Crystal Light Healing® Practitioner & Teacher, Essence of Angels® Practitioner & Teacher

Chrisy Walker

Time Keeper

Toowoomba, QLD, Australia

I love all things Crystal, plant, and animal. Practicing daily to trust and act on my intuition, to re-remember and develop my true self so that I can follow my Soul Purpose of helping everyone evolve and reach their highest potential, and remind everyone to love and care for Mother Earth. Crystals are the main way of achieving this for me.

Other Qualifications

My business Time Keeper has a few elements:

Life ReCalibration – To Assess, Heal and Direct. Together we look at the recurring themes in your Life, identify and focus on your Life Purpose, and then facilitate your healing to enable you to stay on track with Intention. I believe in Self Responsibility and Self Empowerment. All achieved via my modalities Essence of Angels and Crystal Light Healing plus Access Bars, The Liquid Crystal, Reiki and Oracle Card readings.

Teacher of Essence of Angels and Crystal Light Healing. To pay forward the blessings in my life. As I was born in a small town and know how starved we were for spiritual information, I would love to travel to regional parts of Australia to help spread the love of Crystals and connection to Spirit. If you can get a group of four or more people together I will come to you.

Mini Crystal Awareness workshops- to expand your knowledge and experience of the different types of Crystals we look at the scientific data along with the metaphysical info, followed by a quick meditation. Covering many different themes and can be designed to suit your specific interests and budget.

Organic Hand Rolled Smudge Sticks– The materials are personally sourced and then hand-rolled. Each batch is energetically charged with a Crystal grid and Invocation Blessing. Every Smudge stick is a mixed blend of Australian and medicinal herbs.

Vibrational Essence blends made by the CLH method and a little Chrisy magic.

Sale of new and pre-loved superb Crystals that have completed their time at current residence. Trade-Ins are encouraged, let me help you safely re-home your precious Crystals and connect with your new Inspiration.

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Crystal Light Healing® Teacher

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Crystal Light Healing® Practitioner

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