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Lightrition your Life

Alchemy of Being

Lightrition guides you in stepping into your power.  Reclaiming self-agency of your life.  Discovering that healing is possible & that you were born to thrive.

Radiant Wellness Body & Soul

Lightrition is the holistic life-experience of soulfully being human.  Nourishing your body in symbiotic resonance with Natures Cycles, Earthly Flow.  Cultivating a fresh & vibrant relationship of breathing, eating, dreaming & living in accordance with the same patterns found in the natural world.

Due to this unprecedented global experience we find ourselves in, Simone has specifically tailored the Lightrition Course Material to meet the challenges of this moment.  Simone directly addresses within the course the deeper experience of virues, what it means for each of us individually, the greater spiritual experience of our coronation, & how we can use the gift of this moment to transform ourselves both personally, planetarily & cosmically.

During your studies, Simone also draws upon the Ancient Lemurian & Atlantian Intelligences to help you emerge into a more Heartful way of life.  To become isomorphic with the memory of the Universe and awaken with clarity & Soulful purpose.

During this tumultuous & uncertain time on Earth, Lightrition will help you make sense of this moment in Herstory, the bigger picture of Humanity Awakening... and will help you open your Sacred Heart & truly thrive!  Lightrition is a KEY accelerator of personal & planetary consciousness... learning to live, breath, eat & thrive through ancient wisdom.

Enrol in our Lightrition your Life online learning course, plant your seeds for a reLOVEutionary future... and together lets pioneer a NEW Human Story of Earth for this new decade & beyond.

Simone Matthews

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Radiant Wellness, its what we long for....

Where life flows with joyful grace.
Where abundance oozes & passion freely ignites.
Where illness does not define you, but rather transforms you.
Where you feel confident, sexy & empowered to be the REAL you in the world.

You may have read every self-help book, attended 1001 workshops (yep, I see you), & are clued in on self-development.    Yet... Radiant Wellness still remains elusive.
So whats missing?

The answer is Lightrition

Lightrition is the holistic life-experience of soulfully being human.  Nourishing your body in symbiotic resonance with natures cycles.  Cultivating a fresh & vibrant relationship of breathing/eating/dreaming/& working in accordance with the same patterns found in the natural world.

Simone talks about LIGHTRITION your LIFE

Simone walks you through the Course Dashboard

Lightrition ~ Reclaim your Life

Lightrition guides you in stepping into your power.  Reclaiming self-agency of your life.  Discovering that healing is possible & that you were born to thrive.

Maybe you are feeling tired, exhausted or overwhelmed with the process of living in a medicated, technologically wired & time is money story of our world. Oh I truly get you, many times I have felt like this world is truly back-to-front & inside-out!

Maybe you feel anxious with the state of our world in this moment.  A deep grief that our planet will not survive the problems of our time eg viruses & ecocide, Feeling paralysed with uncertainty about the trajectory of humanity.  You may feel lonely or even isolated in community... a feeling of helplessness or being lost in a closed system.

Unexplained health problems maybe curtailing your enjoyment of life.  Or you may feel life is a constantly exhausting battle and that a war is being waged within your body - bloating, pain, allergies, frequent infections, debilitating fatigue, insomnia & weight gain.

You long to live a life that is more than getting through each & every hour/day merely surviving. 

You feel a glimmer in your heart that there must be a better way.  There is something deep within you that knows that you are not broken, incomplete or faulty in someway.   You know you are worth much much more.

Lightrition your Life is your guide to light-up your way.  To experience a lifestyle overhaul that puts you back in sync with natures medicine - leading to radical healing & a deep sense of inner-peace & sacred purpose.  During your Lightrition your Life studies you will...

  • Come to feel at home in your body. A belief in yourself. A knowing that you are worthy. Discovered that you aren't broken, but in fact are a major key to planetary healing.
  • Let go of what you thought you knew about diet, food & nutrition. No more punishing diets or soul-destroying restrictions when you nourish yourself through Lightrition.
  • Discover the psycho-spiritual nourishment of the Mineral & Plant Realm- and her electro-magnetic lightcodes of restorative & regenerative nutrition.
  • Develop a sense of curiosity & wonderment towards your illness or pain. And experience your 'challenges' as a catalyst for Lightrional Alchemy & Dream-Healing.
  • Become empowered to live a medication free life. Let Lightrition be your medicine.
  • Transform insomnia, depression, anxiety & extreme fatigue. Use 'Light Intelligence' to improve memory, productivity, altertness, creativity & intuition.
  • Invigorate your relationships. Feel the sensuality of your body within the world, your kinship with life. Transform your way of life into a symbiotic orgasmic union with the natural world.
  • Heal your experience of unhealthy relationships & separateness. Fall back in love in sacred relationship with your microbiome, as well as the expansive microbiota of our planet - bacteria, viruses & fungi. Quantum leap the foundations of your life in reciprocity with an infinitely abundant universe.

Lightritoning your Life is not a quick fix.  It is not based on fad diets, the latest superfood trend & it doesn't make false promises or claims.... such as 'get rich in 10 days',  or be 'bikini body ready by the weekend'. Eeek!

I think we are ALL over this hyped up style of marketing that preys on peoples insecurities and sells a 'concept' of a better life... bacically selling the soul in exchange for commercial gain.

What I can promise you however, that Lightritioning is a LIFE LONG PROCESS of unlearning, undomesticating yourself & ultimately rewilding yourself to all that you know/feel yourself to be.

There is NO FINAL DESTINATION & no limit to what Lightrition can create in your life.    Lightritioning is all about the present moment- harnessing self-agency to change the entire trajectory of your life.  Breath-by-breath.  Minute-by-minute.  Day-by-day.  Year-by-year.

Deep-feeler-thinker-sensitives... you know who you are...
Lightritioning is the call of your Soul, a call to YOU.

Lightritonal Alchemy 8 Phase Title
Lightritional Alchemy 8 mr fde

Lightritioning your Life is not about 'will-power' or 'forcing' yourself to follow a strict procedure/diet/rules in order to ascertain your goals.

But rather, Lightritioning your Life is about UNLEARNING all that you have been conditioned to believe about diet, nutrition, exercise, the sun, sleep, healthcare & success/purpose in the world.

From this place of Genesis, or Sacred Space, you open your life up to radiantly fulfilling potentials.  Rather than 'push', you find your groove of 'flow' and ultimately express & expand your life into all that you know yourself to be.   It's natures way.

Your body heals.  You feel a sense of reverent peace with life.  You eat in accordance within your unique Soul Template.  You are guided by the inherent intelligence of plants & the mineral realm.  You reclaim your self-agency & belief/knowing in yourself.  You become an integral co-creator of a world more beautiful.

YOU become the solution.

Lightrition your Life is your guide you through the 8 Phases of Lightrition, the Alchemy of Wellness.   Over 8 life-changing Modules, you unlearn all that you have been told about each area of your life, and discover a radiant wealth of possibility for YOU.  

This refreshingly real & practical Online Learning Course will help you step into a whole new cosmogenesis of the Heart & Soul.

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Healing through Community

Our planet is a thriving inter-connection of sentient life.  A kaleidoscope of deep mystery, a radiant inter-dependant biosphere of life that seeks to thrive.  And just like all life-forms on this planet, we too aren't meant to thrive alone

In fact, Lightritioning your Life is about connection.  Experiencing yourself as part of the lifeforce of nature, as an important thread in the weave of life.  That healing is not only possible, but also is the natural state of flow when you surrender to inherent intelligence of natures way.

Lightrition your Life online course is all about community.  Supporting & emboldening one another to wakeup, heal & radiantly thrive- together!

Your Enrolment in Lightrition your Life connects you (through our Private Online Community Group), with fellow Lightritioner Students & Graduates from around the World.  TOGETHER we will support one another & build COM-(im)-MUNITY.

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Lightrition your Life

8 Module - Course Structure

  • Course Videos (up to 6hrs per Module)
  • MasterClass Video (up to 2.5 hrs per Module)
  • Lightrition Handbook Additional Resources
  • BONUS Course Enrolment
  • Bonus Offerings & Popup Specials

Lightrition your Life

Online Learning - a deeper Glance

Lightrition your Life is a rich combination of both live & pre-recorded teachings.  Whilst NONE of the course offerings are compulsory, through weekly guidance & inspiration... you will be gently guided & inspired to join in.  For as little as 10mins a day, 1 hour a week or even one afternoon a month, you can fully LIGHTRITION your LIFE and step into the next decade with greater clarify, focus & presence than ever before.

Lightrition your Life is a fully digitable online course, so even if you can't join us live you can watch the replays... and you can be sure to be motivated to view replays... as they contain activities, exercises, & joyful challenges.  PLUS my weekly inspo emails will remind you also to join in.

In addition, the course content of Lightrition your Life is NEW... containing leading edge wisdoms that connect you to natures way.  I will of course refer to my previous teachings from time to time... to serve you in exploring, growing & enriching your previous studies (if this applies to you).

8 x Course Modules

Each Module contains up to 6 hours of video teachings facilitated by Simone.    Keep reading down the page for more detailed insight of topics covered in each Course Module.

You receive a LIFETIME of access to the Videos, PLUS you can watch them at anytime & from any device... at home, on the train, in nature, or maybe in your lunchbreak at work.

8 x Masterclasses

Each Module contains a Masterclass with Simone (Video Replay) up to 2.5 hours,  which enables you to take the Course material a little deeper .

Masterclasses help you to stay motivated, focussed, and helps you in applying the Wisdoms in your life.   

Lightrition Handbook

For each of the 8 Course Modules, in addition to the Video Teachings + Master Classes, you will receive a number of high energy resources to support your motivation, help push you past hurdles & keep you on track to thriving.   

These resources will include downloadable PDFs of Video Teachings, Diagrams, Tables, Worksheets, Charts etc.   You can print these 200+ pages of notes & voilà... you have your very own Lightrition Handbook.

BONUS Course

INCLUDED within your Enrolment, is also a BONUS Enrolment in our Sacred Ancient Wisdom Course.   This Course will gift a much deeper insight into the ancient wisdom behind Lightrition™ and support your deeper understanding of the Alchemy of Healing.  

BONUS Gifts & Offers

INCLUDED within your Enrolment, are a number of Bonus Gifts & Offers accessed from your Lightrition™ Course Dashboard.

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Lightrition your Life

The Curriculum - 8 Course Modules

LYL Modules 8

Lightrition your Life

The Curriculum - 8 Modules - What you will Learn

During this tumultuous & changing time on Earth, Lightrition helps you make sense of this moment in Herstory.  The bigger picture of Humanity Awakening.  And will help you open your Sacred Heart & truly thrive!  Lightrition is a KEY accelerator of personal & planetary consciousness… learning to live, breath, eat & thrive through ancient wisdom.

During your studies with Simone, throughout Modules 1 to 8 she will draw upon ancient wisdom to…

  • Discover the Realms of the Natural World through Sacred Geometry
  • Breathe your Crystalline Light Body into 5D Consciousness
  • Access the 8 Realms of the Alchemy of Wellness
  • Access the inherent Wisdom within the Mineral Realm
  • Feed yourself with the Light Codes (Natures Intelligence) within food
  • Nourish yourself with Cosmic wisdoms from the Moon, Sun & Stars
  • Transform your DNA through the Imaginal Realm (no mRNA needed!!!)
  • Awaken to the mystical power of Structured Water
  • Discover the impact of 5G on ALL lifeforms & how you can limit your exposure & thrive
  • Awaken to a NEW Story of the Anima Realm (Pathogens/Viruses) & their Sacred Purpose in catalysing shifts in Consciousness
  • Boost your Immune System & THRIVE through Terrain Theory wisdom.
  • Emerge into a more Heartful way of life, with clarity & Soulful purpose.
  • Discover & Engage in a New Earth Story through your Cosmic Heart & Sacred Geometry
  • Become isomorphic with the reality around us, the memory of the Universe.
LYL Module 1 sq nw
Lightritional Alchemy 1c(1)
Module 1: GENESIS - Lightritional Alchemy

Introducing you to the foundations of Lightritional Alchemy - bringing ancient wisdom into a present day world.  Through 'Genesis' we set the stage for the metatmorphosis of your own Psycho-Bio-Genensis.

You can 'oooo' & 'ahhh' now.  This really is a BIG BIG turning point in your life.  You've got this, I know you do.  Lets do this together!

Together we will explore the Heart of Wellness through the 4 Chambers of the Cosmic Heart and challenge your domesticated beliefs and personal experiences as they relate to your current state of physical health/illness, finances, relationships, your work and the omnipresent radiance of your existence... YES that is YOU.

We set the scene for you to not be bound by limitation, but rather curious & inspired to step up and experientially thrive through the 8 phases of Lightritional Alchemy.

By the end of Module 1 you will have...

  • Gained clarity & insight into the 8 Phases of Lightritional Alchemy.  And be boldly heartened to approach your life in a new & refreshing way- for both personal and planetary transformation.
  • Discovered the steps necessary for Self-Agency and anchoring the Soul of your Existence into our physical world.
  • Created a Soul Plan.  A tangible plan that clarifies your aspirations, defines success on your own terms and kick-starts your adventure into creating an emboldened & radiant life - bodywise, mindful & with heartened psychospiritual wisdom.
  • Activated your Curiosity & Wonderment muscles in preparation for the journey of LIFE through the 8 Phases of Lightritional Alchemy.
LYL Module 2 sq
Lightritional Alchemy 2c(1)
Module 2: CONNECTION - Mineral Realm

Minerals are not what your 'think' they may be!  Sure, on a physical level, minerals are chemical compounds, but that is such a limited way of perceiving minerals.  That is like saying that we humans are purely just physical bodies made of blood, tissues & bones.  Thats limited!

Instead, Minerals are 'Messengers', they contain electro-magnetic information.  And it is this 'information' that supports & enables us to heal our bodies, cope with stress & anxiety, foster courage & resiliency and support our discovery toward a deep & meaningful purpose of life.

Bacially minerals ROCK!!!!   Pun intended 🙂

In this module I share with you the how/whys/whats of the information contained within the Messenger Minerals of Life.  How to connect with their sentient resonance and how to embody their inherent healing presence in your life.

By the end of Module 2 you will have:

  • Explored the sentient resonance, intelligence, and inherent healing capacity of the Messenger Minerals of Life.
  • Embodied simple, easy, yet effective ways to incorporate Mineral Realm Medicine into your every day life.
  • Discovered one of the 'Key' Minerals that creates the Mother Molecule of Creation.  That helps you to fall back in love with yourself as you nuture your inner-chilld.    And supports you in realising your potential & activating your inherent ability to heal.
  • Taken your first exhilarative steps in the life-long nourishing process of LIGHTritional Living, Loving, Breathing & Being.
LYL Module 3 sq
Lightritional Alchemy 3c(1)
Module 3: NOURISHMENT - Botanica Realm

When you think of a plant, a vegetable, a herb, a weed or even a tree... what comes to mind ?  They have roots in the Earth. They require water, sunlight & nutrients to grow.  They have nutritional classifcations & chemical profiles. And they are seasonal or perennial.  They may even be deciduous or evergreen.

All true, yet once again limited!  Such mechanistic views may apply well to machines, but are inadequate when equated to the living realm of our biosphere.

The Botanica Realm contains an immeasurable treasure trove of healing sustenance - not just physical nutrition, but also emotional, mental & psycho-spiritual nourishment.  Light encoded plants contain an electromagnetic barcode of information that provide the keys to restorative & regenerative holistic nourishment.

In Module 3 we move beyond the reductionistic view of the plant kingdom and explore the reverently ancient yet eternal wisdom of the Botanica Realm.  How to connect with the vital essence of a plant for transformational healing, as we embody Plant Shamanism & the inherent wisdom of nature.

By the end of Module 3 you will have:

  • Let go of what you 'thought' you knew about diet, food, nature & nutrition.  There is such dissonance around the 'right' way of eating be it the ethics of eating animals, paleo, vegan, vego, superfoods etc.  Lets embrace your reconnectivity to holistic nourishment & what it means to feast for '3' - Body, Mind & Soul.
  • Identified the causal relationship between cravings/addictions/emotions and your vitality, health, wealth, relationships & wellbeing.  Get ready to throw away the scales too as you fall back in love with the community of your body.
  • Developed a loving relationship with food and the entire plant kingdom as you experience the sentient awarenss of plants - what plants can see, taste, feel, smell, hear, as well as store as memory.
  • Discovered that your illness has a purpose, as you let go of the fear of never being able to 'heal'.
  • Reclaimed your inherent 'knowing' that there is a plant for every ailment, and that plants are not just here to heal us, but also teach us and help transform us into what we aspire to become within our hearts.
LYL Module 4 nw3
Lightritional Alchemy 4c(1)
Module 4: ACTIVATION - Sonal & Solar Realms

Everyday we are bathed in energy, light & sound of the natural world.  This light was referred to my Paracelsus as lumen naturae, the infusion of light intelligence. Our thoughts, our personal consciousness & the collective consciousness of our planet all contribute to thee menagerie of life-giving activating frequencies.

But in a modern day world,  man-made artificial forces are infiltrating ever more deeply into our field of existence.  We are being bombarded with life-depleting energy patterns that are not only impacting our physical health but are also changing they way we think, numbing our feeling/intuition & procuring to separate our connection with the each other, the natural world and her inherent intelligence.

In this Module 4, we take a deep dive into the encoded information contained with the Sun/Stellar Light, and it's integral role in mitochondrial bio-photonic energy production.  How we nourish all three aspects of our being through light and the roles different light frequencies play within our body.   Maybe your illness, depression, anxiety or extreme fatigue is due to a light-information deficiency ?   Maybe you are feeling stuck in your life, unworthy of success or unable to 'get things together' due to light scarcity ?

We also explore artificial frequencies such as 5G, what it is, the effects 5G has on all living things, and most importantly WHAT you can do to mitigate/transform the impact these conscious-altering microwave frequencies have on all life-forms on Earth.

By the end of Module 4 you will have:

  • Experienced divine healing LIGHT like you may never have experienced light before.  Light that is encoded with information that heals, awakens your inherent intelligence, and light that ignites a new found vision/purpose of your life.
  • Reclaimed sovereignty of your Light-Agency & discovered untapped potentials for healing, creativity & light-intelligence mastery.
  • Let go of the Fear around 5G  as you understand its full effects, but also emerge empowered with solutions to mitigate & change course.
  • Find JOY in finally integrating the nourishment of LIGHT according to your bodies unique wellbeing.  And discover with wonderment the beauty of life beyond that crushing feeling of suppression & fear.
LYL Module 5 sq nw
Lightritional Alchemy 5c(1)
Module 5: REGENERATION - Imaginal & Lunar Realms

We are born into a program, a man-made operating system of our planet.  This environment of our lives engraves habitual grooves in our neural pathways that have us believe what is/isn't possible.  Is it no wonder then, that even though our lives should be 'easy' living in such an advanced technological age, that in fact we are more disconnected, unhappy, angry or maybe even resigned to lives of struggle and illness through paralysing fear?

But what if this 'dark phase' is in fact a catalyst or potential cultivator of something that is both provocatively & more wildly beautiful ?   It is the coldest just before the warmth of dawn.  A seed must break apart in order for new growth to germinate.  A labouring women crosses the veil of orgasmic pain in order to birth new life.  What if our world is preparing itself for a glorious new Golden cycle ?  What if humanity are infact the mid-wives here to be active participants and bridge this transition ?

In this Module 5, we open our doors of perception to step beyond the current operating system and establish a new template of a world more beautiful.   We celebrate imagination and weave potent light-threads of possibility.  And we change the neural circuits of our brains in combination with the electromagnectic fields of our hearts to transform our lives & our world from the inside out.

Together we will experience heartful revelations and the deeper meaning of sacred within our lives.  Through this 'Regeneration' phase of Lightrition, this is where the limitless aspects of your healing will take root.  This is where your creative genius will be ignited.  And in this Module, this is where you will rewrite the story for this next chapter or maybe even book of your life.

By the end of Module 5 you will have:

  • Discovered your inherent capacity to dreamheal reality.   Experienced the power of your authentic self beyond the story, and stepped into a new body, new life, new world.
  • Embraced cognitive-heart-resonance to heal, rewire, restore & regenerate a new template of your life & for the world.
  • Experienced / started to experience your life change in profound ways.  And found comfort in the knowing that you are also reverently addressing the most challenging problems of our times.
  • Found that you are NOT the same person that started this Lightritional journey many months ago.  Your outlook on life, your experience of health, your service to the world & your relationship to self will have entered a whole new paradigm of possibility.
LYL Module 6 sq
Lightritional Alchemy 6c(1)
Module 6: MORPHOGENESIS - Anima Realm

In a world story that enthuses competition, materialism, war and conflict, Animals are Spirit Messengers that teach us about cooperation, grace, peace & harmony.  Basically animals are experts in all things Love.   They are our reverent teachers of Ahimsa.

Animals connect our hearts with a spiritual home, they engage with the art of intuitive feeling, and inspire us to serve a world more beautiful.  They help us move beyond our need to 'over-think things', our over-reliance on 'words' or our desire for 'protection from the unknown'.  Animals enable us to re-wild our kindred Spirits, hear our internal roar of Soul, and let our inherent animal instincts roam free.

Just like the caterpillar emerging out of the dark chrysallis and into the light of a new experience, we too will enter the realm of Morphogenesis during Module 6.   We will transcend the boundaries of our human perceptions and come to engage in the inter-connectedness of all life as we experience ourselves as part of a greater whole.

As we feel into the spiritual sensibility of the animal kingdom - a diverse physical & aetherial spectrum of bacteria, viruses, fungi, as well as the more familiar land, sea & sky animals- we will discover that there is a magickal unity within our diversity.  From the worlds inside our bodies microbiome, through to the diverse microbiota of our planet, we will come to know a greater potential for the infinitesimal power of connection.

With your 'limitlessness' firmly rooted from the previous module, during this Module 6, the branches of your life-tree will not only open, flourish and bloom into a beautiful new reality.  Together we will leap out of a world steeped in lonely somnolence, and enter an exhilarhating experience of wakeful connection.  The spirit of the Anima Realm will be our guides.

By the end of Module 6 you will have:

  • Experienced the Spirit of the Anima Realm and your connection with all things.  Connection is what will heal, transmute & ultimately transform your body, as well as quantum leap our world's story.
  • Invited into your life Anima Spirit Wisdom to help flourish compassion, forgiveness, empathy & graceful presence in being human.
  • Delved into biomimicry, neurobiology and epigenetics to name a few and discovered the genius realm of nature-inspired solutions for a healthy planet and a healthy vital you.
  • Deepened your own personal experience of Ahimsa, and accessed with greater clarity messages from the Divine.
LYL Module 7 sq nw 777
Lightritional Alchemy 7c(1)
Module 7: CRYSTALLOGENESIS - Crystal Realm

Crystallogenesis is the Crystallisation of the Mineral Realm, both within our bodies & with all life-forms, that creates a divinely sacred harmonic resonance within the natural world.

As humans, we tend to see our selves as the 'superior' life-form on this planet, with nature just a backdrop to our self-serving needs.  However, we are in fact just complex forms of bacteria, and we are minute in comparison to the complexity of inter-relationship of life-forms on this planet.

But that doesn't mean our role isn't important, quite the opposite!

In this Module 7, we experience how our personal Metamorphosis is in fact the most reverently profound gift we can bequeath to Earth.   A sacred gift in reciprocity for all the Earth freely gifts to us.

Our personal Crystallogenesis, born from our personal Morphogenesis (Module 6), is what drives the co-creation of a New Earth.  Is what solves the problems of our times.  And is what catapults us into a whole NEW Evolutionary Story of Earth.

Together we will learn the why/how/what of Crystallogenesis and come to experience that our personal Metamorphic Healing also heals the Earth. And conversely, in crsytallogenic harmonic resonance, the Earth symbiogenetically heals us in return.

Could there be anything more beautiful than being danced by spirit, and breathed into sweet & spacious harmony with life.   Blessed Be.

By the end of Module 7 you will have:

  • Deepened your understanding of the Mineral Realm (Module 2), and its sacred cycle of life through the Crystal Realm.
  • Witnessed the profound effects Crystallogenesis has/is having on your own life, loved ones, family & your greater community.
  • Learnt how to live as an expression of an inter-connected Crystallogenetic Being, in symbiotic connection with the Earth.
LYL Module 8 sq nw
Lightritional Alchemy 8c(1)
Module 8: COSMOGENESIS - Lightrition your Life

Now in this Module 8, we stop & reflect.   Together we will ruminate on what we have created - both individually & together - and use this wisdom as a springboard for this Modules experiential teachings.   In other words, there is no set core curriculum for this Module, for as a group collective we haven't created the potential yet.

Exciting huh!!!   Not being limited by a perceived destination for Module 8, but rather being guided by expansive vision & endless possibility through body, mind & soul.

What I can say at this point about this 8th Lightritional Alchemy phase is that it is not the end, but rather a new beginning.

A new beginning for your Life.
A new beginning for Earth.
A new beginning for the Evolution of the natural world.
A new Cosmogenesis of the Soul.

Lightrition White Med Exp

Lightrition your Life

Who can enrol ?

NEW to our School?
This Course is a comprehensive guide to Lightritioning your Life. There are no pre-requisites for enrolment- everyone is welcome to join.

Studied with us before?
Our Lightrition™ Course contains NEW content that is not available in our other courses.   You will LOVE taking your previous studies in Crystal Light Healing®, Essence of Angels®, Aetheric Healing™ & Esoteric Liquid-Light Healing™ to the next level!

Advanced Healer?
This course contains leading-edge wisdoms that can easily & cohesively be integrated with a myriad of healing/counselling/intuitive modalities.

NEW to Online Study?
Our Course is fully automated & easy to access- anywhere, anytime & from any device.  Learn at your own pace + receive lifetime course access.

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Founder of Lightrition your Life™—
Simone Matthews

After studying Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine in the 1990s, I created to help people discover vibrant & enduring health.

Health comes from the old english word 'hale', which means wholeness.  Such that my deepest desire is to help others feel nourished, encouraged, accepted & discover they are part of something much bigger than themselves.   This is the sacred sacrament of Health, our connection with Wholeness.

Inviting you to connect with me & my sharings— whether you join one of my ONLINE Courses, connect deeper within my FLOURISH Membership Community, or join my free Newsletter— I look forward to journeying with you.


International Approval -

Our Universal Life Tools Wisdom School is a certified Platinum Training Provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

The IICT is one of the world’s leading professional bodies representing Practitioners & Teachers within the complimentary health industry in over 26 countries world-wide.

Because of our International Certification with the IICT, you can be assured that...

  • Your Crystal Light Healing® training materials are of the highest standard, updated regularly & are professionally aligned with industry best practice.
  • Your Crystal Light Healing® Certification is approved Internationally.
  • Your Clients, Family & Friends can be confident that you are a professionally certified healer - both competant & confident in the application of Angelic Healing - in private practice or in the home.
  • You qualify for professional insurance upon completion of your studies.
  • You qualify for members resources, marketing tools and discounts with the IICT.

Above all, the IICT is about community, collaboration and supporting YOU to thrive as a Lightrition™ Certified graduate.    That's why our Universal Life Tools Wisdom School has chosen the IICT to represent our Lightrition™ modality world-wide.

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