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Payment Plan - Support Page

Congratulations on signing up for a Payment Plan with our UniversalLifeTools Wisdom School.

Please find below information to support you in making your regular payments and finalising your
Payment Plan expediently.. such that you can commence your studies with us very soon ♡

Congratulations once again and we look forward to being a part of your life and supporting you through your eCourse studies.

How to make Regular Payments

Upon approval of your Payment Plan Application, you would have received a Personal Email from Simone confirming the success of your Payment Plan Application and giving you access to this Payment Plan Support page.

You will also receive within 24 hours a PayPal Email for the FULL Invoiced amount of your eCourse Payment Plan - including details of your Scheduled Payment Plan Payments.  The invoice will be in AUD (Australian Dollars).

When you receive this Payment Plan PayPal Invoiced Email, you are under no obligation to accept the Payment Plan.  If you have changed your mind and no longer wish to enter into a Payment Plan, then please email our office to inform us of your decision to not accept the Payment Plan and your Payment Plan PayPal Invoice will be cancelled. (email:

HOWEVER, once you have made your FIRST or Initial Payment against your Payment Plan PayPal Invoice, your FIRST/Initial payment confirms your acceptance of your Payment Plan and hence agreement with our Payment Plan Terms & Conditions.  Once your FIRST Payment has been made, your Payment Plan PayPal Invoice cannot be cancelled.

When you click on the 'View and Pay Invoice' link with your PayPal Email, a new window will open in your browser detailing your FULL Invoiced Amount, your Scheduled Payment Plan Payments and how to make your regular Payment Plan Payments on-line (refer to the Example PayPal Email below for details) .



Every time you wish to make a Payment Plan Payment, simply click on the 'View and Pay Invoice' link within your original Payment Plan PayPal Invoice Email (see Example Email above) and that way you can view your account and directly apply your Payment Plan Payment against your Invoice.  We highly recommend that you SAVE your original Payment Plan PayPal Invoice Email, as you will need to access this email EVERY TIME you wish to make a Payment.

You are more than welcome to make Additional Payment Plan Payments (to that Scheduled on your Payment Plan), hence you can pay your Invoice off at a faster rate and hence start your studies sooner.  Please note that a minimum payment of $50 is required for all Additional Payments, unless previous arrangements have been made with Simone (refer to the Example Invoice below for details).


Can I pay via Credit Card ?

When you are issued your Payment Plan invoice in PayPal, when you click on the 'Pay Now' button (as discussed above), you are then taken to a page within PayPal where you can 'Choose a Way to Pay'. You will be given two options as follows:

  1. You can log into your PayPal Account and make a payment (if you have a PayPal Account).
  2. Alternatively, you can just use your Credit Card or Debit Card to make your Payment and hence NOT use PayPal.

Please see the image below for details.

If you find when you come to make the first payment that PayPal tries to automatically redirect you to your PayPal Account - yet you would prefer to make your payments with your own Credit Card or Debit Card (and hence NOT using your PayPal Account), then please email Universal Life Tools Customer Service Team (  We will ask that you provide us with an alternate email (ie an email that is NOT your PayPal email address) and we will reissue your Invoice with a different email address... hence you can avoid using PayPal to make your Payments.


Payments in AUD (& Currency Conversion)

When you make Payment Plan Payments against your PayPal Invoice in AUD (Australian Dollars), PayPal will convert this payment to your local currency (based on PayPals daily exchange rate).

Thus your PayPal account or Debit Card (attached to your PayPal Account) or Credit Card will be charged with your local currency.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are on a payment plan PayPal Invoice that has been created in your own currency (for example USD, CND, SGD, GBP, Euro etc..) then when you make your regular payments you must make them in the currency of the PayPal Invoice.  For example, say your PayPal Invoice is for  $2,500 USD, then when you make your payments against this invoice each payment must ALWAYS be in USD (eg $100 USD per fortnight).   The only students through our School who are enrolled in Payment Plans in their own currency, are those students that have attended a LIVE workshop/course with me in their own country and hence that workshop/course investment was billed in the local currency.


Payment of your Invoice in FULL

Once your Payment Plan Invoice is paid in FULL (ooooh, that is a great feeling !!!!) then please email our office confirming your Invoice Number and date of completion of your Payment Plan.  It is ESSENTIAL that you email our office to let us know when your Payment Plan is completed, as we do not receive any notification from PayPal informing us of your completed Payment Plan is complete.

Once we receive your email, our staff will reconcile your Payment Plan Invoice confirming its completion.  Once confirmed, our office will then email you full access to your eCourse(s) and you can start your studies straight away !

Email to confirm finalisation of your Payment Plan Invoice:
Emily Taylor -

Terms & Conditions

As noted & agreed to on your Payment Plan Application page:

There are no admin fees/additional costs involved when committing to your Payment Plan… we felt this important not to add an extra financial burden.

However, in committing to your Payment Plan, you have agreed to our Terms & Conditions with WholeHeart.  We have created our Terms & Conditions page for contractual clarity such that your Payment Plan process will work with much Grace & Ease for all ♡

We offer this Payment Plan service for FREE – that is our office fully covers all the additional administration costs to make this Payment Plan service available to YOU.  Thank you in advance for your consideration & honour of our Terms & Conditions.

















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