Angela Temple-Smith

Angela Temple-Smith

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Hi, My name is Angela and I live surrounded by the beautiful beaches and mountains of the Sunshine Coast raising a 16 year old boy. I grew up in the country so I find my approach to be very down to earth.  I have been privileged in life to come across the most amazing teachers on my spiritual journey and after taking some time out to deal with ‘The Stuff of Life’ with all the ups and downs, the storms and emotional rollercoaster rides that come with it, I am ready to re-embrace the role of healer, now passing on my knowledge and healing as a wiser person because of my experiences.

My journey in healing has been over 20 years in the making, starting with my interest in Herbalism, Astrology, Reiki and some other amazing spiritual doors and experiences that seem to open out of nowhere when needed. My first journey with Crystals started when I was invited to a very small gathering 15 years ago to show two of the famous Crystal Skulls and the information that was contained within them. Since then Crystals have come in and out of my life in my journey as a healer and not until the last couple of years have I truly embraced them in my healing work, first working in a Crystal Shop, Completing Crystal Light Healing 111, Advanced Liquid Crystal Practitioner. I laugh, as I write this I am remembering big hints that have been given to me since I was very young (most ignored) around working with crystals.

I look forward to assisting you to re-remember the whole person that you are and always have been, through working with the crystals and all the ‘tools’ I have at my service


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