A New Earth Era:
2020 to 2040

A New Earth Era:  2020 to 2040

Over the next 20 years, a New Era in Earth's consciousness is being birthed as we head toward the 2040 Golden Conjunction.

As discussed in my Future of Humanity eCourse -  in September 2040, six planets will conjunct together - Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn & Jupiter - all less than 10 degrees apart in the sign of Air sign of Libra.   This conjunction, referred to as the 2040 Golden Conjunction, marks the tipping point of a New Era for Earth - a Universal Humanity.

In the lead up to 2040, there are a number of Celestial Transits & Astrological Alignments that will both accelerate & usher us over the threshold of a New Earth.  Even though we are currently in 2019, so much of what happens this year is pre-cognively opening up the gateway to 2020 - so I look forward to posting articles & videos to the LIGHTBRARY {blog} Categories below throughout 2019 & beyond.

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