as incomplete.
~ Discover the grandest, most divine & beautiful version of you.  It already exists inside of you, its just waiting to be discovered.  You are more than enough, you are LOVE ♡

On completion of your Aetheric Healing™ studies, you receive your International Certificate as an Accredited Aetheric Healing™ Master Practitioner.  We also gift you a complimentary profile page on our Directory PLUS you receive a lifetime of access to our Aetheric Healing™ Practitioner Resources.

There is no obligation to practice as an Aetheric Healing™ Practitioner upon completion of your studies AND in fact MANY students complete our Practitioner Certification purely for the joy of learning & for their own personal / professional growth.

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Life Mastery Programs

Aetheric Healing™ - International Teacher Certification


Aetheric Healing™ - Life Mastery

Our Life Mastery Teacher Programs are powerful Sacred Heart awakenings - an opportunity to let go of the heaviness in your life, emerge lighter, fresher, fuller and more aligned with Soulfull presence.

Life Mastery, is about bridging your physical-emotional-mental-spiritual experiences of the world. About bringing more Light & Soul into your body, your work, your finances, your relationships & community. And at the Heart of Life Mastery is the practice of grounded spirituality, a presence that is practical, authentic, service orientated & overflowing with joy.

Essentially, Life Mastery is your guide, companion & best friend in supporting you to flourish into the person you feel & know yourself to be in your Heart.

Whilst our Life Mastery Programs are Teacher Programs, there is no obligation to teach any of our workshops AND in fact MANY students complete our Life Mastery Programs purely for the joy of learning, mindful living, and connecting with a deep sense of inner-peace & sacred purpose.

When enrolling in our Life Mastery Programs you are making a lifetime investment in YOU… and gifting yourself the opportunity of going deeper & expand higher than you have ever gone before ♡

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Why Study with Us ?

Upon completion of our Aetheric Healing™ studies your life will expand to new heights of experience through the 'orcastral' symphony of Universal Intelligence.

Plus you will spend a whaley good time during your studies connecting with a pod of amazing Souls!
It will be our pleasure to support you all the whale, your whalecome!

Directory Practitioners Teachers

On completion of our Internationally Accredited Essence of Angels® studies, graduates are invited to have a FREE Profile page on our Practitioner & Teacher Directory.   We LOVE promoting our graduates to the world... for when YOU thrive in your healing work, so does the planet!

View our Online Directory & find a Healer in your City ♡

Meet the Founder of Aetheric Healing™

Version 2

Simone Matthews

After studying Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine in the 1990s, I created UniversalLifeTools Wisdom School to help people find their way back to health.  Health comes from the old english word 'hale', which means wholeness.   Such that a persons journey of healing, is their life-long experience of wholeness - body, mind & spirit.

I believe that healing is so much more than a destination of becoming healthy and is certainly not merely the absence of disease.

Healing is a life-long process of waking-up, discovering that you are part of something greater than yourself, and opening your heart to experience the depth of this truth through every breath.   A sacred letting go of all the barriers within yourself that inhibit your fullest expression of LOVE through you...





Fliss Wheeler

Aetheric Healing® was a pivotal moment for me, and filled in some major missing pieces.  Not only about how everything fits together, but also, about why I am, how I am, and why I feel drawn to share particular things. I so enjoyed how you presented the information – you would share something so amazingly complex in such a simple, truthful way that it just made sense.  And yet, when I stopped to think about what you had shared, it was massive. Your sharing style and the innate wisdom of your channelled information just allowed enormous things to slide seamlessely through into understanding..

MIchelle Smith

Michelle Smith

Aetheric Healing™ has been an absolutely fascinating course, so much information and wisdom. Thank you Simone for putting together all of the information and resources. I felt a resonance with the information and I feel like I am remembering it again, this just confirms the inner knowing and resonance I have felt while studying the course. I thoroughly loved every minute of the course modules. I found the course very informative and it has given me a greater understanding of my personality and gifts and my opportunities and challenges. I have undertaken some previous studies in Astrology and this course has bought it all together for me.

Blessings and Gratitude, Love and Light.

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