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The 5 Flows Sq #a34bb3 v33 (1)
5 Flows of Life Elements

Welcome to 5 Flows

Sharing with you our 5 Flows Course Welcome Video (direct from our Course Dashboard)— to help you get a feel of the energy & intention of 5 Flows.  As you can see I facilitate my courses as real, authentic, and 'one take' unedited teachings, that ease you into the both the flow of the material, but also the heart-space of the wisdoms.

Enjoy the perfection within the imperfections.  And incidentally, if you would like to watch the David Bowie video I mentioned towards the end of my welcome video, here is a link 🙂

We each have a LIGHT, a LOVE,
a deep well of passion, creativity & intangible goodness
that resides within us.

The question is, are you living your life from that vibrantly potent essence deep within you?
If not, why not?  What is holding you back from flourishing?

What if I told you that we are beings of flow.

Living life 𝒃𝒐𝒖𝒏𝒅 to the structural lines of sacred geometry not only limits our life experience, but stunts our growth, keeps us small, and traps us in rigid conformity.  Don't get me wrong, sacred structure of the Divine Masculine is holy, but when expressed in isolation to flow, it becomes a destructive noose of ego-centric control & dominance.

The 𝟓 𝑭𝒍𝒐𝒘𝒔 of the Divine Feminine generously express themselves 𝒕𝒉𝒓𝒐𝒖𝒈𝒉 the planes, edges & vertices of sacred geometry— embrace the Flows & everything changes!  The sacred geometric templates of life— Earth, Fire, Air, Water & Spirit come alive.  We come alive. We light up to possibility, potential, and life evolves in meaningful & bountiful ways.

Join me for 5 Flows of Life

Together let's awaken to FLOW

Experience through 5 Flows

5 Flows Online Course is a 5 Module Online Course facilitated by Simone Matthews.

Through 5 Flows teachings you connect with new ways to move your body, shift your mind, and open your Heart to a creative force that knows no boundaries.

Experience through the 5 Flows...

  • The Feminine Wisdom of Sacred Geometry that has been suppressed.
  • How 'Feminine' Sacred Geometry awakens intuition & intergenerational healing.
  • The 5 Flows as the greatest act of Love & why this wisdom is so essential right now.
  • Enlivened ways of Feeling— it's different to what you may think.
  • A deeper level of communication & kinship with your body, nature & the stars.
  • How to let go & find Flow, dancing the body through feeling— it's one of the most liberating things you can do!
  • Discover a greater joy in the simple, ordinary & mundane moments of life— it's the simple things that have the greatest potential to move our Heart & Souls through universal flow.

Discover through 5 Flows

5 Flows calls to those willing to discover a greater possibility in the following life areas

Unlock Creative Potential

You feel the spark within you, there is a block to the juices flowing & you need help in bringing down the dam walls defined by structure that cages you in! 

When you discover Sacred Geometric Feminine Flow— EVERYTHING changes.

Body Electric

Are you going through the motions of life and simply existing?  Are you struggling with chronic pain, a niggling dis-ease, anxiety, emotional turmoil, fear of the future, suffering from trauma or denying yourself pleasure?   What if you plugged yourself into the power-bank of life and charged the body electric through Flow?   

EVERYTHING would change that’s what— you come alive!

Relationship Fluidity

Cubes, Tetrahedrons, Octahedrons, Icosahedrons, Dodecadhedrons— life is formed through these precise angular structures, yet how do these templates weave curves, waves & flow?  

Discover how to transform rigid structure into expansive states of energy waves, that deepen both your connection to life, and your relationship with fellow humans.

Financial Fluidity

It’s time to shift the poverty consciousness, time to release your enslavement to an old story of slavery that conditions you to believe time is money.  Or psychologically manipulates you to conform to rules that suppress the LIGHT & Power of your true essence. 

Abundance goes where the love & energy flows— let's go there together through the 5 Flows.

Life Pirouettes

Often we do what we do because of expectations of others, being the good Mother, Daughter, Parent, Employee [insert your label here], or to feel a sense of belonging in the world.  YET, innovation, joy, creativity & bliss are all smothered when we stay trapped in wrong flow, forced flow, or compliant flow.   

What if you pirouetted and unlocked a new flow— who would you be, what would you do, how would you create?  Does this scare you or does it light you up— or both!  The 5 Flows Course helps you to set your flow free and discover an awakened possibility for YOU.

Rhythm & Flow

Our modern day world has been built around Calendars, Clocks, Schedules— there is always so much to do, but never enough time.   Is it no wonder that people are the most stressed, anxious & burnout 'pawns' in a mechanical world.

Let's change that through the 5 Flows. 

It is time to dissolve that story of control, and take back authority of our lives to live in harmonic reciprocity through Universal Flow.

Course Overview

The 5 Flows of Life Course is an experiential engagement with Universal Flow, a softening, letting go, & a deep ‘dropping in fully’ to meet yourself in the present— the dark & the light.

The 5 Flows awakens a divine force, a power within you that transcends time/space— both the birth place of JOY and the field from which life flourishes.

5 Flows is a catalyst to shift, move & dissolve boundaries.   An opportunity to step into your heart, invite your creative juices to ooze, and confidently give yourself permission to do what makes you come alive— through the Feminine.

Through 5 Flows you develop a renewed sense of trust with life, access intelligent spontaneity, and flourish through a greater sense of belonging in the world.  5 Flows guides your life along the path of least resistance, the natural order of universal flow.

When you discover the art of Flowing with Life, EVERYTHING changes!

Sacred Geometry

Whilst this course is a deep experience of Feminine Sacred Geometry, don't be concerned if you have never studied Sacred Geometry,  if anything that is a good thing!

Simone will provide BONUS Videos as part of your course enrolment that will cover key principles of Sacred Geometry— the Creation Story, Metatrons Cube, OmAhOm Symbol, and the 5 Elements represented through the Cube, Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Icosahedron & Dodecahedron.

Course Structure

5 Modules of Video Teachings (10 hours)—
A mixture of PowerPoint slides, experiential whole-body movement & guided flows, meditations & mindfulness practices. Modules are released every 2-3 weeks.

BONUS Videos (1.5 hours)—
Haven't studied Sacred Geometry before? Our BONUS VIDEOS cover key principles of Sacred Geometry— the Creation Story, Metatrons Cube, OmAhOm Symbol, and the 5 Elements represented through the Cube, Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Icosahedron & Dodecahedron.

Attend 5 LIVE MasterClasses or watch Replays (5 hours)—
Become aware of the Flow of your body, move your body from a Flow of mind to a Flow of Heart, Soul & Nature Intelligence.  MasterClasses take place evert 2-3 weeks.

Downloadable Notes, Diagrams & Experiential home practices so you too can expand your Wave to become an Ocean of 5 Flows (120 pages)

5 Flows Course Dashboard— Revisit the teachings at any time to help guide your Flow.  No need to attend LIVE. YOU create the rhythm of your own learning FLOW of experience.


Join the Conversation— From your 5 Flows Course Dashboard, join the conversation with Simone & fellow students.  Ask Questions, share experiences, take your experience of the 5 Flows even deeper!

A whole lotta Love, Compassion & Kindness for where you are in your life now—  But also the lighter-fuel to ignite your vision & dream that is yearning to FLOW on through you & into the world.

Enrol Today!

Our 5 Flows of Life Course is housed within our Flourish with Simone  community.  Your enrolment in 5 Flows Course includes FREE Flourish Community Membership.

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Simone Matthews

5 Flows - Course Facilitator

Simone M. Matthews is a Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Energetic Cosmologist, Author, International Speaker, Teacher and founder of her Health Education Wisdom School— UniversalLifeTools.com & Flourish Membership Community.

Simone’s work guides people to tap into the inherent wisdom of the body to heal, transform & evolve. 

To ultimately discover we are part of something much great than ourselves, an intimately connected intelligent biology with nature & the greater cosmos.

Simone created her Wisdom School in the 1990s, to help people discover vibrant & enduring health.

Health comes from the old english word 'hale', which means wholeness.  This is the sacred sacrament of Health, our connection with Wholeness and our sense of belonging through comm-Unity.

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