Celeste Chong

Celeste Chong

Central Singapore, 165004, Singapore

I create soulful experiences for calm and connection. Through music, play and sound, I help you escape the chatter of your mind and reconnect to Self.

Battling 20 years of alcoholism, in early 2017 the alcohol that provided relief stopped working. Out of sheer desperation, I surrendered and experienced a moment of grace. I took my last drink in Jan 2017. However, a year into sobriety, anxiety surfaced. During my search for the cause of anxiety, I went on a journey of recovery and self discovery. I am a firm believer that unprocessed trauma, emotions, and stress are huge contributors to dis-eases and discomfort.

With BodyTalk, inner work, meditation and sound healing, I have been navigating my journey home. Through my experience I help others turn their attention inwards, and reconnect to Self.

Essence of Angels® Practitioner

Other Qualifications

  • Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
  • Certified Gong Practitioner
  • Cacao Ceremony Facilitator

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