Emma Stachiw

Emma Stachiw

Rhythm of Light

Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia

My name is Emma Stachiw and I am a mother of three beautiful Souls. I am a metaphysical healing practitioner and teacher and I specialize in aura imaging and analysis. I am studying Naturopathy as I am passionate about holistic living, natural medicine and herbal lore. I am a soulful, conscious being and I love life and meeting different people. I love nature, the beautiful ocean and I have a passion for travel and experiencing other cultures. I live in society…but on the edge and I like to push the box right out of shape as I constantly step out of my comfort zone. I love to have fun and be completely consumed by the omnipresence of life. I appreciate beautiful, organic food and have a great respect for the elements of this planet that are freely offered and if embraced bring lasting health and harmony. I love exploring human consciousness. Creation fascinates me and the more I discover, the more I develop a greater appreciation and gratitude for who I am. I choose to live the change I wish to see.

My business, Rhythm of Light is guided by my expanding love of Creation. We are in a beautiful time on Earth when the gates into the teachings and wisdom of the Universe are opening and infusing humanity with rays of loving light, gently guiding us to look deeply with in. We are reconnecting to a forgotten inner truth that offers us love, peace and freedom in a new world.

Rhythm of Light offers a range of therapeutic and empowering services. I believe in the potent healing power of belief and intention and when Universal wisdom is aligned with our hearts and the elements of the Earth, a true and eternal healing and restoration of our body and soul takes place.

Events by Emma Stachiw

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Contact Emma Stachiw

Mobile: 0422 289 852

Email: rhythmoflight@hotmail.com


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