A New Earth Era:
2020 to 2040

A New Earth Era:  2020 to 2040

Over the next 20 years, a New Era in Earth's consciousness is being birthed as we head toward the 2040 Golden Conjunction— the Birth of Earth's Golden Age.

Starting in 2020, three powerful cycles involving Saturn, Pluto & Jupiter both come to end, initiating a whole new 12, 20 & 30 year cycle for Earth.  As outlined in my Lightrition your Life Course & experientially experienced through my New Earth Era live sharings, these cyclical shifts seek to change the very foundations of finance, economics, politics & our relationship between humanity & our biosphere as we head toward 2040.

Culminating in 2040, six planets will conjunct together - Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn & Jupiter - all less than 10 degrees apart in the sign of Air sign of Libra. As discussed in my Future of Humanity Coursethis conjunction, referred to as the 2040 Golden Conjunction, marks the tipping point of a New Era for Earth - a Universal Humanity.

Over the next 20 years, I will share my intuitive astrological insights about the shifts in our cosmos during this time, as well as empowering guidance to help you make the most of this truly transformational time on Earth.

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