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Erin Campbell Howell

Erin Campbell Howell Consulting Incorporated
Lumsden (Saskatchewan, Canada)

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Crystal Light Healing Teacher

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Essence of Angels Teacher

Essence of Angels Practitioner

About Erin Campbell Howell

Helping others achieve success is the life passion of Erin Campbell Howell, a master strategist, facilitator, coach and workshop leader who brings a fresh, engaging approach to her work with business and individual clients. Her life  purpose is to inspire transformation from the inside out.

As a systems thinker and lifelong learner, Erin has a keen interest in understanding the interconnectedness of all living things. Finding new ways to help people connect to their purpose, set their intentions and take action to shift their lives in a positive direction led her to study and become an Essence of Angels® and Crystal Light Healing® practitioner and teacher. Erin looks forward to sharing this learning journey with others.


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