Ildiko Toth

Ildiko Toth

PRISM Complementary Therapies

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

I have always been curious about people, as a small child I would get feelings about people, none of which made any sense to me. As I grew older I realised I was exceptionally sensitive to energies. I’ve spent many years trying to numb these feelings in ways that ultimately led to anxiety disorder. I started having daily panic attacks and chose to be medicated just so I could function, get myself to work and try and live some kind of life. I eventually realised that whilst the medication stopped the panic in my mind, my heart was not healing, I had a constant pressure around my throat and chest. Something had to change. Then I heard about Energy Healing.

What a blessing! This experience in my life was the beginning of my journey into energy work. I started working with crystals intuitively, not knowing much at all about their specific properties, by popping them in my pockets and noticing very quickly how my energy would shift. Over the years my path has crossed the paths of the most beautiful teachers and healers, each imparting their wisdom and encouraging me to be me, to be me all the time.

These days I work with others to help them remember who they truly are. I work with crystals and sound to balance and heal the chakras across the physical, astral and spiritual planes, so that clients can transform the way they see themselves and thus, be themselves. Have you ever wondered why you make the choices you make? Even when you know they are not for your highest benefit? This is the aim of the work I bring to the world. We are souls having this experience on Earth. Sometimes we bring energies with us, that shape and influence how we see ourselves. My work focusses on bringing these energies into our consciousness, so we can feel our true essence and make choices from this space.

I do not consider myself psychic. During a session, energies come through with messages or information for those I work with. This information is passed on to the client and in my experience, serves to change their perception of self. In the sacred space of a session we can shift energy that no longer serves us, so that we can remember who we truly are. As one of my teachers taught me….we are whole and complete!

I am available for face to face sessions in the coastal town of Woy Woy which is about an hours drive out of Sydney. Many clients prefer to work with me online in real time. Distance healing is also available, where the energies are time locked to come to you at your preferred time.

Crystal Light Healing® Practitioner

Other Qualifications

  • Dimensional Healing
  • Reiki Levels 1 and 2


Contact Ildiko Toth

Phone: (02) 4342 0434

Mobile: 0433 153 402


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