Helen Brackenrig

Mansfield, Qld, Australia

I’ve been working in the corporate world for the last 32 yrs  and I’m taking a big leap of faith to move into what I truly have a passion for, helping and healing others.

I’ve been using different healing modalities for mainly friends and family for the last 8 years, but mainly Reiki. I’m a Reiki master and I was drawn to Crystals and their energies.  Crystal Light Healing® has awakened me to the possibilities of what our lives can hold. We do have control through our thoughts and words along with our intent.

When you receive a Crystal Light Healing session, the crystals gently and lovingly remove and release any energy that is no longer serving YOU. Removing this provides new, positive energy to replace and heal your energetic bodies to restore them to their highest level of attunement possible.

Crystal Light Healing® Practitioner

Other Qualifications

  • Reiki Master
  • Doreen Virtue – Angel Intuitive reader

Contact Helen Brackenrig

Mobile: 0419 632 754

Email: hmb0162@gmail.com

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