Belinda Cashel

Belinda Cashel

Soul Star

Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia

I have been a homoeopath for 7 years. My main interest when studying homoeopathy was always the mind & emotions. After all this is where it all starts. Since then I’ve also become a healer and a psychic reader.

I have also been a mother for 13 years, homeopathy has been a blessing for my family and it’s such a comfort to have this medicine for my family and children, especially when unwell. I recently met a beautiful woman, who conducts Ayurvedic cooking classes. Being the youngest of 14 children, the only medicine they were given as a child, was turmeric, ginger and honey! I love the simplicity of this. The benefit of living a lifestyle very connected to nature is that the physical body is not so tainted. Therefore a simple system of medicine works very well.

Something I learnt whilst studying is indeed how complex the mind is, particularly the western mind! Yet we see other cultures living with such simplicity, freedom and happiness. I feel all that is happening now on our planet is bringing us back to basics, time to BE. Love and respect for our planet and each other, embracing connectedness, oneness, compassion and integrity.

So my passion has developed in Readings to assist clients to access the essence of themselves. Empowering them to feel the difference of flow and resistance. Tuning into their own intuition. Bringing awareness to that which no longer serves a purpose. Opening to Joy. Healings assist with bringing the balance back into the body, mind & spirit. I love working with crystals in readings and healings. Crystals teach us much about ourselves, they are a lovely reflection and a very powerful tool to accompany us on our path of transformation.

Crystal Light Healing has been instrumental in lifting me to where I am now, learning much about energy, light and healing on all levels. The call is very strong now for all those being drawn to work with crystals to bring more light and love onto our planet. I am certainly one of them, I’ve heard the call and here I AM…

Crystal Light Healing® Teacher

Crystal Light Healing® Honours

Crystal Light Healing® Practitioner

Essence of Angels® Practitioner

Other Qualifications

Angel Intuitive
Massage Therapist

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Phone: 07 5448 3336

Mobile: 0402 190 046


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