Angela Taylor

Angela Taylor

Illuminesense Crystalline Healing

Thornlands, Queensland, Australia

My name is Angela and I live with my family in beautiful Thornlands, a Bayside suburb of Redland City, on the east side of Brisbane.

I am also known as Navjot Kaur, my spiritual name granted in 2010, which means Princess/Lioness of God who is filled with new light and who is always bright and walks with grace and power throughout life. I consciously choose to live as a bright light – one that has a freshness and newness about it – and one that inspires everyone as they connect with me on their life journey.

My vision is to become a master healer. For me, obtaining the wisdoms and practical skills that promote energetic healing, soul growth and transformation, are my absolute passion.

I have been fascinated with energetic fields and spiritual energies since 18 years of age, when I was introduced to Jessica Hobday, a British spiritualist trained in psychometry. This wonderful woman became my long-time spiritual mentor until her passing in her mid 90’s.

In 2009 I was guided to undertake a 13 month Spiritual Healers Journey, facilitated by Yvette Doudle, in Cleveland to expand my knowledge of the metaphysical worlds. From the moment I commenced this course, I knew I had found my calling and that my life path related to spiritual healing and wellness of being.

I am a firm believer that spiritual energy infuses everything and is the flow of creation that spirals constantly in search of greater union. It is the greater union that I seek, and why the crystalline and metaphysical worlds and ancient healing wisdoms, are so intriguing to me. I believe this knowledge and their tools are so vital to assist with healing and ascension as we move into the Aquarian age.

My passions in natural healing mainly relate to energetic, vibrational and crystalline healing. I have undertaken a range of courses within the Universal Life Tools Metaphysical School including Crystal Light Healing III and IV Honours and Essence of Angels Practitioner.

I love working with the angelic realms and metaphysical tools to promote healing, soul potential and clear chakra imbalances. I utilise crystals, essences and essential oils in my work to promote well-being and clear channels for energy to flow. Working with the angelic realms and ascended masters enables me to provide guidance through divination card readings and symbolisms brought forward, allowing clients to move forward with confidence, to grow and to evolve to the highest soul potential.

I am particularly interested in learning more about the mind-body-connection, subtle energies and how energy is utilised within the body and how this relates to dis-ease within the physical vessel.

In recent years I have developed a great love for Kundalini Yoga (the yoga of awareness) as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Whilst meditation is for the mind, Kundalini yoga, for me, is meditation for the body and something that I practice regularly and hope to teach one day.

My commitment to earthwork includes eating responsibly, using natural products and sourcing materials that produce the least harm to planet Earth, thus preserving her for our future generations.

Over the next few years I hope to visit many of the world’s power places, portals and sacred sites in order to expand my potential and become more aware of subtle energies.

Crystal Light Healing® Honours

Essence of Angels® Practitioner

Other Qualifications

  • Cert IV Training and Assessment
  • Cert IV Front Line Management
  • Justice of the Peace (Qualified)

Contact Angela Taylor

Mobile: 0412 653 072



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