Desley Joy Fay

Desley Joy Fay

Desley Joy Fay

Bundaberg, Queensland,

Welcome, I feel very honoured and grateful to be a part of this website filled with some very talented therapists offering you assistance on your personal journey.

My own journey began in December 2000, I became quite sick with shingles and bell’s palsy on the right hand side of my face. Oblivious to the signs of Spirit, I endured for 3 years a series of different lung illnesses, from whooping cough and bronchitis to pneumonia before I realised I had to make a shift of consciousness. So with a helpful nudge from a friend I jumped from the cliff edge of having a secure income to opening my own massage practice of an unknown income under the house of some very dear friends. Spirit continued to support me, and many people and opportunities were placed along the way influencing me to build strong foundations by following the clinical path of massage for some years. During this time I was able to discover and develop who I am and what my purpose is for this next cycle of my evolutionary journey. By attending various bodywork/energy/spiritual workshops, hours of reading plus many discussions with friends on the subject of what is the meaning of this lifetime, I now am ready to take another leap of faith by standing in my own truth out loud. We can deny who we are for as long as we like but eventually our soul’s story must be honoured. One way for me to recognise who I am is by adding my name on this webpage.

In my practice I offer a range of modalities and very often combine several to suit my client’s needs and belief systems. I work with dedication, integrity and compassion gently guiding the client in re-remembering their own divine light by using the instruments spirit gave me – the power of touch, the gentleness of voice and the sacredness of intention. Through the teachings of Simone I have discovered the magnificence of crystal energy and how vital their role is in our soul’s awakening and ascension. I love working with the sacred geometry energy in the form of beautiful crystals, soothing music and angelic light beings with their healing colours and vibrations.

I believe life is a journey of discovering self love and every client helps me to remove another veil that separates me from my own divine love and I try with my heart bursting to do the same for them.

Crystal Light Healing® Teacher

Crystal Light Healing® Honours

Crystal Light Healing® Practitioner

Essence of Angels® Practitioner

Other Qualifications

Relaxation, Remedial, Sports and Lymphatic Drainage Massage
CranioSacral Therapy Level 1 & 2
SomatoEmotional Therapy Level 1
Reiki Master
Colour Therapy
Angelic Intuitive

Contact Desley Joy Fay

Phone: 07 4130 8011

Mobile: 0409 196 108


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