A New Earth Era:
2020 to 2040

A New Earth Era:  2020 to 2040

Over the next 20 years, a New Era in Earth's consciousness is being birthed as we head toward the 2040 Golden Conjunction— the Birth of Earth's Golden Age.

Starting in 2020, three powerful cycles involving Saturn, Pluto & Jupiter both come to end, initiating a whole new 12, 20 & 30 year cycle for Earth.  As outlined in my Lightrition your Life Course & experientially experienced through my New Earth Era live sharings, these cyclical shifts seek to change the very foundations of finance, economics, politics & our relationship between humanity & our biosphere as we head toward 2040.

Culminating in 2040, six planets will conjunct together - Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn & Jupiter - all less than 10 degrees apart in the sign of Air sign of Libra. As discussed in my Future of Humanity Coursethis conjunction, referred to as the 2040 Golden Conjunction, marks the tipping point of a New Era for Earth - a Universal Humanity.

Over the next 20 years, I will share my intuitive astrological insights about the shifts in our cosmos during this time, as well as empowering guidance to help you make the most of this truly transformational time on Earth.

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Numerology 2022 Universal 6 Year Energy meaning nw

Numerology 2022 – Universal 6 Year

2022 is our year of coming Home through the Heart.   A year of healing, restoration, regeneration, and renewal.   A year to feel into and anchor the soulful qualities of your life that yearn to be expressed, woven & integrated.    It is a year of simplicity, focussing on community & connection & joy, and re-remembering …

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Ful Moon TOTAL Lunar Eclipse May 2021

Immeasurable Heaven – TOTAL Lunar Eclipse – May 26, 2021

Sharing with you the profound energy of our May 2021 TOTAL Lunar Eclipse which leads us into next months Annular Solar Eclipse.  I also highly recommend reading my Sun transits Pleiades article (before reading this post), to understand the profound energetics of our Lunar Eclipse. And please also read my Lunar Eclipse Wave/Particle post, on …

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Numerology 2021 meaning Universal 5 Year bnr 4

Numerology 2021 – Universal 5 Year

2021 is set to be a year of CHANGE.  Rapid, accelerated and unexpected change.   Whilst uncomfortable, and at times maybe even a little unnerving, there is a grander vision unfolding that will bring to light a greater purpose by the time we reach the end of 2021.  Overall, 2021 is set to be a …

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The Great Conjunction December 2020 Jupiter Saturn

The Great Conjunction – Jupiter & Saturn

It feels like the entire year of 2020 has been the entrée to this main course event, the Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn at 0 Degrees Aquarius on the 21/22 December 2020.   This conjunction, referred to as The Great Conjunction, ushers in an entirely new evolutionary cycle for humanity.  This soulful annunciation will change the …

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Jupiter Direct 13 September 2020

Jupiter Direct – TRUTH revealed – Clarity & Transparency

I have some wonderful news to share.  And, well, we can all do with more daily medicinal doses of good news this year! Over this coming weekend, Jupiter the planet of freedom, wisdom & expansion, moves direct in Capricorn.  Jupiter has been moving retrograde through Capricorn since May 2020, and now on the 13 September …

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Jupiter Pluto Pallas Conjunction June 2020 FNL

Pallas-Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction – June 2020

“Planting the seeds into the Dream, the Soul of life itself”.  I wrote these words back in April 2020, and now more than ever they are beginning to put down tap roots into this exquisitely beautiful planet that we are all privileged to inhabit. As we witness the collapse of systems that have been broken …

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I AM BREATH - 5G to 5D - The Great Awakening

I AM BREATH – 5G to 5D – The Great Awakening

Do you know the origins of the word ‘Spirit’ ?‘Spirit’ comes from the Latin word ‘Spiritus‘ which means Breath.   How glorious, that each breath we take, each sacred inhalation/exhalation is in fact a reverent connection to Spirit.  The filling of our vessels with Divinity.   From our first breath at birth, to our last breath at …

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New Earth Era Category v3 bnr nc

New Earth Era – Lemurian Wisdom Guiding us HOME

Inviting you to Enrol in our New Earth Era – Lemurian Wisdom Guiding us Home ONLINE ZOOM Course . In response to the call of the Pleiadian Mothers, the guidance of the Lemurian Inner-Earth Beings & the emissions of the Crystalline Lemurian LightCodes held within the Earth – Simone Matthews is facilitating this New Earth Era …

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Global Meditation April 2020 nw nc

Global Meditation – 4/5 April, 2020

UPDATE:  5 April 2020 Oh my heart is beating… LOVE always finds a way 💗   Thank you to the 4,412 radiant Souls that Registered for today’s Global Meditation. Our Meditation together was recorded and from my Heart your Heart, enjoy our Video Replay.   Whilst only 1,000 people could connect on my Zoom platform …

Global Meditation – 4/5 April, 2020 Read More »

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